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Week of September 28th, 2008


   This work week begins Monday with a new seed point as Sun and Moon conjoin. New Moon in Libra at 1:12 am is the initiation of the next lunar cycle and for all matters included in the cardinal air  sign's realm of influence for the year ahead. Partnerships, group dynamics, cooperation, negotiations are all Libra's areas. In turn this sign is ruled by Venus, planet of love, values, what we attract to ourselves and some aspects of financial wheeling and dealing. With Mercury the trickster retrograde, and also in Libra, the planetary interrelationships create a disastrous timing for a final agrrement on the current financial crisis. If an agreement is made today, or has been over the weekend, the results will be worse than if none were made at all. Venus in Scorpio also highlights the need to not just review different options further (much further) but to go much deeper in investigating all the elements of any plan, a time to ask many questions before moving forward. In the personal realm wherever 7 degrees Libra falls in your chart is the area of your new beginning in creating relationship and/or financial harmony, aesthetic improvements in our environment, more cooperative efforts in any group involvements. See Monthly Cosmic Calendar for more.

   Wednesday Mars sextile Pluto combines both planetary rulers of Scorpio for a tremendously powerful day, energizing investigations, a push for more ethical standards as well as furthering aggressions from those invested in power plays. It's easier, however, to see through and resist, counter, or bypass, the manipulative schemes. Great time to get to the bottom of difficult problems along with favorable conditions for physical disciplines with determination, precision and a grand sense of hutzpah prevailing. Use the Scorpio emotional intensity to transform negative habits or situations.

    The VP debates are Thursday night under a void of course Scorpio Moon. The ancients said such important undertakings when the Moon's in this condition will "come to nothing". Super scary Palin has begun to unravel as I'd felt when she first hit the scene. A gigantic flash in the pan, but not a viable candidate. With the 28 year cycle we've had with Republicans in power (that includes Clinton's particularly Republican-flavored 8 year administration) this looks and feels like the end of that cycle, which relates to Saturn in its timing, ultimately. And look at Saturn opposing Uranus on election day, exact. Does that tell us a new story is unfolding?

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