Cosmic Calendar

Week of July 27th, 2008

Total Solar Eclipse perfects at 10 degrees Leo 3:13 am, initiating the next lunar cycle and the annual cycle in all matters ruled by the fixed fire sign, in a dramatic turning point bursting with new possibilities and extraordinary synchronicities. A mediataion on "allowing" is a good preparation for this eclipse energy. Clear away as much of the old cobwebs as you can for this event and be ready for what unfolds over the next 6 months as a result. Mars-Uranus oppose each other in a rather explosive combination of forces, while Mars trine Jupiter in earth signs provides a productive, stabilizing influence for long lasting, and practical, new structures. In any case we'll look back on this eclipse from a future time and acknowledge it's impact. Pay particular attention to where this eclipse degree falls in your natal chart (10 degrees Leo) for a head's up on the area in which you're most being stimulated toward change for now. See Monthly Cosmic Calendar for more.

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