Cosmic Calendar

Week of July 20th, 2008

Tensions build this week toward the monthly Sun-Moon opposition. Full Moon perfects on Friday at 1:00 am at 27 degrees Capricorn opposing Sun in Cancer, a wide conjunction with Jupiter amplifying the cardinal earth sign's influence even more. It's clear what in areas we're trying to exercise too much control in our lives as the contrast between our personal and professional, or public, worlds are emphasized. Saturn-Mars trine Jupiter support effective strategies in creating more balance between our personal needs and professional obligations. Neptune, Chiron and North Node continue in their close Aquarian conference reminding us this is a moment of destiny for humanity, and for each of us individually wherever these 3 fall in our horoscopes by transit. Moon enters Aquarius 8:40 am today adding more of the fixed air sign influence through the weekend. See Cosmic Calendar monthly for more.

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