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Week of July 6th, 2008

Astrologically Thursday packs a wallop, beginning with Mercury opposing Pluto for intensified communications, more dark secrets revealed in the news and in personal experience, good research aspect if you need to get to the bottom of something. Mars and Saturn make their exact conjunction in this completion of a cycle, demanding precision, conservation of energies, on target analyses, but also tending toward a harsh critical attitude rather than a reasonable approach. Hot and dry describe the atmospheric conditions with these 2, danger of more fires, or existing ones spreading, are peaking this week. Use this aspect for taking action particularly dedicated to your ethical system, with clarity on how you choose to serve the community. The health care system's stupendously dysfunctional structure is probably prominent in the collective mind today as well, and could benefit from the merciless critique Mars-Saturn can provide. After all, how do we define "health care"? If it's as for-profit business opportunities it has not much to do with health care.There's a huge difference between people being paid a reasonable fee for services and health care products provided and creating businesses that generate profits from these activities.
Mercury enters watery Cancer 1:17 pm for a quick 2 weeks of thinking more through our emotions. We naturally turn to matters of nurturing, mutual support, good nourishment in body and mind, during this passage. Making closer contact with family, tribe or clan during the next 2 weeks is energized. Moon next enters emotional Scorpio 8:35 pm, adding to the feelings quality of this evening and for the next 2 days. Following our feelings through self-observation is a fruitful and illuminating practice, and keeps us from being subject to the emotional roller coaster ride.

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