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Week of June 1st, 2008



Tuesday Jun 3 Highlight of the week, New Moon at 14 degrees Gemini is the 2nd of 5 SuperMoons this year, with stronger gravitational pull on the Earth's surface and all the creatures who reside here, including us. Mercury, Gemini's ruler, is still in orb of a most auspicious trine with Chiron, North Node, Neptune, while joining Sun, Moon and Venus, adding to the synchronicities and magical elements of this new beginning while also still in the reflective retrograde condition. In other words be open to the surprising, revelatory, out of the blue perceptions, news, communications and connections, but reserve any finalizing of deals, projects, alliances 'til later in the month. This is wonderful social time, especially for groups with a higher purpose in mind. Clarify and put forth your New Moon seed intentions with a great deal of gratitude, and certainly flexibility and humor, as the trickster Mercury says now it's this, now it's that, moment to moment. As long as we can do that dance we're fine (while keeping our core purpose in mind) otherwise things will get off to a rather rough start for the coming month's business. Fancy foot work, laughter and lots of ability to shift with the wind are required.Careful of that irresistable offer, use your inner sense. See Cosmic Calendar for more.


This should continue to be a fairly lively, but somewhat chaotic week of re-connecting, revising, reviewing, and remembering, all with much larger implications than usual during a Gemini lunation. We're beginning to get the picture that nothing is truly as it appears on the surface, as inner sight expands. Pay closer attention to the energtics of every situation.

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