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Week of August 12th, 2007

Salina's Weekly Forecast August 13 - 19 2007

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This week begins on a fairly uncertain note, with Monday's now you see it, now you don't energy patterns. Careful of relationship and financial matters, especially Monday, Thursday and Friday as retrograde Venus does her reviews and reassessments. The Saturn-Neptune radical re-structuring projects (over the last year) are highlighted this week also, with reminders of how the universe is requiring the dissolution of major life structures for each of us, as well as collectively, and now is in the phase of re-construction. We may be getting glimpses, or even the big picture, now as to what form this new order is taking, but we also need to be actively engaging in conscious creation.

Wednesday looks like easily overdoing pleasures and exaggerated claims about whatever we're selling, but can be a good time to speak from the heart. The weekend's ruled largely by brooding Scorpio Moon which brings on intense emotional responses or can be used to deeply explore "hidden" aspects of ourselves. A great period all week for working on writing projects, either reflective journalling, creative work or poetic explorations, also favorable for musical expression and meditation practices. Lots of intensity at the end of the week, be careful to stay grounded and centered to benefit from the profound insights and opportunities for powerful, focused self-expression.




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