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Week of July 22nd, 2007

Weekly Forecast July 23 - 29 2007

by Salina Rain

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Monday July 23 Scorpio Moon has us brooding, probing, and ideally welcoming emotional clearing with aspects to Uranus, Mars and Neptune throughout the latter part of the day.

Tuesday July 24 Moon's void of course 'til 1:29 pm as it drifts aimlessly through the end of Scorpio's in depth, emotional passage. Careful to not get pulled in to darker moods, often instigated by holding in our true feelings and thoughts. While discretion is a good thing, too much secretiveness doesn't serve any good purpose, especially in our closer connections. Moon enters adventure bound Sagittarius in the afternoon.

Wednesday July 25 Sagittarius Moon sails the cosmic sea unobstructed all day, calling us to hit the road, explore wilderness or follow the mind into more expansive territory. A conjunction with Sag's ruler, Jupiter, in the morning only serves to increase the wanderlust, also lifting our mood and our hopes and expectations for the future, however careful you're not promising the Moon. Any work based on higher ideals, or chanting of sacred mantras and prayers, is greatly multiplied in effect this morning.

Thursday July 26 Luna enters more grounded, responsible Capricorn 11:21 pm after the Sagittarian free-for-all. Time to get the less exciting tasks taken care of over the next 2 days. Order, discipline, restraint and persistence are Capricorn's strengths; fearfulness, authoritarianism, depression are its downfalls.

Friday July 27 Venus makes her retrograde turn in an early degree of Virgo, reiterating the more serious theme of Capricorn Moon. She's making a brief review of relationships, attractions, tastes, creativity, finances through the analytical lens of Virgo 'til Aug. 8th, then slips back into flamboyant, generous, overdone Leo. She'll be retro in Leo 'til Sept. 8th when Venus pivots direct at 17 degrees , transiting the remainder of the fixed fire sign through Oct. 7th.

Saturday July 28 Capricorn Moon continues on its dedicated or stern, judgemental path. Capricorn can teach us about getting in our own way through too heavy self-criticism, but ultimately offers the opportunity for clear focus and dedication to manifesting our dreams. Mercury makes a stimulating, intuitive trine to Uranus for freed up communications that can take on an overly emotional tone. Meanwhile tensions are building toward the Sun-Moon opposition tomorrow.

Sunday July 29 Moon enters fixed air sign Aquarius 6:14 am headed for the Full Moon peak at 5:48 pm when it exactly opposes Sun in Leo. The individual vs. the collective characterizes the push-pull energy of this opposition. Power struggles are prominent with Mars quincunx Pluto in a particularly obstinate show of manipulative behavior, high powered aggressions, especially from overly entitled leadership. Retrograde Venus wants an accounting for past behavior and expenditures, while a Saturn-Pluto trine encourages a long term plan to address entrenched problems. Jupiter's trine to Sun, sextile to Moon, gives us plenty of optimism and creativity. This lunation can help us finer tune our individual place in the larger community. Take time today to honor your unique role in society free of judgements and comparisons.

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