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Month of July, 2014

    July starts off bright, witty and full of curiosity with Mercury spinning around, so to speak, direct at 25 degrees Gemini, as the recent doldrums lift and things begin to move. "A gardener trimming large palm trees" (L. Hill) is the Sabian Symbol for this degree, an image signifying a time to clear away the outworn ideas, expectations, dead weight of any kind whether mental, emotional or in our physical environment. Tuning into the spinning quality of reality fits the energies of this month quite well, as everything from the atoms we're made up of to the energy field in and around us, to orbiting planets, galaxies and super galactic entities. All in a purely ecstatic, terpsichorean, earthly/cosmic dance. The Trickster Supreme has done his/her trickstering and now, and 'til the 12th, asks that we prune away and reveal more of the flexible, creative, luminous quality of the mind, that part of our being can solve any problem, lighten any burden, communicate with more clarity, skill and compassion. Venus is adding her ease, creativity and delight to our communications as she's also in Gemini, in her most flirtatious mode 'til the 18th. Curiosity about differences is more prominent during the Mercury-Venus in Gemini phase. The last days before Mercury changes signs mark a period even more of increased clarity and versatility in our thinking, and a need for more diversity in our connections. As we forego the more superficial ideas and alliances and attend to the lessons of non-violent, or compassionate, communications we're ready to take on the next phase of manifesting dreams.

    First Quarter Libra Moon square Cancer Sun on the 5th reminds us of the momentous quality of the times while touching on the Grand Cross degrees for more unfolding of those issues brought to a head in April. What do we feel most compelled to devote ourselves to? For some there's also a pull in the direction of self-doubt, ambiguity about what's most essential, especially as a test of our resolve. This is where we need to stay focused on the bare bones of individual life purpose as the developing part of the lunar cycle peaks with the seeds sown from last New Moon. Time for adjustments, improvements, modifications of where we're headed and perhaps also who's coming along with us.

    Full Moon on July 12, 21 degrees Capricorn has Sun-Moon square Mars, Ceres, Vesta, North Node and Uranus, Eris, South Node in the continuing epic quest for equality, justice, social awareness. This plays out largely in male/female dynamics, both externally and internally as far as our individual experience of that polarity within ourselves, and within a dying system of dominance/submission. Venus trines North Node, Mars, Ceres, Vesta for a bigger infusion of feminine wisdom and the growing capacity for women globally to connect around basic human rights issues particularly affecting our gender. Mercury enters vulnerable, divine feminine representative Cancer for 2 1/2 weeks. This can mean greater mental/emotional balance as thinking and communicating benefit more from intuition and empathy. We just need to be aware of the heightened sensitivities during this time to avoid unintended hurt feelings. 21 Capricorn Sabian Symbol:" A relay race. The value of competition in developing group-consciousness." (Rudyhar) Cooperation, trust and competition that's not for individual glory, but for a higher purpose, are features of this image. Overheated masculine and undervalued feminine are the essential problems of our struggling, suffering species. Solutions for healing this suicidal impulse, potentially headed for extinction of our own species along with many others, rests entirely on coming into balance within ourselves, with each other and with our biosphere from which we are inseparable. The very next day Mars hits Vesta next on the mission for bold, creative action focused on not only our personal passion but also just as crucially on the common good. No reason whatsoever those things should be the antithetical. As Mars tracks through equalizing Libra, and after the potent, infamously challenging retrograde period this Spring, its contacts are activating in the outer realm the Grand Cross dynamics. Also, and even more crucial perhaps, Mars connects with the North Node heating up personal and collective passion for social justice, equal rights for women, improving relationship and group dynamics so that all are heard and respected. Where have we come since April? Creative juice is flowing abundantly and in need of discerning, courageous, well thought out action. There's a karmic quality to the last aspect, along with Eris' alignment with the South Node on the 24th. Again, beefed up, out of control masculine behavior meets with the need to cool down and wake up to responsibility for the welfare of the community. Positive masculine roles are evident in martial arts, many indigenous social structures and wisdom teachings from around the world. Those left out of the cultural conversation economically, politically, socially, spiritually will begin to be heard in a much louder proverbial roar.

    Jupiter moves into fixed fire sign Leo on the 16th fully supporting all the creative action, after a year long phase of growth, expansion and future visioning through tribal, security, comfort and cultivation oriented Cancer. Greater Benefic's move is just one of a few critical shifts this month, the biggest ones occurring now through the next few days. Energies have been building toward a Grand Mishigas around the 20th and 21st as Scorpionic Saturn and waits-for-no-one Uranus change directions; Saturn moving direct, Uranus retrograde, and in a tight and tension-filled quincunx as they spin. What we keep from past traditions, institutions and personal commitments must resonate harmoniously with the needs of the shifting times. Letting go of many familiar features of our lives is a requirement through this phase of adjustment, while accepting new ones we must become comfortable with. Getting stuck in scary realities arising from the shadows of the past will not serve us. Jupiter's optimism and generosity of spirit encourages the needed shifts if we call on the higher wisdom available.

    July 25 is the Day Out of Time in the Mayan Calendar, a part of the yearly round where, if we're aligned with the actual movements of the cosmic order, we celebrate our place within it as we transition to the new cycle immersed in the freedom of timelessness. This can be a day of purification, releasing what 's no longer needed, forgiveness, meditation, art. From

"The Mayan calendar, and measuring systems of time like this, have been keeping track of the procession of the moon and the sun and much more for eons.  Our Gregorian calendar is but an infant, just as is our medical system.  Named for Pope Gregory XIII, the 12 month calendar we currently abide by, with its uneven, disorderly months ending randomly in 28, 29, 30 and 31 days, does not  correspond to each other nor anything in the cosmos, knocking us out of alignment with the cosmic order. Our 12 month calendar along with our 60 minute clock, has produced for us, an artificial timing system and frequency referred to as the 12:60.   Dr. Jose Arguelles, who has written much on the Mayan calendar says:
'It is the artificial timing frequency that is governing the whole of globalization or global civilization…With an irregular and irrational calendar, we are programmed for irrationality; irrational laws, irrational customs…We are the only people with wristwatches and the only species destroying our environment.  There is a connection.  As long as we are living on this timing frequency we are going to go farther and farther away from the universal natural cycles.  As we go farther away we get out of touch with our own nature and we get out of touch with the Great Nature…' "

    New Moon on the 26th, 1st day of the new cycle in the Mayan Calendar, is at 4 degrees Leo joined most auspiciously this year by consciousness expanding Jupiter, with a square to Mars in Scorpio. The new cycle is filled with possibilities for adventures into never before explored territory in a mood of playful, boldly creative venturing forth. This can lift us from the dread of all that's weighing us down now that we're really ready for risk-taking in those areas needing the boost of confidence and courage. Venus opposite Pluto, trine Neptune and square Uranus invites us to dig deep for hidden treasure in everything from finances to relationship transformation to accessing renewed creative juice. However, as in any quest for gold, roadblocks and challenges arise to test our resolve. Inner and outer obstacles must be encountered with grace and an open heart for ultimate success. Self-forgiveness works well in facing the demons of doubt, fear, lack of faith in one's worth. Only then can forgiveness flow to others in our lives, freeing up masses of energy for creating the Vision. This lunation is perfect timing for re-connecting with childhood dreams that may have been buried through the process of indoctrination into the hyper-rational, split consciousness state of duality so unnatural to our being. What might be re-captured now that feeds the heart and soul, to keep us focused on authentic life purpose and the natural joy of being? " A man formally dressed stands near trophies he brought back from a hunting expedition. The masculine will to conquer his animal nature and to impress his peers with his skill in performing the ancient traditional power rituals." This image in its highest meaning is about "dramatizing one's achievements", proving to oneself and to one's peers the ability to rise above purely animal instincts. (Rudhyar Sabian degree for 4 Leo) In light of the fact that humans engage in degrading behavior that animals absolutely do not, by way of acting against our own nature, it seems the "animal instincts" referred to would be more accurately described as human behavior from the lowest consciousness. Affirming our intention now to follow wherever the heart leads, into an uncertain, yet filled with vast potential, future, we can begin the next cycle with powerful expectations.










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