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Month of June, 2014

    Mercury is of course slowed down for all of June as the Trickster planet, Cosmic Traveler between the worlds, as well as mediator of our everyday thinking processes and perceptual style, turns retrograde for the 2nd of 3 such passes for the year on the 7th. The crucial turning degree, which affects the entire retrograde pass, is 4 Cancer, Sabian Symbol form L. Hill reading: " A cat and mouse arguing." Refers to not only the kind of conflict and bickering going on among us, personally and globally, but also to the battle within our own minds, generally about how things "should" be versus how they are and what we "should" have accomplished so far that we have not. In Cancer Mercury wants us to go over now where we've neglected our self care and a more nurturing attitude toward those around if that arises as an issue. The trend to slow down is counter to our usual modus operandi in so many cases. Pressure is on to get so many things done and still have some quality of life. This period, at least for the next few days, is a chance to adjust, get more rest, daydream and replenish from that place the larger culture would call lazy. But replenish we must or the stress of the last few months and forward into the summer will take us down. And of course communication is a major factor, and whether we are mindful of being in integrity in all our interactions, being honest, compassionate and with clear personal boundaries so we don't get lost in others' dramas. This emphasis is stronger from last New Moon in Gemini through mid-July when Venus and Mercury complete their passes through the mutable air sign.
    Grand Water Trine with Jupiter, Chiron and Saturn has been offering greater, more inclusive, perspective, insights into increasingly compassionate and healing ways of being with ourselves and one another, while stimulating our imaginations in how to create a sustainable, nurturing to all beings, future, completing its expansive influence early this month. We can all take advantage of this cycle to increase our connecting head and heart which naturally operate together with far more brilliance and efficiency than one without the other.
    Neptune turns retrograde next on the 9th, a subtle but powerful shift that impacts days before and after as the outer planet also stimulates dreams, intuition, psychic phenomena, imagination, while also causing us to surrender to the essence of being or suffer a state of profound confusion and disorientation at worst. At best this could be experienced as some days of "what the fork is happening"? Best to be in our center, feet planted on the ground, so to speak, and allowing life to unfold free of our obsessive need to control. Water signs especially beware and do your most effective grounding practices. I read at a macrobiotic website that a half hour with bare feet on the earth, sitting or lying on the ground, or doing one's qigong or whatever, is equivalent to absorbing all the antioxidants one needs in a day. Whether true or not this has to be a very good thing to do, supporting a healthier system.

    Ideas, beliefs connection to the larger self are in the fore at Full Moon 23 degrees Sagittarius on the 12th, 9:11 pm PDT. Tensions build toward Full Moons as matters are coming to a natural culmination and illumination as Sun and Moon oppose each month. Medicines and herbs are more potent at these times and there's easier to access answers to what we've been pondering. Emotions are high and so are expressions of felines, especially with Sagittarius-Gemini axis and Uranus trine Sun freeing up our tongues. Take care with that. A Venus-retrograde Saturn opposition can be quite heavy on the other hand, and perfecting within 2 minutes of the lunation is extra powerful. Values, priorities, limits on resources and new insights on how to use them better are prominent now, while relationships are feeling the pressure to go for profound healing or let the partnership fall apart. So much focused on how we relate to one another for the past months, this is one of those moments with even greater significance. Insights in general are clearer as we have increased determination to do what's really right for ourselves and all our connections, both personal and professional. Sexuality is searing on the heat hot, whatever problems exist are featured with no relief 'til we deal with it. Collectively sex crimes and abuse of females globally are in mass consciousness more than ever, time to wake up to the rape culture that perpetuates power imbalances in the whole world by indoctrination of women and men. College campuses are some of the most dangerous places for young women in that regard in this country, a known fact to those of us who have worked in rape crisis centers over many years, and something that is just now hitting mass awareness. Not to mention women in the military! We're so steeped in the culture of rape that we even need to teach young women what it actually is. Cultures where rape  does not exist consider it a crime against nature, as indeed it is. (An astrological chart can show how a person's first sexual experience enhanced or devastated their life, or anything in between with an astrologer who recognizes those indicators. I. Naiman) Sabian Symbol for Moon's degree from Rudyhar: "A group of immigrants as they fulfill the requirements of entrance into the new country. Consciously accepting the ways of a new experience." Radically new experiences are indeed a part of our ongoing reality from here on, so our abilities to be flexible, open-hearted and willing to connect and share ourselves in whatever ways feel right are especially important.

    The 15th through about the 25th Mars triggers grand cross degrees in its Sacred Warrior aspect, its mission to bring more balance and harmony in a world that's over-emphasized, glorified and worshipped the "conquering hero" archetype, a vastly overheated, brutal version of how this planetary energy can function for us. Mars first hit its high pressure grand cross degree January 4-5 this year. Whatever is prime for bold action; fair negotiations, more empowering alliances, whatever's been simmering, boiling or disturbingly unsettled since then, time to go for it. And in the process remember smaller, steady steps forward particularly with Mercury retrograde, the cautions for attention to seemingly minor details applies. Mercury re-enters scattered or diversified Gemini on the 17th to finish up with the review of our misperceptions, unskillful communications habits, electronic device dependencies, vehicles repairs, accounting negligence, etc. All travel details should be checked and double checked.

    Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere arrives on the 21st with Sun conjoined with retrograde Mercury, indicating a summer of particularly mercurial qualities. Cardinal Grand Cross energies still at work, less dramatically but clearly evident in the immediacy of all aspects of our lives. We're relearning how to be Earth Beings, remembering in our cells, our very DNA what it means to be incarnated on this planet and at this pivotal moment in time. Chiron has turned retrograde as of yesterday placing more emphasis on the Grand Water Trine formed with Jupiter and Saturn, sending us into ever deeper dimensions of ourselves and our biosphere, not to mention the larger reality veiled from our perceptual processes by centuries of quite effective indoctrination. Maverick physicist Nassim Haramein posits there's a black hole at the center of every atom, i.e. everything. What does that do to our consciousness when contemplated, as black holes are actually the torus shape not just a one directional funnel. Creation and destruction are what they're about, and with this concept it seems absolutely anything is possible at any moment in time. Meditate on that for this scared turning of the yearly round. Also Native peoples of this continent, and certainly indigenous people worldwide, have long histories of encounters with beings from other parts of our universe, centuries of stories and images with so much similarity it would be hard to have gotten together on their "dreamed up" or "mythological" encounters without the aid of the communications networks we now have. Such encounters will most likely become more public during this season as we teeter at the brink of our own undoing as a species, finally going beyond the kind of denial and unreasonable world view that's kept us too long in the dark. In such a rich and unendingly evolving universe how could we possibly think we're the only "intelligent" life forms? That very thought brings forth the Great Cosmic Laugh, as those undoubtably observing our dilemma must be howling. No room for ambivalence, hesitation or outright avoidance of what is real and right in front of us, whatever that may be, the most important issues are raising the red flag in this season still. On the more mundane, not to mean unimportant at all, level water resources are even more at a crisis point as the summer moves on. Having to re-think how we manage that resource is crucial, with solutions at the local level so available and relatively simple and inexpensive it's amazing. The hard part is shifting the cultural norm of wasting vast amounts of water on industry where new practices are sorely needed. Emotions are of course more at the surface now, it may take some work to avoid drowning in them. Seven to twelve seconds is the natural span of our emotions if we allow ourselves to feel them fully. That saves eons of angst and tangled up relationships, self-sabotaged lives if we learn this simple rule, to FEEL our feelings and let them inform and guide us as we are then able to let them go, one of Chiron's major lessons as the Wounded Healer transits Pisces. We no longer can afford to just say "think positive" while labeling certain feelings as negative and shunning them, bypassing the very natural flow of emotions which are actually simply vibrations moving through our psyches. "An airplane sails high in the sky. A consciousness able to transcend the conflicts of the personal life." Sabian Symbol for the North Node's degree which impacts the collective consciousness. South Node resonates with "revision of attitude and inner revelation". (Rudyhar)

    Watch out on the 25th as Mars opposes electric, fired up Uranus in Aries, where brilliance and innovation are highlighted, with courage to jump into the risk involved, but also where accidents, angry flare ups, belligerence are instigated. Stay away from those unstable situations as much as possible where the worst events are likely to unfold, certainly places where people gather in large numbers and would tend to be mostly "asleep" or mesmerized by the distractions of the corporate behemoth. But absolutely be open to where you're led in the quest for enlightenment and ultimate courage from the heart.

    New Moon on the 27th at 6 degrees Cancer brings up more about our self care, comfort, security, how we nourish or undernourish ourselves and our closest relationships. Feeding body and soul is what this Sun-Moon sacred marriage resonates with in this beginning point for the year ahead. What are we yearning for? This a turning point for our re-connection with Divine Mother archetype, bringing masculine and feminine into greater balance. Astrologer Caroline Casey points out this balance will look like matriarchy from the perspective of 5,000 years of patriarchy simply because we're so out of balance. Tending now to self care that replenishes our systems, and helps us support our family, friends and tribe in whatever ways are unique to each of us are where we need to focus. Local community actions are favored for improving quality of life in our neighborhoods. Sabian Symbol for Sun and Moon reads: " Game birds feathering their nests. An instinctual dedication of self to new forms of life." (Rudyhar) Intentions and prayers from the heart are powerful at this moment of renewal, offer yours with clear devotion to nourishing whatever is most sacred to you.









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