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Month of May, 2014

    May begins with Beltane, 2nd cross quarter day in the yearly round marking the middle of the seasonal cycle. We're half way to Summer Solstice in the Norther Hemisphere, an optimal time for sinking deeper into the lushness of Gaia's gifts, under the influence of Taurus Sun, with gratitude and delight. Mars, usually quick moving, impetuous and sometimes rash, moves slower this month as it will pivot to direct motion on the 19th. Added to the retrograde condition of the planet of passion and vitality is its Libra transit, where it's been since late last year. Libra brings to Mars' gracious, just and/or ambivalent qualities, with serious review ongoing from March 1 through May 19, not entirely complete 'til late July when it re-crosses the retrograde degree. All relationships, one to one interactions whether personal or professional, group dynamics, legal matters and social justice concerns have been prominent themes since early December 2013. What actions are, or will be, most effective, balanced and just in resolving conflicts, disagreements, relationship inequalities, professional misconduct issues, legal or more informal negotiations? Sacred Warrior Mars also emphasizes male-female interactions, including the ways each of us operates uniquely through our own internal male-female dynamics. The passage is characterized by the whole spectrum of skillful to unskillful expression, from the pioneering, courageous, bold leadership to defensive, passive aggressive, belligerent. We're faced with, each in our own way, the need for more thoroughly considering all relationships and dynamics that have been raised in our own lives over these last few months. From this perspective we're supported in coming to clear decisions, taking action from a place of increased personal integrity from the 19th through the rest of the year, off and on. For now it's the first time this year all personal planets have been direct; Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, definitely signalling forward movement at least 'til Mercury turns in early June.

    On the 11th Venus begins a week long series of important aspects re-emphasizing and, viscerally no doubt, dramatizing where relationship and financial matters need adjustments or radical changes, not to mention the ways we seek pleasure and delight in the midst of overly controlled and disconnected daily lives. Personal values and priorities are up to say the least! Venus opposing Mars brings forth outrage at the mistreatment of women as individuals and in the global community, the overall historical de-valuing of the feminine. There are epic events unfolding in the collective along with personal journeys of courage, renewed or just discovered, in re-claiming our value as children of Gaia and the universe at large. And certainly not confined to women at all.

    Full Moon on the 14th at 24 degrees Scorpio is joined by Saturn for quite deeply probing and serious focus on traditional and shared values, and the need to internalize authority in the face of increasing assaults from the top of the power structure to control and enslave. Manipulators are at work to overpower any who dissent or follow their own chosen path. Venus' square to Pluto today brings the same concerns from the 11th to a head as the uglier side of societal misogyny is further revealed. Unequal pay for women, unfair pay for workers in general are themes as corporate control of our lives becomes a more and more desperate reality. Venus' trigger of the grand cross this week, especially today and tomorrow, awakens more and more to the need for independence from a system that seeks to make us all slaves to its bidding. On the personal level we are each in our own way in a power struggle for more authentic ways of living our values. Emotions are especially high and in many cases quite heavy-handed, beware the tendency toward pessimism in others that can effect our own experience if we let it. Sexuality is in focus also with Saturn in Scorpio along with Mars' emphasis, showing us where we may be out of balance in this part of our lives. Good timing for seeking remedies and support for any problems, dysfunctions emotional and/or physical. Society's increasing commodifying, commercializing of sexuality is creating a huge wave of sexual dysfunction as, for example, (particularly) males become addicted to demeaning, disconnected, exploitive of everyone involved, online pornography. Relationships and whole families are being torn apart with this growing epidemic.Transformation is the highest intent of Scorpio's lunar events; wherever this degree falls in our charts is an area worthy of special attention with that in mind. "After having heard an inspiring individual deliver his 'sermon on the mount', crowds are returning home. The need to incorporate inspiring experiences and teachings into everyday living." (Rudyhar, Sabian Symbols)

    Venus joins electric, liberating Uranus on the 15th finalizing for many the action to be taken, or the action to be visited upon us, in partnering, client-professional, group and financial areas. Revelations now can be unsavory or quite inspiring, but much is being revealed that has been hidden for a very long time. Vesta is next opposed by Venus on the 17th, increasing the need to protect what's most precious to us. Sacred aspects of sexuality are part of this combination also, a beneficial time for exploring what's missing for us through healthy, esteem-building practices. On the 18th Venus square Jupiter completes her triggers of the grand cross energies from April as she advocates for clear financial goals and strategies, higher perspective in relationships and firmed up belief in our capacity for contentment and fulfillment in our lives. Just don't overdo in the Jupiterian weakness for extravagance. Venus opposing nurturing Ceres on the 19th coincides with the Mars pivot, pointing out once again those as yet unmet needs, while also highlighting the harrowing situations around food production and distribution, increasing nightmarish attempts by corporate entities to own the world's food supplies entirely. Citizen actions on local levels are the most effective means of countering this movement as Venus and Ceres join forces in grass roots actions, with, of course, growing our own food the most powerful insurgency we can muster, even it's only some herbs or greens in a pot to start off.

    Sun enters curious, flexible Gemini on May 20 beginning the annual month long journey where, networking, information gathering, socializing and honing our sense of humor are all most favored. Mutable air sign's lighter qualities help bring us out of ourselves from the more rooted in place energies of Taurus. The importance of how we use our minds is emphasized for now, with mindfulness a powerful and effective practice as we learn to more skillfully work with this, usually out of control, tool we've been given. In Gemini distractions can be compelling, so a perfect time for zeroing in on how to better train the mental aspect of our being, which ideally is in service to the larger self, or soul.

    Saturn and Jupiter in exact trine relationship the 24th require an equal measure of expansion and contraction around this time. We're in a growth cycle indeed but it's measured and cautious growth, not expansion into the stratosphere in a single leap. The more we carefully consider what we're dedicating time and energy to, and yet at the same time honor where our hearts are pulling us, the better the outcomes a bit down the road.
    Gemini New Moon arrives on the 28th, at 8 degrees, 11:40 am PDT. Sun and Moon square Neptune at this beginning point of the new cycle, offering opportunities to incorporate more intuitive, imaginative aspects of mind to our thinking process. Otherwise this aspect deteriorates into confusion, deception, delusion which are most unwelcome states of mind for such an important turning point. What visions capture our attention most compellingly right now, what yearning do we feel for lost or as yet unexperienced aspects of our lives? Again attention to these matters brings rewards while ignoring them leads only to a greater sense of unfulfillment. Chiron, Saturn and Jupiter have been forming a Grand Water Trine since earlier in the month, a pattern of potent healing possibilities, especially emotionally. Self-forgiveness first as we open more to the need for unloading old resentments, sorrows, unhealed wounds from past relationships, childhood traumas or unfulfilled dreams. Being willing to be totally present in this time and place, owning our feelings and asking for help where needed in the healing process are the most powerful medicines. Venus has just joined the South Node in the last day or so marking completion of a cycle that may include resolution from a past alliance, legal matter or financial phase. In any case be willing to consciously let go and move on, dedicated to the next cycle where wisdom and balance prevail in those Venus ruled areas. Collectively the world's women have turned a new leaf, finished a cycle where acceptance of abuse and inequalities are to be endured. Rudhyar's interpretation for the lunation's degree reads: "Aroused strikers surround a factory. The disruptive power of the ambitious mind upon the organic wholeness of human relationship." Extraordinary emphasis here on the importance of shifting perspectives, opening our minds to different and diverse ways of perceiving our world and the other beings we share it with.







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