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Month of April, 2014

    Retrograde Mars in Libra stimulates plenty of negotiations, social contract reviews, relationship balancing action and lawsuits aimed at productive, beneficial reforms as April begins, especially as it's been quincunx retrograde Saturn in Scorpio of late. These 2 planets working together, however in a tense and uncomfortable dynamic, are bringing out the injustices, imbalances and outrages that require addressing. This month will mark a major turning point in the evolutionary process of 2012-2015 with the 5th, and most intense, of the Uranus-Pluto squares perfecting by the 21st.
     Courage is a major theme for the month of April 2014, the capacity to take the leap into the unknown with full faith in the heart's instincts. On the 8th a Sun-Mars opposition gives us yet another opportunity to clarify and declare our goals with confidence and determination. We're powered by the firey planetary energies that are also leading up to the (mega shift) Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 15th. As we disentangle from the things that are weighing us down we can move forward with surprising ease. Meanwhile let's not get caught up in the debris from crumbling structures, paradigms, other peoples' dramas. Take some action, however small, in the direction of cherished goals riding the wave of this passionate combination.
    Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 26 degrees Libra on the 15th ushers in the rare and dynamic Cardinal Grand Cross where Mars is completing this major aspect as it comes into relationship with Jupiter-Pluto-Uranus which have been dancing with the energies of radical shifts for months. The addition of Mars, now operating through diplomatic Libra, re-energizes the powerful changes in the works especially as far as balancing partnerships of all kinds, emphasizing social justice as a priority. Mars completes the 4th arm of a grand cross aspect, triggering further the planets that have been instigating breakdown of old structures and breakthroughs to innovative paradigms of functionality. Unsustainable practices, misuse of resources, hoarding and power abuses of the most wealthy and power hungry, cannot continue much further as the 4 squares created in the cosmos reflect radical change on our planet. Moon is joined by Vesta and Ceres, Sun is joined by Juno, all of which highlights the rise of divine feminine to help us heal our imbalances, personally and en masse. Cooperation, diplomacy, forming communities around ideals of consensus decision making and sharing resources are all aspects of the evolutionary track we're on. The asteroids represent more attention to environmental concerns, food safety, sources and distribution, more equality in relationships, especially in the male/female dynamic that has been seriously out of balance for at least 5 thousand years. How we take care of ourselves and each other is up for further enlightenment. Meanwhile Pluto has turned retrograde the day before the eclipse for increasing intensification of the grand cross dynamics. Mercury's joined Uranus, squared Pluto as well bringing forth verbal confrontations, challenging us to think clearly, cultivating innovative ideas rather than succumb to darker projections and expectations. Extra caution around vehicles and other machinery continues to be a theme as mechanical instability and human volatility are also signatures of this planetary pattern. Important news may well break through the wall of silence on crucial world events and movements (people taking back their power especially) that tightly controlled media with mostly corporate interests are working hard to suppress. People are forming effective alliances, cooperatives, community rights movements, alternative economies as well as many other means of bypassing the "Powers That Were", even further weakening that top-down power base. Power is now increasingly moving from the bottom up! "An eagle and a large white dove change into each other. The interaction of the spiritual Will and of the Love principle when critical needs arise." (Rudyhar, Sabian Symbol for 26 Libra)

    Sun enters fixed earth sign Taurus on the evening of the 19th, a sometimes most welcome shift from the fire, drama and fast moves of Aries, particularly this year. Aries has helped us gather the courage to make our dreams and goals top priority and now we get to benefit from the persistence and thoroughness of earthy Taurus. But before we can settle in to the beatific bovine's more serene condition we must face the further stages of challenge to sanity and stability unfolding through the rest of the month, most especially over the next few days.

    Jupiter makes an exact square to Uranus, opposition to Pluto on the 20th, both for the 3rd time since late 2013, for the last phase of this current wave of consciousness expansion. This expansion carries with it not only access to higher perception and guidance but also, for many, it can be a pailful transition. Facing even more of the pervasive corruption of the institutions we rely on as a functioning society can be immensely difficult. The prevailing paradigm must be replaced, with breakdowns often preceding breakthroughs, both institutionally and individually. On the 21st Uranus-Pluto make their most intense and dramatic, world-changing 5th square out of 7 between 2012 and 2015. Evolution/revolution on the move globally and within each one of us at the deepest levels of the psyche, and within global power structures from the very bottom up. Earth movements are major probabilities as Gaia herself undulates and shakes, dancing with the energies of enlightened transformation, and spewing forth what she cannot contain any longer. For everyone the mid- degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) are highlighted, even more so for those with planets and points in those areas of the zodiac. Of course grounding practices are quite important in this atmosphere of 4 planetary squares pulling us in 4 different directions at once, requiring masterful centering and focus on our part, all aided by the Taurus Sun.

    April 22-23 Mars squares Jupiter, opposes Uranus and squares Pluto for pressure to act with scrupulous integrity, precision and from a higher perspective than we may be used to. Impulse is dangerous now, any action we take requires a good amount of consideration to affect positive outcomes. Otherwise we risk intensifying conflicts and rifts in relationships, inter-personal as well as group alliances. Take bold action while treading carefully.

    New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 28th, 11:14 pm PDT, at 9 degrees Taurus initiates the new monthly cycle and the yearly cycle in all things ruled by fixed earth sign; material resources, money, possessions, gardens, all substances of the earth. Our animal friends fall into this category, such important links to our own animal nature. Taurus also includes values, priorities, what we need to function well in the material world. This eclipse, following the outer planet mandate for radical, pervasive change, marks a crucial turning point in the personal and collective connection with our biosphere and the abundant resources Gaia provides for our sustenance. Those resources are not for some but for all, including the life forms we have culturally relegated to insignificance. It's apparent at this lunation that we must make a new beginning as far commitment to the entire web of life. The more we disengage from the outlandish consumerism and mindless entertainments with no value to uplift or inform, the more we disempower the system of dominance/submission. Sabian Symbol for this lunation:" A fully decorated Christmas tree. The ability to create inner happiness in dark hours." (Rudyhar) It's a potent moment to classify what we really need and really desire for our personal happiness and well-being, a personal act that has such important repercussions for the well-being of our world.  







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