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Month of March, 2014


    Three planets changing direction as March begins; Mercury, Mars and Saturn, while Jupiter will spin around in a few days, all of which together create erratic zig-zagging, crises in relationships, major perceptual adjustments that alter our experience of who and what we are. Consciousness is going through more expansion, periodic contraction and headed toward a more cosmic perspective overall. We're pushed to dig in deep for the resources to navigate the challenges of the times, in many cases to transform our relationship to our biosphere, our bodies, what we need by way of material sustenance. Working at inner stillness is a requirement since the outer reflections in our world are so difficult to read for the most part. With many acting out the planetary influences in old paradigm, unskillful ways things are appearing to get worse, the underlying theme for this spring into summer is to feel and follow the innermost urges. As Mars pivots into its internal passage into May it also joins the Moon's North Node and squares Venus. This foretells an epic journey for all of us into the dynamics, and any residue of karmic conditions to be resolved, in our partnerships and collaborative or group interactions. North Node points to the need to seriously work on equality, harmony and justice in our personal connections and our social institutions. Venus offers her most constant, committed and grounded expression in clarifying values, solidifying the most beneficial alliances, keeping us honest and our  dealings in pristine integrity, or consequences come fast and furious.
    This last part relates also with Saturn's last backward turn in Scorpio, an intensive karma clearing process leaving no room for questionable ethics in our behavior, particularly to do with shared resources, intimate interactions and all  power dynamics. Are we wielding power in unproductive, unethical ways, or giving up our power to a corrupt and outmoded system? Are personal relationships operating on unequal  dynamics still. If so the end is near, one way or another. Saturn gives us a few months retrograde for in depth explorations. The planets in the internal phase meanwhile do not mean that we should put actions on hold through July. Life goes on, we simply need to heed that cautions of the retrograde periods to better fine tune our plan of action and its implementation. Saturn the Taskmaster especially does not let us progress without properly dealing with those matters currently on the table, both in mass experience and in our personal lives. Total transformation is the collective and individual agenda.
    Jupiter, the Greater Benefic,  planet of Bona Fortuna, squares erratic and exhilarating Uranus as it spins to direct motion on the 6th, enhancing creativity and experimentation, and yet warning us to be cautious in all our actions. A high energy, possibly incomprehensible at the moment, but ultimately enlightening juncture that promises a stormy, emotional and optimistic atmosphere all at once. Initiatory experiences may be common now as these 2 planets make mayhem designed to awaken us to higher frequencies, a fuller spectrum experience of who and what we are, and of the vast and responsive field of energy that births and supports us. The very foundations of the dominance/submissive system of universal control that's been with humanity for at least 5 thousand years  are crumbling. Unity consciousness is our "new" paradigm as the power structure gets turned more and more upside down. Community is the salvation of our species, with action from the ground up having the most power.

    Full Moon on  the 16th at 27 degrees Virgo is set adrift at the opposition of the Sun and Moon, 10:08 am PDT in a kind of unambitious period 'til early evening. But don't be fooled, this is an extraordinarily significant lunation on the outer and inner planes. Mutable earth sign prefers getting things done, and by intelligent analysis, integrating diverse components and consistent intentional ritual. Opposing Sun in Pisces lights up the balancing dance between Virgo's earthbound and mutable water sign's connection to divine origins, infinite beingness of the universal field. Sun and Moon square the Galactic Center, most powerful point of creation/destruction in the Milky Way, for emphasis on that larger reality from which streams of encoded energies flow into our biosphere and into our individual systems. Human consciousness expands in initiatory type experiences that encourage, or even force in some cases, this kind of change. We need to remain open and quiet at some time each day to benefit most from this this cosmic process of evolution. Our consciousness also grows in the smaller reality through a blend of quantum physics and mysticism, inclusive of the input of the human heart, without which there is no real change or positive evolution. Surrender at the very deepest level to the vastness and the minuteness of our being is required, balancing the "terror of being with the wonder of being". (Castaneda) This Virgo-Pisces lunation asks that we pay closer than ever attention to where we are in the dance between the earthly and the divine. Moon harmonizes with Saturn to unearth the most hidden, neglected, primordial desires and inner resources we must access in order to transform the growing personal and collective nightmare we've created where poisonous consciousness has led to poisoning our world on a larger and larger scale every day. Lunar quincunxes with Mercury and the South Node-Eris form a yod aspect with Virgo Moon as the "finger of god" point offering remedies to ancient patterns of conflict, hatreds, religious/political feuds and wars. This is near the end of that cycle of dysfunction, as Luna offers solutions that are as simple and straightforward as increasing commitments to practicing scrupulous personal integrity, staying in the moment in contentious situations to avoid reaction and create effective response. The awareness grows that each of us has power in our thoughts and actions, all inter-connected with each other, with a potent impact on the collective as we personally commit even further to focusing and acting on our communitarian goals. The Heaven on Earth we all yearn for is possible and dependent on ignoring the Powers That Were in their assertion they hold the power. Our world transforms moment to moment, and with Jupiter square Uranus-Juno, quincunx Venus, opposite Pluto it challenges, prods and pushes for expanded consciousness giving us not only hope for the future but wildly inventive and practical ways to create that previously elusive dream. "A group of aristocratic ladies meet ceremoniously at a court's function. The ability to carry on a revered tradition in order to perpetuate cultural standards of excellence." (Sabian Symbol 27 Virgo, Rudhyar) Take the thinking, social behaviors and actions we know have worked well for us in the past and leave the rest behind, individually and en masse. 

    Vernal Equinox on the 20th, 9:57 am PDT,  marks our Sun's entrance into 00 degrees Aries, Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, one of the major turnings in Earth's yearly round the Sun journey. In the Aries Equinox chart, representing the entire Spring season ahead, Jupiter continues to form an even tighter T-Square with Uranus-Pluto bringing about optimal conditions for transmutation of old forms right into our biological realty, as well as the realm of consciousness. Jupiter also forms a Grand Water Trine with Chiron in Pisces and Moon in Scorpio, increasing sensitivity to the most vulnerable among us and inspiring healing protocols for painful situations and conditions. Mars-North Node-Vesta still travel neck and neck as we grapple with issues of equality and justice in the social realm and in our relationships, while re-thinking the collective fascination with out of control violence as a cultural norm. Voices of the Divine Feminine will prevail in how to approach the current tide of rampant shootings and the continued beating of war drums. Raw aggression is under the microscope of mass review with diplomacy coming up as a more effective tool.

    New Moon perfects on the 30th at 10 degrees Aries, 11:44 am PDT, conjoined by Uranus, the Wild Card planet, and Juno representing our partnerships. Eris, goddess of discord, and Mars the Warrior planet (also Eris' mythological brother) are exactly opposed firing up the issues at hand to an even greater heat. Where do we truly belong and with whom? What is our authentic journey regardless of how others or society perceives it? War, aggression, projecting blame on others are such prominent themes the violence may reach comic book, blockbuster movie proportions as we face our shadow in a most visceral way. It's also the opportunity to release the need for such brutal, crude, endlessly destructive behavior. Sun-Moon-Uranus-Juno square Pluto making the passions of the moment so real we can do nothing but deal with our own unresolved anger, or at least take action toward fair resolution of old conflicts. This line up mandates new awareness, radical change, nothing less. Making intentions at this moment for courageous new beginnings wherever they're needed is unequivocally called for. Sabian Symbol for this lunation is:" A teacher gives new symbolic forms to traditional images. Revision of attitude at the beginning of a new cycle of experience." (Rudhyar)





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