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Month of February, 2014

    Second month of this transmutational year begins with feet to the fire, so to speak, as we virtually stew in the cauldron of massive and might as well be permanent change. Venus has turned direct conjoining Dark Lord Pluto, assuring a bared-to-the-bone experience of all she rules, softened immeasurably by Jupiter's beneficent opposition from nurturing Cancer. We're acutely aware of all imbalances and flaws in need of almost immediate remedial action. Also under microscopic scrutiny are our values and resources, material, mental, emotional as well as the most ethical and economic uses of all we possess. How we attract and acquire resources are under consideration as to how we're helping or hindering our ability to function in the ways most essential to our individual ideals. The innate qualities we rely on to present our unique gifts to the world are being undermined or enhanced by all the choices we make day to day. Jupiter-Pluto in their culture-transforming, community and institutional destruction/regeneration face off are emphasizing the dire need for new paradigm solutions. If we view the future from the same world view that led us to this brink the vision is bleak, evoking despair. If we look forward through the awakening consciousness that knows unity of purpose, collaborative efforts and concern for present and future generations, all possibilities lie shimmering before us, vibrating with the energy of imminent manifestation.

    Jupiter-Pluto function first of all in blowing up our delusions and insecurities to such large proportions that we're entirely compelled to let them go, or hold onto the torturous ways we've become accustomed to with imagined transgressions from the past and feelings of not having or being enough. Emotional neediness can be transformed into awareness of how we can meet our own needs while also being more sensitive to the needs of others. On the other hand an overblown sense of responsibility to meet the needs of others is also coming to a head, where the imbalance is so exquisitely evident we would need to bury ourselves so far into denial to miss the truth that the energy required to do so would be exhausting our resources. This combination can also reveal more organized and efficient ways of getting things done, slowing us down to ensure consistency and thoroughness. We started the year with 8 planets in cardinal signs, and by now there are still 5; Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, and of course through the course of the month those 10 days (2 1/2 each) in all that the Moon transits the 4 cardinal signs. These planets operate with decidedly purposeful, one pointed intention, as the initiating signs of the zodiac are so abundantly represented, with less ambivalence and increased capacity for making things happen through persistence and a dedicated, but ever evolving, plan.

    For the 1st 5 days of February all the inner, or personal, planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars) are direct, a condition not to be repeated until early July. Good timing to start seriously untying the most problematic tangles in our day to day functioning. How can we communicate more clearly, love with more integrity and dedication, act with greater awareness of the impact on others and long term consequences. A brief but important flurry of more movement in the right direction.

    On the 6th Mercury pivots gracefully at the 4th degree of Pisces into retrograde motion, backing up into Aquarius again a few days later on the 12th, ensuring further, more thorough consideration of the ideals and inventive solutions we'd been inspired by last month, by now infused with the insight and wisdom of the Piscean perspective. Or, as the case may be, helping untangle messy or mystifying puzzles needing more reflection from a fairly detached point of view before making up our minds.

    Full Moon at 27 degrees Leo on the 14th, Valentine's Day, is opposed by Sun and Mercury in Aquarius, illuminating the pull between head and heart, and our need to articulate what is in our hearts while not succumbing to ego's need for drama. We're encouraged to express our uniqueness to the fullest. Saturn square the Lights presents a further challenge to be truthful, ethical and frugal in all our dealings, coming to a better balance with individuality and community. Jupiter, opposite Pluto still and square Uranus, on the other hand can push for expansion into unforeseen territory as we've been clearing away all that no longer resonates. The old paradigm, patriarchal world view that significantly narrows down reality can only create more suffering and despair. As we open our eyes, on the external and internal planes, we see a whole different reality than the one we've been indoctrinated into. The more we step out of this tiny mental/emotional soul-crushing space the clearer and easier things become. Our world has been increasingly poisoned in the physical plane as a result of the poisoning of human consciousness taken to its furthest extreme. Saying yes every day in some small way(s) to the inner yearnings for love, nurturing, meaningful connections and meaningful work, consistently deconstructs the hellish reality that has become our familiar world and cultivates the new reality based on unity. We're pushed to not allow those bent on pessimism from that dying paradigm, promoting the notion that humans are innately cruel, to influence our own sense of hope and resilience, especially now with 2 extreme T-squares impacting the lunation; Jupiter-Pluto-Uranus and Sun-Moon-Saturn. We can make more welcoming space for those stuck in the old structure to awaken and join us in re-making the world. Meanwhile Chiron trines Jupiter inviting us to dream big, to go ahead and ask for it all while being inclusive of all beings. Chiron exposes more of the sorrowful legacy we've been handed, after millennia of suffering, and that has come to a head where grieving the past must be faced as we dare to envision and nurture the elements of a healthier, more life-affirming future. We must take responsibility for our thoughts more and more as we're constantly adding to the collective consciousness in "lower" and "upper" 4th Dimension. Dumping fears and doubts, old and new resentments and negative projections will simply not do! This is why we must let Jupiter-Chiron help us face our own subconscious processes like never before. In the area of life represented by 27 degrees Leo in our personal charts we're experiencing the next opportunity to renew, regenerate, replenish ourselves through our re-connection with heart and soul, heaven and earth sustaining us. Sabian Symbol for Moon's degree reads: "The luminescence of the dawn in the eastern sky. The exalting challenge of new opportunities at the threshold of a new cycle." (Rudyhar)

    Sun enters mutable water sign Pisces on the 18th increasing the sense of universal interconnectedness, alignment with inner vision, dreams and the enchantment of existence on this jewel of a planet. Pisces influence also can bring about the desire to escape one's reality if we're seriously out of balance, a big signal that we need to do things differently in order to meet our deeper needs. Confusion and messy entanglements can accompany this phase for the next 30 days if we're not paying attention to the inner healer as a balance to all the disciplined work we have before us.

    New Moon at 11 degrees Pisces arrives one minute before midnight PST on the 28th, the last day of February. This marks the 2nd in a row end of one month, beginning of the next, filled with intricacies of perception, desire, ambivalence, unexpected uncertainties popping up that can be perplexing, trying, at times overwhelming. The compelling, ongoing need to process so much that may not even be about the events of this lifetime is even more highlighted now with so much planetary influence in the sign of our connection to the ultimate reality, All That Is. The best we can do with all the complexity and continuing states of flux is to be inwardly focused for a time each day, especially making space for reflection/meditation/visioning at this lunation. Part of the complications are due to both Mars and Saturn stationing right now to turn retrograde, therefore into review mode, in the next 2 days. Our thinking is clearer as Mercury spins to direct motion at 18 degrees Aquarius sparking livelier dialogue, problem-solving, decision making, but Mars and Saturn caution us to reserve the really big stuff for late July when Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will all be in forward motion, with only the 3 outer planets in the retrograde more internalized mode. Patience, discipline and a good but evolving plan are what we need for this period. It doesn't mean don't move forward during this time, but do be especially aware of each step, each decision, every facet of new and old alliances without nitpicking. Meanwhile Sun, Moon, Neptune and Chiron all line up in mystical, or muddling, Pisces, and contacting Jupiter (in its exaltation in Cancer) in harmonious trines that can lift us into the higher dimensions of consciousness if we're allowing that space in our lives. "Men traveling a narrow path, seeking illumination. The capacity inherent in every individual to seek at whatever cost entrance to a transcendent realm of reality." (Rudhyar, Sabian Symbol for 11 Pisces).







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