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Month of January, 2014

     New Year's Day 2014 in the Gregorian Calendar is also a potent new beginning, New Moon at 11 degrees Capricorn, graced by a Cardinal Grand Cross involving Sun, Moon, Pluto, Mercury in Capricorn, Mars and Vesta in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer and Uranus in Aries. This pattern represents the living field speaking in no uncertain terms about the crossroads we've come to as a species and as individual souls on an earth plane, embodied journey. Mars is the current catalyst, energizing and activating even more the 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto evolutionary square, while Jupiter assists with a massive dose of the divine feminine to nurture us through this powerful and difficult gateway. Plutonian edginess brings us face to face once again with the darkest elements in our collective and personal psyches in order to help us clear what's poisoning our systems, from the macrocosm to the microcosm. For those already at heightened stage of clarity this lunation gives a substantial boost for whatever we've dedicated ourselves to. For those not yet there the opportunity for greater progress toward clarity and a truly do-able plan of action exists as never before. Venus retrograde in late Capricorn gives us more access to the inner core of knowingness, confidence, work on self-worth issues if we take those quiet moments to attend to the inner workings at the soul level. "A large group pf pheasant on a private estate. The refinement and propagation of aristocratic values by means of which man participates in the evolution of life toward ever more perfect forms of existence." (Rudyhar, Sabian Symbol for 11 Capricorn) With the instability and volatility of the past 2 weeks this energetic pattern extends and brings to a peak those matters we most need to address, while certainly instigating conflict, drama and explosive interpersonal, international and environmental events. Patience of the saints and a good dose of compassion for self and others are required practices to navigate free of harm to ourselves or of adding to the general field of collective angst (which must include the heart-wrenching cry from the wilderness, felt by so many of us, of the wild creatures of this planet in their ever more intense struggle to survive humanity's rule).

    Sun warms the often too cool Venus in Capricorn on the 11th as the goddess of love, values, material resources journeys to the core of our early 21st century notions of worth and unworthiness. A supportive sextile to Saturn, planet of cultural norms and institutions, aids in a deeply regenerative process, that's begun and played out at the grassroots level, of remembering the most essential experiences and requirements of human existence; on the personal level we all have the work of balancing all our relationships as well as our relationship to money. Boundaries and limits are the biggest lesson, what we're willing or not willing to give up for the, increasingly unrelated to anything real or productive, green paper stuff, or in the current marketplace, pieces of plastic generating humongous amounts of cash for the few and debt for the many. Are we willing to continue being slaves to the system? Knowing who we are and what our role is in the dynamic, miraculous and challenging dance of life on planet Earth is the crucial deal for now. Healthy, fulfilling relationships with others, professionally and personally, depend on self-knowledge first and foremost, and the willingness to share ourselves without giving that up. That said, so many are involved in those all-consuming (at least for now) karmic connections with so much magnetism and power to them that asserting personal boundaries is not going to happen until the relationship has played out to its inevitably painful end. Lessons learned. Blessings on all dear souls at this stage of karmic clearing; there is always the light at the end of that tunnel of angst, and such potent, lifelong lessons to be completed. Mercury enters Aquarius today opening minds and invigorating communications with new and exciting ideas through the end of the month, though the Trickster planet goes retrograde in February slipping back into Aquarius in its reversal mid-month, and continuing on through the Full Moon in March. Inventiveness, humanitarian ideals, technological skills are emphasized through this phase, while the stint through early degrees of Pisces in the 1st half of February brings to the fore the ethics of our uses of technology, along with the poetic, mystical and intuitive aspects of perception to warm and soften the often detached Aquarian mindset.

    Full Moon on the 15th at 26 degrees Cancer shines its nourishing light on Venus in her conjunction with opposing Sun in Capricorn and trines role-defining no nonsense Saturn in no nonsense Scorpio. We may ask ourselves "is what I'm spending my precious time and energy on what I really cherish in my soul?" The pull between our private and public roles is always emphasized in the Cancer-Capricorn axis. The more we can integrate the priorities and values of these 2 areas of life the happier and more fulfilled we are with increased capacity to give of ourselves to family, friends, community. Self nourishing is extremely important as we enter a particularly challenging and fruitful phase of the major planetary transition. Mercury sextile Uranus in the sign the "Divine Bolt of Lightening" rules turns on the light of recognition. Our uniqueness on this Earth journey is our treasure, what we each have to offer to complete the evolutionary requirements of this time. If we can get to that, get more grounded and honoring of our role, we're golden. Nothing less and nothing more. Jupiter trine Chiron brings forth the multi-dimensional qualities of reality as we become more inclined toward the experiential rather than the purely abstract, while emotional body healing is favored by engaging in processes that help us release old stuck patterns. Energy work like Reiki or Polarity or other similar modalities are extra effective to work with at this lunation and over the next 2 weeks. Rudyhar's Sabian Symbol for this degree of Cancer reads: "Guests are reading in the library of a luxurious home. The transference of social privilege to the level of intellectual enjoyment." Nourishing ourselves on the levels of the mind and the body's energetic makeup is every bit as important as feeding the physical body well.

    Sun enters creative, intelligent, at times fanatical, Aquarius on the 19th for the annual month long pass through the fixed air sign. Through Capricorn we access grounding, stability and order, qualities we need to function effectively. Now the solar radiance calls for awakening the mind to realities and possibilities never before encountered, or even entertained. We move from the practical and predictable to the outlandish, unique, futuristic or weird, allowing the natural brilliance of the mind to shine, or alternatively aligning with anything that puts us outside the mainstream. The individual's role in the collective is always an important theme in Aquarius.

    On the 30th the 2nd New Moon this month perfects at 11 degrees Aquarius, 1:38 pm, PST. Another significant moment of initiation for this year of highly effective and courageous action, this lunation is influenced by a power surging, unwanted habit purging, Jupiter-Pluto opposition, aiding our quest for clear boundaries, internalized authority, nurturing and cooperative alliances.Venus closely joins Pluto as she turns from retrograde to direct tomorrow, her potency vastly increased by both these factors. She may well be in her "dripping with blood" mode as she turns with the bared to the bones Plutonian impact, and in Saturn's sign. What ever problems we've been facing or avoiding, particularly regarding love and money and the Law of Attraction, are viscerally in evidence. Good thing about it is we must deal with the shadow aspects of both sweet and murderous Venus or suffer multiplied consequences in the coming months. It's get down to business time on so many levels, with all the solutions and cures we need to improve difficult, painful situations, but with all that comes the need to cooperate, coordinate, create community wherever we can. Together in like-minded groups, with common goals, the power to transform our world is well within reach. "During a silent hour, a man receives a new inspiration which may change his life". (L. Hill, Sabian Symbols) We cannot access those inspirations that change our lives without the frequent moments of silence in an increasing cacophonous world. And every step we take, every decision we make in present time has major repercussions over the next year and a half. "It is in your moments of decision your destiny is shaped." (Anthony Robbins)

    Last day of January Jupiter and Pluto face off exact with their big impact opposition signaling changing cultural patterns and pushing us to focus on what we can do to support  the welfare of future generations of all life forms on planet Earth. Wherever this aspect falls in our own chart are areas of extensive spiritual housecleaning, 12 Cancer and 12 Capricorn. This is the 2nd of 3 oppositions with these planets, the first one in early August and the last will be around April 20 this year, as we have the opportunity to virtually move mountains.








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