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Month of December, 2013

    As December 2013 rolls in comet ISON has just encountered our solar system's central sun, surviving long enough to emit light beyond expectations of scientific observers, and then to dissolve utterly into the cosmic field while traversing the sign Sagittarius. Comets bring new elements to whatever part of the cosmos they encounter, in this case seeding the core of our Solar System with unknowns from beyond the planet Sedna at the outer edges. Sedna's connected to the world's oceans and all sea life, and the abundance that has flowed from the sea, consequently the problems humans have created by over-fishing, poisoning and trashing Gaia's major and minor oceans and waterways. Since we rarely have anything approach our inner system that's had close encounters with the outer cosmic bodies this event has heralded another phase in our expanding consciousness, especially with the culmination happening in the sign of higher consciousness.
    On the 2nd of the month a wild and adventurous New Moon arrives at 11 degrees Sagittarius. Sun and Moon are in blissful conjunction, inspiring new possibilities and opportunities for making dreams and visions concrete realities, and in trines to Uranus are catapulting us further into the unknown, with innovations popping up at every turn. Free energy is on the way! Sun and Moon also square Chiron in mystical Pisces promoting forgiveness and laying down burdens of guilt, shame, blame and other stains of false thinking, inherited or self-created. Religious dogma and other enslaving beliefs are losing their grip on mass consciousness as we enter the more elevated realm of upper 4th and 5th Dimensions. With each breath we can let more and more of the old bondage of ideas go. Humanity is heading into a new and ancient awareness with Jupiter in Cancer, of the necessity and benefits of tribal-like, close-knit communities. Venus still opposes Jupiter asking for some restraint in relationships, with a need for mutual nurturing and commitment. The two Benefics work together in an auspicious pairing for finding what true abundance means while doing the work for improved partnering. Sabian Symbol image for this degree:" In the left section of an archaic temple a lamp burns in a container shaped like a human body. The value of the 'return to the body' advocated by modern thinkers in order to balance the stress on intellectuality and objective consciousness." (Rudyhar) Of course the reference to the "left section" in this image as well as to balancing the "stress on intellectuality" tells us that the intuitive/numinous/mystical aspects of our consciousness are where to focus attention at this moment as part  of acknowledging the physical body's innate wisdom, in order to gather the full spectrum of wisdom and insight needed to progress from here. We must lead with our hearts rather than pure rationality, trusting in the Mystery as never before, re-membering, re-integrating our wholeness as part of the One Being, and no other as there is no other. There are no obstacles before us to fulfilling our purpose as this particle of the Creation, other than our own false thinking.

    More Uranian energies dynamically at work to facilitate, instigate or explosively release old paradigm ideas and structures at the Full Moon 26 degrees Gemini on the 17th, 1:28 am PST. Uranus stations, slowing down in a pivot greatly increasing its influence, to direct motion, and at 9 degrees Aries. This empowers and electrifies all new projects, innovative approaches, movements toward more egalitarian societal structures worldwide, especially those we've been rolling around our consciousness since last summer, mid-July. Sabian image for this event aligns perfectly: " A crystal gazer; the development of an inner realization of organic wholeness." Meanwhile Sun and Moon light up where we are, individually and together, in the ongoing process of shedding dysfunctional thinking patterns and belief systems. Whatever areas of life the luminaries highlight for each of us, indicated by the House placements of 26 degrees Gemini and Sagittarius in our personal charts, are where we can further awaken to our divine/cosmic origins. Jupiter and Saturn, still in close harmony in a water trine, emphasize personal and cultural commitments necessary to bring us into healthier balance with each other as well as with our biosphere. They also continue to make a wide Grand Water Trine with Chiron, adding its multi-dimensional, experiential and visionary healing capacity to the lunation's probabilities. Uranus-Pluto's radicalizing to the core, change-making cosmic machine brings crucial matters to a head yet again. It's up to each of us how we respond to the impetus for change in serious and unstoppable motion. Surrender to something much larger than our own personal concerns is the wisest and most fulfilling choice. Asking at each turning point "what is my role at this moment" is a good way to remain on track with the cosmic/earthly rhythms. "Frost-covered trees against winter skies. The revelation of archetypal form and essential rhythm of existence." (Sabian Symbol for 26 Gemini, Rudhyar)

    Sun enters 00 degrees Capricorn on the 21st in Winter Solstice for the Northern Hemisphere, Summer for the Southern Hemisphere. The Solstice chart describes the energies at work, challenges and possibilities for the entire season. Moon in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio foretells a time of more widespread bucking of authority by ordinary, fed-up-with-the-lies-and-inequities, citizens emboldened to take action. This adds to Jupiter's beneficent trine to Saturn that's cultivating more equal and supportive institutions, while encouraging each of us in our own way to cultivate more mutually supportive connections, from the intimate to our communities. Mars, Ceres and Vesta in Libra create  a climate conducive to justice and equality, but Mars' opposition to Uranus can also be explosive where the steam has been building from long term injustices and imbalances of power. Good news with this is the frequent ambivalence of any planet under Libra's influence will take a back seat to the urge for action based on ideals. Venus, meanwhile, turns retrograde today at 29 degrees Capricorn, instigating review of traditional values, alliances, relationships, personal resources 'til January 31 when it pivots direct at 14 degrees of the well-ordered cardinal earth sign. This initiates an unusual period of retrograde inner planets inner Spring 2014, with Mercury and Mars adding their necessary reviews to the coming months. May seem somewhat bumpy, slow-moving, uncertain for a while, but will be a wonderful opportunity to get those crucial ducks in a highly functional row, ready to produce. Venus takes us through an internal journey around self-worth, professional performance, a budget that works for essentials as well as a modest amount of pleasures, the need to be extra clear, and unwaveringly confident, about needs and desires. For the collective this will be a period of becoming more deeply aware of the Earth's resources and the limitations we've placed on ourselves by over-using and abusing them. There's abundance for all when resources are managed according to the laws of nature, not the greed of man. Many solid solutions will arise from this Winter's Venus passage.







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