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Month of November, 2013

    November's substantial Scorpio influence this year promises a month of secrets, manipulations, fear, dark agendas,and areas of denial coming fully into the light to be faced and worked with in personal experience as well as in the global community. With Sun, Mercury, Saturn, North Node, and by the 2nd Moon, all expressing through the fixed water sign we start off the month with a growing sense of dread, anticipation, crucial breakthroughs, all mandated and super-fueled by the 4th Uranus-Pluto square on the first day. This aspect continues, with no ambiguity or hesitation, shift reality from the dualistic, either/or, separative, 3rd Dimensional flatland to an all inclusive, unified awareness/consciousness field that alters the very harmonics of matter. We're learning to operate, and to play with our version of reality, in the higher 4th Dimension since the beginning of the new 26,000 year cycle.

    The intensity of this month's beginning is increased exponentially again by the Scorpio Solar Eclipse on the 3rd at 11 degrees that focalizes the transformational energies into laser like beams of deeply penetrating comprehension, multi-dimensional erotic fusion with our planetary matrix. Of course, depending on how we're taking care of ourselves, this can manifest also as apprehension caused by the concentration of so much energy that calls to be dealt with courageously and creatively. Facing and making friends with our self-created demons in the individual and mass imagination is required and powerfully supported. Retrograde Mercury allows consciousness to explore the subterranean realms of the psyche as well as the underbelly of consensus reality of the culture, usually ignored or avoided with escapist behaviors or because of negative judgements from others. Quite profound, if not easily articulated, and unprecedented grasp of our experience in the world and our own internal processes is available. Pluto emphasizes shared resources, economic systems seriously out of whack; on the personal level changes in how we think about and acquire resources. Mars in Virgo in harmony with the lights supports motivation to get done whatever we can to improve the immediate situations arising now, to work from wherever we find ourselves, using whatever we have. Saturn meanwhile has been calling for and implementing by whatever means all encompassing renovations of the fundamental institutions of society. Individually we experience this reform most prominently in the area(s) of life where Saturn's passage impacts our personal natal charts since last year. Pluto sextile, Uranus quincunx eclipse Sun-Moon bring strength, purpose, an organizing force to this time, but also a knock you on your behind kind of chaotic whirlwind bound to make us let go of whatever no longer serves. Rudyhar's Sabian Symbol for this lunation is about group consciousness and the rituals at higher levels about creating cooperative, peaceful cultural exchanges: " An official embassy ball." We can only move forward from here by raising consciousness to a higher level of functioning since we clearly cannot approach the future from the current state of mass fear, confusing and contradictory information and hysteria.

    Venus enters Capricorn on the 5th where she will travel well into next year, early March in fact, as this is her year to take a retrograde journey that begins on Solstice. This extra long period in the cardinal earth sign gives us plenty of opportunity to get all our Venus matters in better working order, with the right commitments of the heart and finances and a good boost in bringing  important creative projects to fruition. No romantic fantasies in these areas for the next few months, just the dedication, discipline and effective planning for getting the necessary work done. The very next day Jupiter turns to retrograde motion for the same period moving direct within a couple of days of Venus leaving Capricorn. This puts the lesser and greater benefices into opposite signs through that whole period, exactly opposing each other twice for an especially uplifting quality to the work we're engaged in. The new economics must and will be based in mutual benefit for all and include concern for the rest of the life forms we share our world with.

    Mercury makes a bumpy turn to direct motion on the 10th, not exactly feeling like a great relief, but at least showing us progress is possible if we stay on track. There's so much crucial review and in depth thinking we've had to entertain during the retrograde pass that this moment may not feel as light and promising as it usually does. Neptune next changes directions on the 13th, infusing that entire week with the essence of mystery, magic, imagination and also highlighting wherever we're most confused. Intuition is a big key in this shift as the need grows every day for tuning into and validating our inner sense as the world around us beams more incomprehensible. Then the 14th and 15th Venus squares Uranus and joins Pluto for a seriously dramatic beginning to her 4 month journey through the sign of getting down to business, making clear boundaries and solid foundations. Don't be blindsided by upsets in relationships, best approach is to stay in one's center and personal integrity while being open to what the other individual is experiencing. In finances be ready for the changing landscape of how we can most effectively ensure some measure of security and comfort cause it doesn't look like what it used to.

    Full Moon at 26 degrees Taurus-Scorpio falls on the 17th illuminating sensual and sexual awakenings, highlighting the dark, grotesque and brutal aspects along with the healthier, and less explored throughout patriarchy, bliss of mutual surrender and merging. We're still very much immersed in the whole theme of priorities, what's of value to keep and what to release, how our personal choices affect the collective experience. Trash is a global billion dollar industry we hear, while our technological skills have far exceeded any healthy set of ethics and shared concern for a viable future for our children and beyond as the Fukushima disaster continues unabated while the company in charge does not know what to do. These realities push us to seek global solutions rather than allowing ourselves to become paralyzed with fear, or worse yet ridicule and deny the very real reports of  an out of control nuclear disaster. This is the month to seriously address these issues in collective, cooperative moves. Mars closely sextile Jupiter helps with practical and effective solutions coming forth as we start to awaken to our common purpose. Wherever these degrees fall in our charts are areas of our lives where we're aligned without the right core values, or where we need to re-align right now. Dropping the unproductive expenditures of time, energy and money is favored to have what we ned for the next phase. Venus' rulership points to the status of relationships, either going to new depths or in some stage of ending as she speaks to us with particular clarity in her still close aspects with the outer planets of revolutionary change. For 26 Taurus the Sabian Symbol reads: "A Spanish gallant serenades his beloved. The ritualization if individualized desires." (Rudyhar)

    November 23 is a highly significant date in the ongoing shifts of this Fall. We need to be ready to make clear declarations of whatever we've been working on, at least through all of October and this month as Mercury joins the midpoint of the Galactic Center and the Super Galactic Center. It's also the date of the heliocentric Uranus-Pluto square, meaning calculated from the the Sun's perspective rather than the Earth. Astrologer Barbara Hand Clow sees this as a highlighted time in the period between 2012 and 2015 when the 2 outer planets perfect their 7 squares. "This T-Square (of Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto in the heliocentric chart) suggests the solar system will respond to the human ecocide in meaningful ways." The Sun is expected by astronomers to reverse polarity by the end of this year, adding even more to the crucial quality of these aspects. This could certainly affect the grid, and since we need to be prepared for emergency situations no matter what it doesn't hurt to make sure supplies are in good shape and that we're psychologically ready for whatever comes our way in this amazing field of evolutionary change. Remember free energy is on its way in the near future, guaranteed by the outer planet activity causing so much disruption now.







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