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Month of October, 2013

    Radical change continues to be the major theme through October as we're headed for the 4th of 7 Pluto-Uranus squares, 2012 to 2015, on November 1st, influencing the entire Fall season with the need for bold action aligned with cooperative efforts. Sun in equality minded or undecided Libra makes challenging aspects with the evolutionary/revolutionary outer planets in the first few days of the month to acclimate us to the coming exact square, while exposing what needs to be shed and what needs to be taken on. Whacky ego driven behaviors are rampant in this changing time as we're being taught quite viscerally the consequences of holding on to self interest to the exclusion of the welfare of others. This describes the extremes to which our voracious system has gone by glorifying the most greedy and aggressive among us, while demeaning humanistic, communitarian ideals and authentic spiritual values. The 4th Pluto-Uranus square is bound to explode another layer of denial, abuse, dishonesty and mass manipulations by the power structure, what I call the Powers That Were, since the time is dramatically running out for the increasingly dysfunctional and destructive old paradigm. Sun in Libra always marks a time of year when collaborations and negotiations thrive with the cardinal air sign radiating its fair and just idealism, and in the 4 year period of massive structural and cultural shift, meeting head on with the planets instigating the re-alignments. In this transition time we really get that peace is an active process not the passive, static state that has pervaded the popular imagination, and is indeed nothing but an illusion.

    New Moon, Sun and Moon at 12 degrees Libra, on the 4th begins the new monthly cycle and the annual cycle for all matters ruled by Libra. Putting forth intentions now for better working and personal partnerships is favored, and this year pretty much required in the "yes we really mean it" style of such intense times. With lightening bolt Uranus opposing Sun-Moon, the needed changes are in progress, and will likely come as a shock if not invited, worked with and welcomed. In fact the potent Cardinal Grand Cross of the past weeks is with us at this lunation, as Pluto and Jupiter (widely) square the lights, while Uranus, the Cosmic Wild Card, vibrates all Creation with liberation from the known. Earth movements are quite likely along with explosive situations that can no longer be contained, an obviously dangerous condition but also necessary. Rebellions in all areas and on all levels of human endeavor continue to rock the world, from the intimately personal to the entire global community. The more the energies of change are repressed the more violent the release when they inevitably break through long term inertia.
    Chiron quincunx Sun-Moon, Saturn quincunx Uranus add even more tension to this new beginning, pushing for clearing old sorrows and fears that hold us down while we're daring to dance with more passion and commitment with the shadow aspects of our being. This is a highly favorable time to work with ritual healing baths, engage in energy healing practices, to use divination techniques like astrology, Tarot, I Ching, Runes, tea leaf reading, animal and spirit guides, deep reflection, etc., as the most helpful guidance will come from the subtle realms. Sabian Symbol for 12 Libra from Rudyhar: "Miners are surfacing from a deep coal mine. The need to carry on at deeper levels the quest for knowledge that keeps burning the fires of the collective mind of a society." From the inside out we burn with the energy of transmutation as it spills over into collective events and processes. Venus rules this lunation and is in deeply probing Scorpio along with Saturn, North Node and Mercury, promoting a renewed valuing of the feminine perspective, a broader awareness of how the feminine has been subverted, silenced, weakened. A new, or remembered, understanding of the power of the Sacred Maiden, Mother and Crone archetypes continues to emerge. Human sexuality under thousands of years of a brutal system of religious dogma and state bigotry and control is one of the most essential areas of transformation. Everything from the growing, global sexual slavery industry victimizing children and women, to the very personal aspects of our individual experiences of the erotic, and all in between, are up for examination, exposure and healing. But festering wounds don't heal unacknowledged, so escaping cultural and personal denial is where Pluto-Uranus have been working through us, aided and enhanced by Chiron and the inner planets to release old programming. Bottom line for each of us now is what is emerging in our partnerships, alliances and communities that needs our most profound attention?

   Mercury also transits the fixed water sign Scorpio in an extended passage all through October, November and into December in the 3rd water sign retrograde period of 2013 as we dive ever deeper into those other modes of perception. Going beyond the rational mind, we are also compelled to be utterly honest with ourselves and in our interactions with others as well as our financial dealings. The month begins with Mercury already in the first of the so-called shadow degrees, the ones the Winged Messenger will backtrack over before turning direct on November 10. This condition of  the very trickstery planet of communication, education, short distance travel and all the vehicles we travel in, devices we communicate through, will undoubtedly be extra trickstery for October and 'til around November 27 when it re-crosses the retrograde degree (18 Scorpio). This actually involves more focus, as stated above, on the internal process and what the living field, the biosphere, the elemental presences, spiritual Source, are telling us rather than paying too much attention to the human generated palaver that so often gets in the way of perceiving reality directly; including of course the self-talk we engage in almost incessantly. Entering the realm of the Dark Goddess is where we must surrender, the territory that lies just below the surface of our everyday consensus reality that often has little to do with what's true and essential. Down the rabbit hole we go to that numinous, magical territory where plants and animals talk and everything we experience becomes an opportunity for opening wider the doors of perception. (Floating around Facebook lately has been a youtube video of a 1950's suburban housewife on LSD in a scientific test situation. Very interesting reminder of how far we have to go in opening, or re-opening, those doors. : "I've never felt such infinite beauty in my life", quoted from her experience.) Retrograde degree for Mercury on October 21 in the Sabian Symbols speaks of "messages from strange places", but also can be about the consequences of "'towing the party line' without any opinion of your own". (L. Hill) Wherever 19- 2 degrees Scorpio fall in each of our charts is an area, or areas, requiring the above mentioned deeper reflection and openness to face what we've feared most about ourselves. Which Dark Goddess archetypes call to you now; Astarte, Hecate, Black Madonna, Black Tara, Sedna, Eris, Nyx, Kali, Lillith, Persephone, Nemesis, etc., etc.? Their images and qualities can help us navigate the underworld with far more ease than if we try to muddle through with no helpers from the field of living energies around and within us.

    On the 18th Full Moon is a lunar eclipse at 26 degrees Aries with Libra Sun in opposition, for illumination of the Self-Other axis and what we need to create more balance between those aspects of ourselves. What do our relationships and alliances need for increased mutual benefit and which ones do we need to let go altogether? Do we feel in balance with self-assertion and also with cooperation? In the collective we experience the group karma of our historical tendency for resolving disputes through war and aggression and exactly where that has gotten us as a species. Eclipses are shifting points that happen, solar and lunar, twice a year, where the cosmic flow of energies is interrupted momentarily in order to allow new energies and new information through. The release from the track we've been on can be dramatic or subtle, but it's always a very good idea to make space for letting go in the timing of the 4 (sometimes 5 as in 2013) yearly eclipses. Renewal and moving forward are especially strong themes in the Fall events this year. The 3 eclipses of last Spring were intensely karmic endings for all of us, individually and as a species. Now we have the opportunities and the mandate to move on, take bold steps toward the most crucial goals and visions for our own lives and for the entire global community. Pluto and Uranus are approaching closer and closer to their next exact high vibrational, earthshaking square.Venus in Sagittarius fires up the passion for more equitable relationships overall, ethical uses of resources and justice for the women of the world who still have no clear reproductive autonomy or fair reward for their work, and for labor in general under massive assault from the ultra rich who want even more of the share of resources for themselves. This last ditch hysteria is a trend exhibiting the ultimate extreme of the dominance/submission system gone utterly insane, falling apart and unable to see itself in how far out of balance it's become. A Mars(Virgo)-Neptune(Pisces) opposition promotes acting from ideals and what we consider to be the most ethical behavior, softening and sensitizing the expression of male energy. This aspect requires more subtlety and inclusion of all concerned to find our way. Rudyhar's Sabian Symbol interpretation for 26 Aries: " A man possessed of more gifts than he can hold." We're faced with such unfamiliar perceptions and possibilities that we must proceed with care and caution right now to not rush forward toward the wrong goal.








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