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Month of September, 2013


     Sun trine Pluto begins this month mostly ruled by productive Virgo with a precise, efficient and determined aspect even as much of the day the Moon's lazily void of course in comfort loving Cancer. An interesting mix of energies initiating September 2013, reminding us that less effort, more rewards is a way to accomplish what we're about. This can be achieved only by rhythmic periods of rest and replenishment so that all our efforts come from a place of energized body/mind and healthy imagination. We're still in the extreme crunch of the Cardinal Grand Cross which will recur over the coming weeks and is accompanied by fear and anxiety in many cases over actions we know we need to take. The trick is to acknowledge and bless those stressful states and move along in spite of it.

    The Grand Cross also sets loose into collective awareness new, transformational technologies and unbelievably simple solutions to the gravest problems facing us. Examples are the various individuals experimenting with the ideas of Nicola Tesla, and an innovative technology being used in Ireland energizing water used in agriculture that grows cleaner, cheaper, healthier and faster growing crops than conventional means ( Permaculture movement is another example of how people are working actively, and again with great success, to revolutionize agriculture, and beyond into community development, through using traditional, earth-friendly, collaborative methods. (Permaculture Two: Practical Design for Town and Country in Permanent Agriculture, one of the many books available) And as the sociopathic, power drunk leaders beat the war drum once again the masses respond with a resounding "No!", emboldened and empowered by the outer planets' immediacy.

    New Moon on the 5th brings Sun, Moon, Ceres, Mercury and Orcus, a Kuiper Belt object named for the Etruscan equivalent of the Roman god Pluto, all in the mutable earth sign that helps us get down to business after the creativity, flamboyance and playful mood of Leo. With this much Virgo influence at an important turning point beginning the annual cycle in that sign, Sun-Moon at 14 degrees, there is greatly increased energetic support and necessity for improving work and health routines and environments, making clear analyses of our progress so far and methods, learning and refining skills, while aligning more with the sacred quality of every aspect of life, even the seemingly insignificant. Ceres' presence emphasizes food and nutrition in the personal and collective realms as we're needing to continually refine and adjust how and what we eat as we're faced with the massive, corporate-generated poisoning of our food supplies. From GMO crops (which more and countries have banned) more heavily saturated with toxic pesticides and contaminated with genes from viruses and animals, to water supplies poisoned with the neurological toxin flouride ( Pervasive airborne toxins are added to the nightmare chemical soup the government exposes us to in the "weather control" massive spraying of the atmosphere they've finally admitted to, and Fukushima's ongoing and worsening radioactive leaking has been hidden from news stories, until very recently, for the entire 2 years since the nuclear accident began. Do we need innovative and global solutions? This lunation pushes us further toward that realization and that the smaller, consistent actions we all commit to daily add up to a huge and powerful global movement, powered by the People. This is the way to change the course of the dominance/submission structure, whose leaders are intent on holding on to old paradigm, destructive models at all costs. Saturn's potent, stabilizing sextile to Pluto and conjunction with the North Node throughout September into October supports major progress in reforming and/or re-inventing old structures from the ground up. Jupiter sextile the Sun and Moon enhances the sense of coming together in mutually beneficial groups, honoring our roots and the values that create healthy families/tribes/communities. Labor and the fair treatment of workers everywhere are additional concerns going to the next level in this new cycle. Jupiter is also joined with the U.S. Sun, square U.S. Saturn, putting the spotlight on us in the global community and testing us as a nation to see if we're the protectors of democracy or the world's biggest bully. It's a golden opportunity to regenerate our fundamental values, to re-connect with the collective national conscience. The placement of 10-15 degrees of Virgo in each of our individual charts is an area where dedication, re-dedication, renewal and refinement are required and supported. "An aristocratic family tree. A deep reliance upon the ancestral roots of individual character." (Rudhyar) Remembering who and what we are in essence is a feature of this defining moment in time. Where we focus our time and energy is more important than ever.

    Moon in Libra on the 7th completes the next phase of the Cardinal Grand Cross as the People push for negotiations and diplomatic resolutions in major conflicts. There's a lot of resistance coming from the established order but it's only weakening the power base due to rigidity that leads to a fragile state. Pressure can be intense at these points, which necessitates keeping a focus on grounding, staying solid in our center, or continually coming back to center. Otherwise we may feel pulled in many directions at once and succumb to overwhelm. When in doubt, step back, let go, walk away in order to get back to center and clarity in what to do, or not do, next. Then on the 15th Mercury is the next inner planet to complete the extreme change-making aspect as it also promotes diplomacy in all interactions, especially the more volatile ones, either individually or on the world stage. We can feel pushed by one situation, person or another, but all decisions and subsequent actions must come from our own sense of integrity and fairness for all involved. In the collective the conversation is lively and productive.

    Full Moon comes in on the 19th at 27 degrees Pisces squaring the Galactic Center while resonating with that larger reality within which we play a part. There's certainly quite low consciousness at work on this planet in service of devolving to an unutterably dense state of being. Yet we are galactic beings, becoming more and more aware as a growing number of people on this planet are awakening. The multi-dimensional reality that is our true heritage and true nature is undeniable and is propelling us further into the state of unity consciousness (Pisces) where we realize the necessity and benefits of visioning, working and playing together to create a heaven on Earth. Pluto, the planet of transcendental ecstasy (ultimately), endings, transformative processes, power, is pivoting to turn direct tomorrow, at the same time in a harmonious sextile to Saturn, both planets in mutual reception (heightening the beneficial quality of the relationship), concentrating and quickening the energies of this lunation. North Node also joins Saturn in this potent, productive dance calling for profound commitment to whatever resonates in for each of us, and all of us together, in our hearts' intentions. Power structures are in major breakdown in order to form healthy new institutions that match the evolutionary stage we've entered. It's a hot mess to say the least in the transitional stages over a few years. But that doesn't mean we can't create pockets of smoothly functioning, life-affirming, healing and creatively magnificent communities embodying the best of our potential as endlessly creative beings. Major structural adjustments through mid-October are instigated by a Saturn-Uranus quincunx closing in now that doesn't let up on the push for change until the old and dysfunctional busts apart from extreme tension. It may feel like the foundation is shifting underneath our feet, and this aspect could certainly initiate more extreme earthquake and volcanic activity. Questions of energy and how we fulfill our energy needs, the high cost we pay both financially and environmentally, are in a very tight place of tension through this phase. Meanwhile the illumination of Virgo Sun to Pisces Moon encourages incorporating into all our work and daily habits the numinous in our experience, the spiritual foundation from which all life incarnate springs. For 27 degrees Pisces Rudhyar's Sabian Symbol reads: "The harvest moon illumines a clear autumnal sky. The light of fulfillment that blesses work well done." Late degrees of Virgo-Pisces in our charts are the areas where we're called to balance and integrate the mundane and the sacred while being shown what we need to let go of to become lighter and freer beings on the path of enlightenment.

    Equinox arrives on the 22nd, Fall in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring in the Southern, as Sun enters 00 degrees Libra 1:41 pm PDT. Libra's ruled by Venus who shows up particularly busy and influential at this time in close aspects to Mars, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus and the North Node. Balance of light and dark, and all polar opposites, is the prominent theme for this seasonal turning. Divine feminine appears in many forms through Venus' challenging and harmonizing interactions, helping us heal relationships and invent new ways to approach work and collective problems. Fall of 2013 will be a season of more grace in appreciation of the smaller pleasures and satisfactions in life as well as more cooperative efforts being initiated, and others coming to fruition. Remember to make space somewhere today for this power point in the yearly round, yet another opportunity to align with the earthly/cosmic cycles so crucial to understanding our evolutionary journey.






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