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Month of August, 2013


      August begins with residue from a Mars-Uranus square, exact on the last evening in July, that promises excitement, a bold creative turning point, lots of accidents and plenty of angry, frustrating emotions being set loose. Gaining our equilibrium back after this disorienting, but potentially liberating, event depends on willingness to stop clinging to false security, and open up to where life is directing us at this juncture. Into the unknown we venture whispering to ourselves these words of Carlos Castaneda's: "The aim is to balance the terror of being alive with the wonder of being alive." By the 4th a Sun-Uranus trine inspires the more confident, fun and playful aspects of the ground-shifting changes we're undergoing, while Mercury re-crosses its retrograde degree for a full speed ahead green light in decisions, contract/agreement making and fine tuning the equipment and information we're working with. Refer back to June 26 for what was stalling or seeming to not work out at all then that may be ready for some progress now. However this is Dark Moon time as well, as the Sun and Moon conjoin on the 6th for the New Moon, so reflective/meditative time is also necessary to clarify intentions for the next cycle.

    New Moon perfects at 15 degrees Leo with Sun and Moon joined by strong female archetype Vesta radiating out the feminine agenda, reminding us of the sacredness of all life and of all of life's activities, from the very mundane to the most intricate ceremonies. This evolutionary phase attunes us directly to the depths of the human heart and where we have lost touch with that most crucial part of the human experience, as a collective and as individuals. Some of the awakening can be quite painful as consciousness goes to the next level, but the new awareness is also exhilarating when we realize our fuller potential as creative beings. Jupiter and Pluto oppose each other at this lunation with more potent outer planet influence, magnifying the revelations and assuring dark secrets and other emotional matters surface to be processed and let go, collectively as well as individually. These planets oppose each other 2 more times in the next year as we're exposed to the consequences of cultural and individual beliefs that have been creating great suffering and causing us to give away our divine right as endlessly creative and free beings. Time to eliminate or transform the societal structures and personal involvement perpetuating an unjust system, one that is so clearly and utterly opposed to Narure and the very matrix of life on Earth. Of course this can only be done by each of us recognizing our own participation and shifting our priorities wherever we can, a little bit at a time and also in bigger and bolder moves as time goes on and the cosmic energies of evolution move us forward. The familiar fades as the new paradigm elements fall further into place; familiar aspects of our world changing so rapidly we can only dance with the changes or go into ever deepening distress. Wherever 15 degrees Leo falls in each of our charts is an area where generosity, lightheartedness and play are our best tactics for manifesting the life we've been dreaming. Asteroid Vesta emphasizes the power of ritual and ceremony, creating sacred space for life's important turning passages. Sabian Symbol for 15 degrees Leo: "A pageant, with its spectacular floats, moves along a street crowded with cheering people. " The imagery creates a picture of a celebration embodying the "desires and expectations of the collective crowd". (Rudyhar) The lunation inspires the expression of those desires and expectations from each of us and from the masses in how we respond to our current local and global situations.

   Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto form a fairly tight T-Square through this month instigating the massive emotional releases and cultural transformations. By the 20th-21st when the Full Moon perfects at 29 degrees Aquarius, Jupiter and Uranus are in an exact square, further radicalizing the already innovative and futuristic energies of the fixed air sign lunation. We're caught between the comfort of the known and the necessity to enter into the unknown. Family, tribe, cultural norms all are subject to sudden shifts in the traditional patterns, along with the inspiration and divine guidance to adjust skillfully as long as we let go of resistance to change. Vesta, Mercury and Ceres all line up with Sun in Leo opposing the Moon offering wisdom, comfort, a generous spirit and the most creative ideas to strategize in ways supporting the good of all. Venus meanwhile is heading to join in the revolutionary dynamics in a Grand Cross with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto just a few days after this lunar event, certainly adding to the unfolding transformations in everything from personal relationships to societal institutions. More to come in this ongoing Grand Cross pattern as we move into September and October. and beyond, as this dynamic of inner and outer planets in cardinal signs significantly electrifies and speeds up the shift into new paradigm consciousness, and the ways in which that "alters the harmonics of matter". 29 degrees Aquarius Sabian Symbol reads: "A butterfly emerging from a chrysalis. The capacity to utterly transform the character of one's consciousness by radically altering the structural patterns of everyday living and the types of relationships one enters upon." (Rudyhar)

    This is surely a month, and a time, when we need to be ready for whatever comes our way, while also recognizing the speed and ease with which we can manifest whatever is needed in any moment in time. This can be done simply by clarity of consciousness and willingness to engage in a new interaction with the living field of our earthly exitence.  Playing with the possibilites is a wonderful way to encounter our next challenges and adventures.   



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