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Month of July, 2013


       Mercury proceeds with less speed, and way more emotion, in its retrograde condition in the sign Cancer as July 2013 arrives. Sun, Jupiter and Vesta are also in the cardinal water sign joined by the Moon on the 6th. This generates a large quantity of emotional energy for all of us, while stirring old memories, both the sweet and the painful, for savoring or processing. Now is our golden opportunity for dissolving family patterns of dysfunction, abuse, rigid roles, making peace with each other, with the ancestors. Do not underestimate the immediacy of this processing work, where we're likely to be clearing lifetimes of of family/tribal trauma, energy imbalances. While at the same time we're calling in more closely our true spirit family with whom we're working, in mutual support, love and consideration, to build a new way of life. Nothing less than this! Jupiter crosses through the Moon-ruled 1st decans of Cancer (00-09 degrees) between the beginning of July and the 10th of August, for even more emphasis on those areas just mentioned, and for freeing up the memories within our cells and DNA that are most relevant to the skills we need now. We can invite in those memories/energies/helpers, regarding how to get past wherever we may feel stuck, through dedication to this intention. Mercury meanwhile is backing up through the Neptune-ruled decans of Cancer until the 5th when things may seem unusually confusing, elusive and vague as the emotional patterns arise that most need to be worked through. From the 5th through the end of July Mercury recrosses the 2nd decans degrees ruled by Pluto, the same transited from June 7-16, pushing us to go right into the core of our mental/emotional tangles in order to free ourselves from being held hostage by subconscious patterns.

    Saturn has been slowing to turn direct by the 7th, highlighting along the way; restrictions, real and imagined; obligations, both genuine and non-essential; guilt that must be examined and released; debt and resolutions to financial problems where resources are shared. These matters are getting the green light now for progress and even finalization in the coming weeks and months. On the national and global levels the vastly unbalanced and unjust economic system is under such scrutiny we may actually see some of the top banksters being prosecuted.

    Saturn's pivot so close to the New Moon on the 8th impacts this beginning point with a sense of great responsibility to get things done, at the same time it's a highly magical and mystical time. Any impulse to hold on to the past will generate uncomfortable feedback that must be honored properly to avoid falling deeper into the pit. Jupiter and Neptune trine Saturn in one of the ongoing Grand Water Trines this summer supporting any efforts at rising above the old, invalidating paradigm telling us we're not enough. Sun and Moon join at 17 degrees Cancer 12:15 am PDT make another Grand Water Trine with multi-dimensional Chiron (Pisces) and Moon's North Node (Scorpio). Clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience are all prominent perceptual modes as sensitivities are heightened to new levels for much of the human race. Juno, asteroid associated with partnerships, personal and profession and beyond, makes a tight quincunx with Sun-Moon-Mercury while square the Moon's Nodes, pressing for shifts in alliances, facing necessary relationship work and honoring the individuality of each person involved. The old, dysfunctional models of partnering are no longer viable, as this opportunity for a new beginning emphasizes. Venus trine Uranus encourages radical shifts in love relationships and high inspiration creatively while prompting us to take bold risks, also regarding finances and uses of material resources. Another boost of egalitarian energy for the global economic system, but requiring new solutions inclusive of humanitarian values over greed. In fact in many places, unreported by the major media, people are creating alternative, workable systems of fair exchange. Watch how that movement grows! Sabian Symbol for this lunation's degree from Rudhyar: " The unfoldment of multilevel potentialities issuing from an original germ. The life urge to actualize one's birth potential." We're realizing we can only reach this potential by raising the frequency of our thoughts which "alters the harmonics of matter" as we "apply the element of Love". (Self and Burnett) Manifesting in this way is the most direct route to operating in the 5th Dimension.

    From July 15-20 the Grand Water Trines with Saturn-Neptune-Jupiter and Saturn-Neptune-Jupiter-Mars become especially potent, generating empathy and attunement to creative muses and spiritual guides, also increasing the urge to escape from the current reality by one means or another, if we're not grounded in our stated purposes. Chiron's contact with Sun-Moon-North Node at the inception of this lunar cycle can show us the healing path through all the chaos and angst around, and perhaps within, us. This involves, more than anything medical science can begin to touch on at this time, a return to being connected in mutually supportive, caring relationships and communities. Being present for each other, even as just compassionate witness to each other's hardships, can be a more powerful healing act than most therapies, drugs and psychiatric diagnoses. As the strong feminine archetype comes to the fore through the multiple influences in Cancer this summer, the work of re-structuring families, groups, communities, societies around humane concerns becomes easier and clearer. During this few days Uranus, the Awakener, turns retrograde on the 17th, as its influence amps up over the week or more before and after the exact pivot. Wherever 10-14 degrees of any sign falls in our personal charts are areas being impacted by this lightening bolt of inspiration, revelation, surprise turnarounds and shocks to the system if we're clinging to the old and outworn.

    Mercury turns direct on the 20th in the midst of the watery, imaginative, soulful magic unfolding, at 14 degrees Cancer letting us know it's time to start sorting out the most important themes from the review period to work with over the coming months. Ideally our thinking has become more blended with heart longings and intuitive perceptions, helping us move forward from a place of greater potential for personally authentic fulfillment. Mercury's pivot occurs at the degree of the Fixed Star Sirius, highlighting that celestial body's meaning as we prepare to move forward. Sirius is the brightest star from Earth's perspective and the mythological origin of the Maori people of New Zealand and the Dogon people of Africa. It has many profound associations for ancient and contemporary indigenous peoples, and is known as the Dog Star, being part of the constellation Canis Major, the Big Dog. It's been seen by various Mystery schools as the "sun behind the sun", giving it major importance to our planet and our solar system."It is the 'real light' shining in the East, the spiritual light, whereas the sun illuminates the physical world, which is considered to be a grand illusion."( This alignment with Sirius as the planet of perception moves forward infuses our consciousness, if we're open to it, with the energy and insight of that spiritual light. All problems can be approached from this perspective if we allow ourselves to make room in our day to day consciousness.

    Full Moon, the 3rd of 3 SuperMoons in a row, perfects July 22 at 01 degree Aquarius at 11:17 am PDT as Sun enters Leo and Venus enters Virgo for a total of 3 planets changing signs today. This lunation at the 1st degree of the sign of evolution/revolution means business as far as bringing us that much further along the path into the future and the higher dimensions. The powerful feminine influence is still amping up with asteroid Pallas Athene in Cancer, associated with female wisdom and creative, strategic thinking, forming a Yod aspect with Venus in Virgo, with the Moon as the point known as the "finger of god". The way into the future as sane and healthy beings in sane and healthy communities is through honoring and re-incorporating the Wise Woman archetype into our societal structures and daily activities. The Grand Water Trine with Saturn-Neptune-Jupiter is still in close orb promoting the very practical applications of our visions and dreams. Illuminated  for now is the growing need to evolve in our experiences of masculine and feminine, respecting individuality and interconnectedness. Sabian Symbol for 01 Aquarius reads: "An old adobe mission in California. The power inherent in all great human works to endure far beyond the workers' lifespans."(Rudhyar)

    Major aspects are coming in between Full Moon and the end of the month, including a volatile, explosive Mars-Uranus-Pluto T-Square between the 27th and 31st, requiring extra caution and vigilance since accidents and outbursts of anger and aggression are more likely. The crisis here can be about finding safe and creative ways to channel anger and frustration. Certainly we're in for dramatic events that help us see the extent of the need for vast, sweeping change. But on the 29th, amidst all this challenge to sanity and maintaining a measure of equanimity, a rare and exquisite cosmic alignment takes place in a Grand Sextile, six pointed star configuration that invites us to move through this gateway into the finer and more interconnected reality of pure Luminosity. Saturn-North Node, Venus, Mars-Jupiter, Moon-South Node, Neptune-Chiron and Pluto are the cosmic bodies and points involved in this energetic pattern made up of 2 perfectly balanced grand trines of earth and water elements inviting us to cross into a more multi-dimensional realm. The challenges are surely part of this, and mostly consist of resisting the tendency to fall back into old, self-defeating ways, into believing the prevalent old paradigm lie that life is struggle and we have to work hard, suffer and always defer to the agendas of the ruling classes. The Grand Sextile represents a massive surge of Divine Feminine energies, all planets in earth and water signs harmonizing with each other. It seems the vibratory rate of our planet, as well as all the beings that are part of it, is rising. For some that may mean exiting this plane, for some the struggle to hold on to old structures becomes far more fraught with fear and desperation. For those who make a choice to move with the universal, cosmic/earthly next stage of evolution, the energy may feel a bit overwhelming at first, but will even out as we surrender our hold on duality and the dominance/submission paradigm. Go with whatever you feel guided towards this summer. The "grand cosmic wave of energy" from Galactic Center over the last year and a half or so has been the result of the ending/beginning of multiple massive cycles in our solar system and our planet. (Julie Marie) When this many cycles synchronize (see Alchemy of Nine Dimensions) the wave of creative, rebirthing energies is impossible to resist, miss out on or not be vastly affected by. The coming together of the major cycles assures that all will resonate with the higher frequencies emitted from the Source. How that plays out is anyone's guess. However it's also assured we're reconnecting with our core reality, which is essentially "spirit animated form", something indigenous cultures around the world have known since time began.





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