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Month of June, 2013


    June starts right off with the mental/emotional intensity of our current crises triggered further by Sun quincunx Pluto, sextile Uranus, and with Jupiter beginning a 10 day or so opposition to the Galactic Center. These aspects bring the worst and the best to the fore, nudging us forward to recognize and transform the dysfunctional, gloomy, heartbreaking and fear inducing into incentives for brilliant solutions and deep soul healing. Jupiter's interaction with creation/destruction energies of Galactic Center is a more potent one this year (happens only once every 12 years) because we've crossed the portal of the last 26,000 year cycle and are fast moving into the next. This inspires and enhances the miraculous in our abilities to envision and create positive outcomes through a capacity for unshakable belief. GC is where this has all issued from, the birthing place of our galaxy, solar system and ultimately our planet, making its influence in any circumstance remarkably powerful for birthing new realities. As the 3rd Dimension fades as our major functioning matrix we may find ourselves processing like mad who we've been in order to let go and become who and what we are in essence. From the core of our being we feel the transformative energies at work, calling us home to our true selves. Functioning mainly in the 4th Dimension, even for those aware of this major reality Shift, can be tricky and perplexing at first to say the least. All the more crucial to be slowing down in our day to day routines to sense the reality of each moment in order to know where we are, what to do, which direction to take. Solitary, meditative time is more important than ever to stay on the path to freedom from the constrictions of outmoded 3D functioning. Barbara Hand Clow's Alchemy of Nine Dimensions is an excellent resource for understanding the higher dimensions and functioning more within and through them. Expanding into the higher dimensions is simply the cosmic/planetary agenda of our our time, so it will happen no matter what for this planet.

    A Grand Water Trine with Mercury, Saturn and Neptune on the 3rd highlights what we need to take with us on our journey forward and what and who to thank and bless and leave behind, enhanced and expanded on by Venus forming the same trine on the 7th, as our values, priorities, relationships, desires come into even clearer focus. Self care is emphasized by way of what strategies work best for us and seeing which aspects of our usual routine are undermining well being. Dedicating ourselves consciously to what emerges will bring us to the New Moon on the 8th with crystal clear intentions to put forth for the new cycle. However beware the possibilities for confusion, distraction, falling for false prospects as Neptune makes its annual pivot on the 7th, turning retrograde through mid-November. The Neptunian influence is stronger now, over days before and days after this event, bringing imagination and intuition to the forefront of consciousness; dream scenarios seem more real with waking and dreaming consciousness merging; psychic awareness is prominent; spirits, devas, angels and muses call to us to come home to ourselves and to the magical reality we inhabit if only we'll awaken. Neptune's downfall is being pulled toward the unreal, glamorous and fraudulent, while it's strength is in seeing through illusion and deception to what is most essential. Time spent resting, meditating, contemplating, being in nature is absolutely not wasted, but definitely most fruitful.

    Sun and Moon join at 18 degrees Gemini on the 8th signifying an enlightening new beginning point with the planetary ruler of the lunation, Mercury, close with Venus in the sign of the divine feminine, Great Mother, lunar connected Cancer. Gemini, one of the 2 signs ruled by Mercury, is about communicating, diversifying, networking, commercial enterprises, committing fraud, being scattered and also about what's going on in our immediate environment, among many other things. We stand teetering at the edge of a steep precipice, knowing instinctively this is a moment to speak our truth out loud, be willing to share who we are at heart in order to stabilize an extremely precarious situation. Connecting more authentically with those around us is an imperative. By enough of us doing so we create an even more massive wave of Light and grounding into the 4th and 5th Dimensions of collective consciousness and living from the heart. This consciousness expansion generates more power for shifting into the next phase of the end of the patriarchal/duality, dominance/submission era. Divine feminine speaks through us when we're centered in the heart, the true seat of intelligence in the human system, sorely neglected in contemporary human societies, especially of the First World. Saturn, Neptune and Venus still generate empathy, compassion, instinctual intelligence, closer attunement with our tribe of like minded souls, whatever, wherever and whoever that may include. Jupiter aligned with Galactic Center plays its part continuing to inspire faith in our ability to create the heaven on earth we were born to manifest, together and individually, in full cooperation with the cosmic/earthly cycles of evolution recorded by the Mayans, among many other indigenous peoples of the planet. Sabian Symbol for this lunation reads:" A large archaic volume reveals a traditional wisdom. Contacting the all-human planetary Mind underlying any cultural and personal mentality." (Rudhyar) The degree of this New Moon in our personal charts and where it falls indicates where we need to be ready for the next stage of consciousness/reality shifting, skillfully navigating change with ideally superb, at times awkward, adaptability. The more we can accept the rules have changed and play with the new rules while discovering what they are, the easier and more delightful the changes will be for each of us, and in our collaborations.

    On June 11 Neptune makes its 2nd trine with Saturn since last October, while Venus opposes Pluto and squares Uranus on the 11th and 12th. Houses of cards have been falling, domineering leaders with feet of clay are losing power, while the masses all over the globe are waking up and demanding/creating beneficial change in social/economic structures. Financial entities have feet to the fire in this next wave of disintegrating power-over structural mess. Individually we know what matters most and what each of us must let go of in this Summer of revolution/evolution, while at the same time having revelations about what to act on to personally optimize the evolutionary fire currently consuming us and our world. Bringing the ideal into the mundane aspects of life is more supported than ever this year, and with Neptune-Saturn's auspicious alignment (last pass July 19). Around this time of the month, the 10th, Mercury crosses the degree it will back up to on July 20 bringing us into the infamous "shadow degrees" of the retrograde pass about to begin on June 26. In other words the effects of Mercury retrograde can begin to happen early in the month with more miscommunications, emotionally fraught conversations, electronic and mechanical malfunctions and unreliable information sources. Since it's a water sign transit our review will be around emotional connections, attachments to ideas, people, places, habits that make sense for us and those that do not, and will no doubt also emphasize how we nourish ourselves, or not. Family patterns will be up for scrutiny, with this being an ideal time to step out of old roles and dare to make a shift in the traditional dynamics. The purpose of any retrograde period of course is to be more introspective regarding the functions of the planet involved, which is why Mercury's pass so often is characterized by the day to day agendas of our lives being re-arranged. We're meant to be more present in the moment than operating on automatic.

    Summer Solstice arrives late on the 20th with Sun entering Cancer 10:04 pm and Venus, Mercury, Vesta and Ceres (within a few degrees) also lined up intimately in the sign of Divine Mother. This infuses the Summer 2013 season with high awareness of our needs as individuals, communities, nations and an entire global collective of human beings. The People will be heard and felt in this time, and a hard square to Eris of these inner planets in the Solstice chart ensures plenty of discord geared to end old, major injustices. The rage of centuries of women being brutalized in rape cultures spanning the globe comes to the fore in new actions that may look extreme but are much needed. For each of us the culturally wounded, distorted feminine must be addressed and ideally set free through healing in one way or another. Saturn-Neptune collaborate to dissolve the male dominant structures, of the mind and in cultural institutions, leaving many in a creatively confused state about gender and traditional gender roles. Jupiter joins the Sun in a close, enlightening aspect that raises hopes and shows us we can be bigger and better than we have been in the past. Taking the old apart does not have to mean utter chaos and fearful scenarios, but includes all we're doing to create new ways of living together. Tribe is important now, this being a time to come together with those we consider that connected to in mutual support and common purpose.

    Full Moon on the 23rd at 3 Capricorn will be the 3rd in a row SuperMoon phenomenon this year,  when Luna is both at perigee and syzygy, meaning closest to Earth and in a line with Sun and Earth respectively. Those Moons unfold with extreme impact on our planet and on our human systems. It's a significant face off in the ongoing process of deconstructing patriarchy (and probably in re-arranging some physical aspects of the planet). Part of this process is remembering and highlighting the more positive archetypes of the feminine and the masculine. Sun, Moon-Pluto, Saturn, and Neptune all form a free flowing, powerful Kite aspect, with combined energies working together to help lift us out of the old paradigm, into a new way of seeing and experiencing ourselves and our world. Solstice was just 3 days ago increasing dramatically the energetic pull of this SuperMoon, with solstice being one of the most potent yearly events in our planet's relationship to the Sun. Jupiter still is close enough to ensure a more positive outlook, openness to new and diverse ideas, expanding consciousness to help us move forward as a collective and as individuals, rather than being stuck in the insecurities and over-protectiveness that Cancer can fall into when the past is being left behind. All early cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) degrees of planets and points in personal charts are being especially impacted by this lunation, compelling those most affected to move further into new territory in those areas of life represented by the planets placements. Again a growing and acute awareness of where we belong and who we belong with is prominent along with the immediacy of the need to exit where we do not belong. Rudhyar's Sabian Symbol for this Moon's degree:" A human soul, in its eagerness for new experiences, seeks embodiment. A powerful yearning for whatever will increase the scope and depth of one's contacts with other living beings."

    Mercury begins its highly sensitized retrograde passage on the 26th as discussed above. On this day a Grand Water Trine is formed with the Sun, Saturn and Neptune increasing the emotional intensity of the Trickster planet's shift, causing some to feel overwhelmed and confused and others to feel empowered and tuned in. It all depends on how closely we listen inwardly and whether we validate our own perceptions or lean on others to define for us what's real and what's right. In any case this is a grand opportunity for those who are ready to feel their feelings and their connection with those around them, as well as to Gaia, the biosphere, the living field, ocean of existence. Jupiter meanwhile has just entered Cancer the day before after it's year's journey through air sign Gemini. The mental/emotional shift will be that much more in evidence as we begin the next year's growth cycle in re-learning how to be. Our very DNA is being transformed to align with the energies emanating from the Galactic Center since the 2011-2012 alignments with the massive black hole that is our galaxy's birthing point. We're off on Mr. Toad's wild ride, into a completely unknown, yet exciting, unlimited future.




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