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Month of May, 2013


    Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Moon all line up in Taurus within the first week of May, magnifying the fixed earth sign's influence and continuing Saturn's opposition to all the inner planets. In late April Saturn opposed Venus and the Sun, beginning a greatly intensified process of accountability for past actions and the need for more focus and discipline in working on those most cherished goals and intentions. This unfolds right in the midst of the sweet blessings of this time of year, when Taurus rules and the air is warm, the fragrances exquisite, songbirds vocalizing and flowering plants celebrating a festival of beauty and diversity of color and form. Also the personal planets, one after the other, are opposing the intersection of the Galactic and Super Galactic Centers, a highly energized point in space at roughly the mid-degrees of Scorpio. (P. Sedgwick) These oppositions magnify the potential for manifesting in tangible reality some of the visions we've been holding in our hearts. This will absolutely be a month to remember as we experience these aspects along with the next 2 eclipses and the 3rd Uranus-Pluto square since September 2012, as humanity and all of Mother Gaia move further into the 4th Dimension. This involves awakening more and more to the false beliefs and negative projections playing out in our world, but only to the extent that we still invest energy in them. In other words we're in the process of clearing all that we've created that keeps us trapped in density. The frequency of our planet has already been raised to the point where Gaia can no longer support the wars and environmental devastation we've been engaging in for thousands of years. Our biggest challenges now are to keep our grounding, staying centered in the heart and remember the evolutionary purpose of this time without succumbing to the fear and destruction being played out by those who desperately want to stay in control. We cannot be controlled if we don't buy the lie; the one that says we're dependent, separate and helpless.
    Second eclipse of 3 comes on the 9th, a Taurus Solar Eclipse at 20 degrees, joined by Mars, South Node, Mercury and Pallas. These 2 planets, asteroid and node are energizing and expanding the awareness and conversation around resources and their distribution, the fragile global economy and the false foundation it's built on, current cultural values and how we must shift emphasis in order to survive as a species. Venus, ruler of the lunation, has just crossed the last degree of Taurus, aligning with the Pleiades, the star system known worldwide as the Seven Sisters, and part of the origins mythology of indigenous people in different parts of the world. Her influence is powerful as she enters Gemini today, the sign of connecting, communicating, networking, carrying forth the wisdom, more humane values and earthly blessings she's acquired through her passage in Taurus to share over the next few weeks in social groups and networks. Jupiter in Gemini helps to spread the enlightening messages far and wide, helping us to stay in a higher frequency of consciousness to bypass the desperate actions of the "Powers That Were". (Many are musing, for instance, on the strange sense of deja vu in the recent events in Boston, where the whole story seems outside the bounds of credulity. It's certainly likely this event represents more desperate actions played out by the people who want to stay in charge, but even though it was not, they're jumping on the opportunity to spread more fear and acquiescence to martial law and other forms of tighter and tighter control. Additionally suspicious around Boston was the quickly pushed through legislation Congress enacted while we were otherwise distracted, one of which gave members of that body legal permission for insider trading.) This eclipse puts under the spotlight the greed and massive affronts to simple human values being played out by the corporate dinosaurs on their last desperate legs. Right in the midst of the lunar, solar, lunar eclipses this Spring is the 3rd Uranus-Pluto square bringing even more intensity and immediacy to all current events and internal processes.
    Mars also opposes the intersection of the Galactic and Super Galactic Centers (P. Sedgwick) today, a point in Deep Space signifying huge creative potential, energized by the planet of motivation and action in a way that we can all access, to the degree we're clear on what we want to create. Miraculous innovations are still being suppressed by the sociopathic corporate lunatics, but will seep through into the collective more and more as time goes on, so expect some signs of this in the months following this lunation and the outer planet square on the 20th. With Venus so much in her power now, as ruler of the lunation and disposer of 4 other planets and points, and crossing the last degree of Taurus today, we have increased opportunities to align with more authentic values personally and en masse, as well as enhancing our relationships and personal realms of material abundance. Sabian Symbol for the eclipse degree reads: "Wisps of winglike clouds steaming across the sky. The awareness of spiritual forces at work." (Rudhyar) Everything comes from and returns to spirit (or by whatever name we want to call it). Our recent shift into the 4th Dimension leaves us experiencing this reality more than ever, though 4 D is indeed a messy affair as it's about collective consciousness, and the collective is in chaos. We have the task now to clear up the mess of old belief systems and cruel social structures in order to experience the enlightened aspects of 4 D, and to be able to move into the heart opening 5th Dimension. There was a solar eclipse on May 10, 1994 at the same degree as this one, as eclipses unfold in 19 year cycles. This one resonates with that time, so it's beneficial to look back and re-connect with what was happening for us then. Could be for many a major life process that has completed relating to our relationship to the biosphere, our physical bodies and our experience of material abundance or lack. Check out around 20 degrees of fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio) in your horoscope to see where you're being offered the most dynamic opportunities for beneficial changes in these areas.

    On the 13th Galactic Astrologer Philip Sedgwick has pointed out a Jupiter opposition to a Kuiper Belt object which he interprets as an opportunity for 2nd chances, and one I might add with vastly increased potential given the powerful cosmic events surrounding this alignment. Perhaps this 2nd chance relates to the 1994 May solar eclipse for some, with another go at whatever we fervently wished and worked for then, along with the benefit of 19 more years of life experience and accumulated wisdom. On Memorial Day a Jupiter opposition to centaur Hylonome emphasizes the need to let go of regrets, a chance for grieving and healing catharsis. All this leads up to a mega aspect at the end of May as Jupiter opposes another Kuiper Belt object, Quaoar, a creation myth entity who "gave birth to 'all that is'". (P. Sedgwick) These aspects add even more dimension and meaning to the healing and creative possibilities of this extraordinary Spring.

    The 3rd Uranus-Pluto square since last June at 12 degrees Aries-Capricorn occurs on the 20th exploding with liberating, creative and destructive energies, unstoppable and bent on massive reforms, not to mention what Barbara Hand Clow calls (this period from 2012-2015) the "transfiguration of the human species".  The personal choices we commit to are crucial to the outcome of our collective transformation, not to mention how our own individual worlds unfold. Community based on respect of the individual and nurturing each person's unique gifts is a major part of the change in progress. This is the only way human creative genius will be fully unleashed to manifest a vibrant, life-affirming world, as is our destiny as a species. The possibility exists of our not fulfilling this destiny, yet that's entirely up to us right now. The walls of separation come tumbling down, both physical and metaphorical, now and through the last of the evolutionary squares. Wherever the cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) degrees 7-15 fall in your chart are areas where self-discipline and dedication are required to make extraordinary life changes.

    Full Moon on the 24th is a Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees Sagittarius, the 3rd eclipse event of the season, and one that highlights our beliefs and more elevated thought processes vs the logical, rational realm of intelligence that dominates our left brain oriented world view. Additionally it's a SuperMoon, meaning at its closest approach to Earth and in a straight line with Sun and Earth. Consciousness is in a strange new place as we awaken to further aspects of our multi-dimensional reality, a lot of which has previously been unavailable because of our vastly narrowed concepts.  As this high intensity lunar eclipse perfects late on the 24th, just 4 days after the 3rd Uranus-Pluto shapeshifting, world-shaking showdown, keep in mind the immensity of the process we're undergoing and that will help us stay grounded and alert, rather than overwhelmed by what's being thrown our way. Seeing through the superficial surface of events is more important than ever as those who would control us, while poisoning Gaia's exquisite body and our own, are crazed with the intent of tricking us into a perpetual, dumbed-down state of fear. Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are lined up closely in Gemini helping us to see through duplicity and understand that spoken and written words are not necessarily to be trusted as much as paying attention to our other senses, including of course intuition. Rudhyar's Sabian Symbol for the Moon's degree: "An old owl sits alone on the branch of a large tree. A poised and wise approach to existence based on a clear perception of unconscious factors and their operation." This is a huge challenge for all aware beings, especially at this time, to maintain alignment with inner wisdom, trusting our own perceptions and observing closely the outcomes of our habitual behaviors. We can be courageous enough to hold our most cherished dreams and ideals even in the face of disturbing events and people around us succumbing to fear, and be beacons of light in a confusing time. Refer back to the last Full Moon to see where you've come in your own emotional body clearing process, and savor whatever progress has been made. Homage to the Dark Goddess in any or all her manifestations can be a potent practice in embracing and integrating the Shadow aspect so crucial to our moving forward as individuals and as a species.



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