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Month of April, 2013


    Chiron sextile Pluto, square Jupiter and trine Saturn as we move from March into April, are still major influences, along with the Yod formed by Pluto-Saturn-Jupiter. These aspects keep us on the edge, with seemingly stupendous problems looming, but also with the growing awareness that the solutions are already apparent, and even within reach. But we must allow the old order to further crumble while less and less buying into the system that virtually enslaves the many for the profit of the few. What's at stake right now is clearly the safety and availability of food, environmental degradation and disasters at levels that must be reversed, affordable access to education for the majority, not to mention housing and health care/disease prevention for the nation's , and the world's, children. The Pluto-Uranus squares between 2012 and 2015 are destroying the illusion of fairness in the most prominent "democracy" in the world, while offering the opportunities, actually the necessity, to engage with those already known solutions; environmental, social, economic. Add to those reality changing squares the input of Jupiter, Chiron and Saturn in present time and we have a potent experience of being right in the cauldron with the fire turned way up! The stew is cooking, the ingredients are still being added. What are our visions and ideals for the near, and far, future? Jupiter-Chiron give us more than ample visualizing abilities while also encouraging us to heal the mental, emotional and physical pain we've carried so far, transforming wounds into emblems of experience and wisdom, both collectively and personally. Now is an excellent time to familiarize ourselves, if we haven't already, with the wisdom traditions that explain the layers of energetic bodies that comprise our human system, the multi-dimensional aspects of our beings. With this knowledge we're in a far more powerful place to do the healing work so sorely needed, right now in the Spring of 2013. Of course healing can be accessed, facilitated through practices like Reiki, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Native ceremonies, Dream work, Astrology consults, Tarot readings and divination of all sorts, and of course, and most importantly, one's own intuitive sense of what we need (when in a meditative or contemplative state). These planetary patterns also potentially bring more instantaneous results with prayer, chanting, mantras, making sacred music, that is if we've been working on ourselves over time, and in some cases even if not. We're all processing so much karmic residue now, individually, nationally, globally, that anything and everything that feels like it helps us let go of animosities, prejudices, false thinking, inherited negative beliefs and world views, genetic or other diseases, etc., is where we should focus our attention. The alternative is and will be far too painful and destructive. This stew of present and future possibilities can be so vastly rich, varied and astoundingly delicious that we must be sure to add in all our most cherished ingredients.

    Sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus all are closely allied in the first days of April also, as the sign of the Sacred Warrior influences our inner and outer processes, shifting us from the Piscean realm of interconnection to the individuality and self-motivation of the cardinal fire sign. We may not quite see what the goal is but we know we must take bold action, some of which we may not recognize as such for a bit longer. On the 6th Mercury re-crosses it retrograde degree from February 23. The Traveler Between the Worlds has been on a "Magical Mystery Tour" since early February when Mercury entered Pisces, gathering dreams, images, symbols, mantras, sacred sound, poetry, mystical insights as more layers of support for navigating the increasingly obtuse and treacherous waters of our current evolutionary crisis. Refer back toparticularly the 23rd to understand better what sacred/soul messages you personally have been working with, and paying close attention to where you are with that now. Decisions and commitments are in the works as we approach the 3 in a row eclipse season this Spring, between April 25 and May 24. Also the major adjustments required of us in the April 10 Aries lunation are on the immediate agenda in preparation for all the action.

    New Moon at 21 degrees Aries comes in at 2:36 am PDT on the 10th, closely joined by Eris, Mars (ruler of Aries and brother to Eris mythologically) and Venus, strongly reinforcing the need for definitive action, stoking the fires of passion on many levels, and the pioneering spirit. Mars, Eris, Venus in their most energized Warrior mode are ready to do what's necessary for individual and collective justice, fairness and finding the right place for ourselves as we walk away from situations that no longer feel like a we belong in. We've reached a point of no return in relationships where we can no longer tolerate inequality or simply a mismatched alliance. In fact relationship karma is up so intensely that whatever is unfolding now we must be crystal clear about our commitment to doing our part with the utmost compassion and kindness we can muster. That does not mean, however, that standing our ground is not in line with the required skillfulness. The vividly uncomfortable to outright searingly painful Saturn-Uranus quincunx will not allow us to proceed with important goals until and unless we've committed to greater responsibility in how we use resources as well as more innovative approaches to our major re-structuring work. Careful with the continued volatility of this time where erratic stop-start movements, both physically and energetically, are wreaking havoc, in some cases while attempting to create a better order. The male-female dance is on, both with these aspects of our psyches and with both sexes, asserting their right to exist in full flower and healthy balance. Rudhyar's Sabian Symbol for the Sun-Moon degree:" A pugilist enters the ring. THe release and glorification of social aggressiveness." The social realm is indeed being stirred up beyond anything we've known so far in human history as the masses awaken more and more to the reality of the pyramid structure of the elite ruling class. With the true nature of our global social structures in clear focus it's only now that we can effect major and lasting change in the larger picture as well as in our individual lives.

    On the 12th Pluto turns retrograde at 12 degrees Capricorn, a crucial degree for now, for its annual 5 month long pass in the far reaches of the underworld. This means we have an opportunity for a good portion of every year to do the deeper work on ourselves as well as reviewing the most important changes we need to make as communities, and as a species clearly on a path to self-destruction in our 3rd dimensional experience, but also on a path to enlightenment as we've already entered the 4th Dimension. Also today the Saturn-Uranus quincunx is exact, making this an especially powerful and difficult time for many. We all need to develop and refine our most effective, supportive practices to stay grounded and functioning with equanimity, kindness and wisdom, the most needed qualities for now, and not succumbing to highly promoted fearful scenarios. Being extra mindful of where we focus our thoughts is crucial from the 13th 'til the 18th, while Jupiter again opposes the Great Attractor, the massive magnetic field in Deep Space that astrologer Philip Sedgwick has brought to our attention. This alignment most likely has the impact of magnifying and magnetizing our beliefs making it more necessary than usual to remain concentrated on what we want to manifest for the highest good. Maximizing this opportunity promises to bring major rewards.

    Sun enters earthy Taurus on the 19th as we begin downshifting from the fast-moving firey influences of planets in Aries. Inner planets, including Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury will follow the Sun, at various times, into the fixed earth sign as April winds down and May approaches. As we get more grounded into our bodies and connected to our biosphere it's easier to be more productive, functioning optimally with the common sense, patient Taurean approach, bringing our passions into manifestation. However Taurus can get stuck in old ruts when out of balance, something we need to monitor in ourselves over the next month.

    Full Moon Lunar Eclipse begins this eclipse season of 3 in a row on the 25th at 6 degrees Scorpio. Saturn joins the Moon, Mars joins the Sun in opposition making this a somewhat somber lunation pulling even further toward our most essential commitments, most responsible uses of resources, most important values. Pallas Athene, Venus and South Node also in Taurus, and trine God of the Underworld Pluto, mark another turning point in human culture toward valuing the feminine as we globally and locally face the abusive, demeaning treatment of girls and women culturally. The US likes to point the finger at other countries in telling horrific stories of violence and degradation, yet we'd do better to look at our own cultural norms in which rape is an ongoing standard. Happens everywhere, all the time, across social, economic, racial, religious lines, in the "nicest" homes and the most degraded by poverty, and all in between. It's a cultural practice and a tool of war. Happens to women who don't even have the cultural upbringing of respect to know they've been raped, don't know to call their violation by that name. And happens to boys and men, not on the scale of the War on Women, but as a way to enlist them into the culture of rape and abuse either by turning them into abusers and rapists or by traumatizing them too severely to know they have choices.  Eris works through Mercury in Aries to make an even bigger outcry against such violation of life itself. The dark shadow of woman-hating, woman controlling is at the fore as all the Dark Goddesses gather under Scorpio Moon's eclipse to shout a massively reverberating "No More!". Comedian Kristin Schaal in one of her routines speaks for the Dark Goddess; Eris, Black Tara, Black Madonna, Kali, Hecate and on..:" What's the difference between a fertilized egg, a corporation and a woman? - One of them isn't considered a person in Oklahoma." This lunation addresses the imbalance in our values systems that demonize life-giving elements and glorify the artificial created and greed-driven. Personally wherever 6 Scorpio-Taurus falls in our chart lights up aspects of our own off center, non-self-valuing, struggle with what we need for optimal functioning, comfort and long term sustaining resources. The senses are highlighted by way of ideally going deeper into the experience of being in physical body on planet Earth at this time. How do we care for this vehicle, so crucial to fulfilling our purpose for incarnating? Greater balance between the feminine and masculine, both within and without, are part of this potent eclipse, where the positive male archetypes can also come forth even more prominently, examples of how men can be in happier, more fulfilling roles in the world. First step is for men to acknowledge, and to teach their children, that it's the man who commits a violent act against a female who is responsible for that crime, not that it's the female's responsibility to avoid the violence. Teach boys that rape is horrible violation of another being, a violent crime, a sign of a degraded man, and that girls are to be respected and cherished, and it will follow that they will value themselves. Sabian Symbol for 6 degrees Scorpio reads: " The gold rush tears men away from their native soil. The passionate search for new values which, at any level, promise a more abundant life." (Rudyhar)As soon as we stop pretending we're a highly civilized culture with high standards of justice, equality and humane institutions, and that we're even superior to other cultures with less technological advances or less wealth, the sooner we can get on with shifting into the new reality waiting for us to discover, or re-discover, how truly wondrous and richly fulfilling life on this planet can be…. for all.


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