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Month of March, 2013


     As March comes in Saturn and Pluto are still conversing amicably, and in a mutual reception sextile bringing out the best, or certainly most potent, in both planets.They're steadily intent on transforming cultural values, the institutions embodying those values, including (but not only) financial, governmental and the regulating entities in charge of monitoring big business. Neither planet is in a mood for tolerating further messing around, ongoing intentional malfeasance or covering up the crimes that have moved us continuously toward the brink of no return. We are now held accountable as never before to clean up our act. Retrograde Mercury and Mars are still closely allied and making a fine mess of things in their own little dance of now you see it ("it" being the light, the truth, whole ball of wax), now you don't. This phenomenon is fading away as the 2 inner planets move further away from each other in the coming days, but meanwhile watch the inclination to believe whatever we want to believe without the benefit of investigating the facts. Sun trines Saturn, sextiles Pluto on the 1st bringing in an element of playfulness, imagination to our serious work, while Venus still weaves a veil of enchantment from her recent conjunction with Neptune. Our creative genius aspect may be more available now, but accompanied by the need to take care of whatever seems to be in the way. We're ideally in that space of balancing abandon and control in our daily lives. Obstacles to this fine-tuned, skillful approach most likely lie in the realm of sticky, old mental/emotional cobwebs needing a thorough, clean sweep. Whatever we can do toward that end serves us with golden results down the road.
     Meanwhile no less than six planets, including Chiron, are transiting Pisces through the New Moon on the 11th, bringing major emphasis to the non-physical, constantly shifting, totally malleable aspects of existence. We're re-shaping the future now through imagination, or, horrors, allowing the nightmare to continue if not engaging hearts and minds in visions of smooth, radical, life-affirming changes that we can participate in. Last Quarter Moon on the 4th, Sagittarius Moon square Pisces Sun-Mercury has communications askew as we enter the last week of the current lunar cycle. It'll take an effort to focus clearly on what we need to keep and what to throw away in our mental, emotional and physical experience. A Venus-Jupiter square adds to the mishigas with temptation to go for the sweetest illusions, but with determination we can use these aspects to see into the essence of our situation, what ideas, beliefs and people are aligned with our vision, and which ones are not. On the 8th Saturn and Pluto exact in their beneficial sextile, supporting individual and collective moves to maximize uses of resources. Out with the old, wasteful systems while we dig deep to find the solutions with the most potential for positive change.

    March 9-11 Moon enters the mutable water sign for a total of 7 planets in the mutable water sign, leading up to the Sun and Moon's monthly seeding moment, as they join in the same degree of the same sign. On the 11th, 12:51 pm PDT the luminaries conjoin at 22 Pisces initiating a highly visionary cycle that can inspire, mystify or dissolve us into a puddle of overwhelming, tear-soaked emotion. processing old sorrows left unhealed is one favorable use of this cycle. Grieving is a necessary aspect of healing that we all too often push away, or interrupt, in the interest of getting on with our day to day responsibilities. It's also time for acknowledging the massive collective grieving that's an undercurrent of our species, as we experience the great losses and destruction of the environmental holocaust in progress and the horrific human rights abuses globally, and most shockingly to many, right here in the USA. If we don't look these realities right in the face we'll never come around to a healthier future, and will increasingly become colluders with the male energy gone mad. Trusting instincts is our main support for navigating treacherous waters, avoiding the quicksand of disintegrating structures and arriving at the next destination on our astounding journey. Saturn, Pluto and Chiron play major parts in this lunation ensuring the continued deconstruction of decaying institutions while lending powerful support to re-structuring society in ways that serve the masses, utilizing resources responsibly and much more effectively. Mars enters Aries in a firry burst of passion before midnight PDT, in the beginning of the action phase over the next few weeks. Sun, Venus, Mercury follow, shifting to the cardinal fire sign to join Mars and Uranus through much of April in a dynamic, motivated period where we have the courage to turn vision into reality. Alternatively we could take a turn down the wrong road if too caught up in impulsive, ego-centered action. This time has dangerous potential if we've not been tuning into our most authentic needs and desires. What the world needs most from each of us is our authentic self, free of the layers of negative conditioning, self criticism and need to fit into the old paradigm's distorted institutions. There's an ongoing huge hunger for what has true value and meaning, for what sustains us through adversity and chaos. Rudyhar's Sabian Symbol for 22 Pisces: " A prophet carrying tablets of the new law is walking down the slopes of Mt. Sinai. The need to bring down to the level of everyday existence the cear realizations made manifest in a great 'peak experience' ". We're being called to embody soul, the essence of our innermost intentions, more and more in our daily lives, and in planning for the future.

    March 17 Mercury stations direct at 6 degrees Pisces signaling the time for clearer thinking, decision making, over the coming weeks. Refer back to February 8-9th for what may have slowed down or gone a bit haywire, and is now ready for further action. This degree brings to mind a quote from Bruce Barton: " What a curious phenomenon it is that you can get men to die for the liberty of the world who will not make the little sacrifice needed to free themselves from their own individual bondage." (L. Hill in 360 Degrees of Wisdom) All the mutable water sign planets are in place to help us do just that, to free ourselves by attuning to the reality of who and what we really are, while being willing to sacrifice the old habits keeping us in bondage to the globalized corporate power structure. On the personal level wherever 6 Pisces falls in your chart is an area of particularly new insights and clarity that can support the highest intentions.

    Spring Equinox on the 20th arrives at 4:02 am PDT when Sun enters 00 degrees Aries, one of the most potent turning points of the yearly round. Saturn-Chiron-Pluto and the Moon form a Kite aspect, one that engages all these planets in a harmonious flow of powerful energies of transformation, healing, accountability and responsibility for ourselves and each other. A Grand Water Trine with Moon in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron, Mercury, Neptune in Pisces assures a season of extraordinary connections made between diverse groups and individuals based on humanitarian ideals. The Cancer Moon represents the People, and the People want to build networks and institutions that support their communities' needs rather than enrich the few, while destroying infrastructure and services serving the many. Moon-Mars-Uranus also form a tight, fire and water square reinforcing the rebellious vitality of the People who have had enough. Any personal planets or points from 5-8 degrees of cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) are dramatically impacted at this seasonal turning point and beyond, in ways requiring a spirit of experimentation, spontaneity and willingness to start off down a new path, or a decidedly new stretch of the path we've been on.

    Full Moon on March 27 2:28 am PDT at 7 degrees Libra opposing Sun, Venus, Uranus and Mars in Aries, an immensely passionate, startling and action oriented lunation that will stand out as a particularly significant one this year. Mars square Pluto, almost exact, triggers the Uranus-Pluto ongoing square with extreme agitation that will play out through violence, but also through people exercising great focus, discipline and restraint to best effect for long term goals. (We may see, for instance, some further developments in the lawsuits brought by the Occupy movement core people against the Wall St. regulators, all of them!) It's activation time for all the visions and more grounded fantasies from the intensive multi-planet transits in Pisces, and particularly from the Pisces New Moon on the 11th. Pallas Athene and Eris also in fired up Aries add their energy, wisdom, sense of justice and inclusion to this lunar event. Jupiter is the "finger of god" in a Yod aspect with Pluto and Saturn, pointing to socially responsible vision beginning to be manifested in the power structures, so that the "Powers That Be" are becoming more and more the "Powers That Were ". Caution in any situations that could possibly turn volatile is advised, and certainly applies to being on the road since aggressive behaviors are to be expected. Sabian Symbol for Luna from Rudyhar: " A woman feeding chickens and protecting them from the hawks. The need to face the antagonism of 'the power of darkness' as one attempts to feed the mind of as yet helpless and frightened apprentices.' " This image signifies the need to stay alert to possible dangers as part of the most important work before us, the devotion and vigilance required to protect those most vulnerable, or our own most vulnerable aspects. Again, wherever 5-11 degrees of cardinal signs fall in our own charts are places of profound and lasting transformations, changing us forever. Facing it head on rather than being at the mercy of the cosmic forces, becoming part of the great storm blowing through rather than being scattered to the winds, are the responses that bring us forward free of fears and doubts.


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