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Month of February, 2013

     A fresh wind blows through as February 2013 begins with Jupiter the Bestower of Gifts, in Gemini (diversity, networking, connecting, communicating), starts gathering speed in direct motion after almost 4 months in retrograde review mode.  As the Greater Benefic moves forward of course it encounters all the degrees from early October 'til now, and on April 25 (Full Moon in Scorpio) will re-cross the degree it turned retrograde at: 16 degrees 23 minutes in the sign of the Trickster. This is when we'll be able to make major progress in the bigger ideas we've been working on for the past many months, where the opportunities, new allies, improved communications will be the wind beneath our wings. Up 'til then we are on a decidedly more optimistic, visionary trend  where paying attention to the ideas with the most juice for us is needed, with fewer and fewer unnecessary distractions, along with a fine-tuned sense of humor. If we're not channeling the Great Cosmic Laugh this year we will indeed be in a much more challenged, not to mention less creative, state of mind.  Good for body, mind and spirit, the capacity to take ourselves lightly, while breaking up the spell of misery that's being cast upon us daily, hourly, by the minute, from the existing (but crumbling) power structure. If we don't buy what they're selling (media, government, corporate rule in medicine, food production and water supplies) then we become freer and freer of the nightmare being spun by the Ghouls of Utter Control and Ultimate Destruction. If not now, never!

    So getting on the Jupiter-driven, happily inclusive bandwagon this winter/spring is required commitment for all sentient beings with hope for a life-affirming, humanitarian and all species thriving future. Remember we create all this as we go, so no sitting back and waiting for unity consciousness to take over and make everything right is allowed, unless of course one is ok with adding to the possibility of the alternative. And speaking of alternatives, Jupiter in Gemini is also about waking up to the multiplicity of alternatives we've been previously ignoring or perhaps were unavailable 'til now. Uranus' passage in Aries for these coming years also provides the inspiration, guidance and fired up impetus to begin working in new, and saner, ways with technology, to initiate more utopian experiments in human communities, among many other exciting and innovative things. All planets are moving forward for most of February giving us freer rein to make progress in multiple areas at least at the start, but Saturn is slowing down to turn retrograde on the 18th and Mercury on the 23rd. Saturn does not hinder progress so much when in apparent backward motion, but does tend to require more thorough preparation for projects in progress, and gives us pause regarding how committed we really are through early July. Mercury's influence from the 8th on will become more chaotic as it enters the "shadow" degrees of the retrograde period (beginning on the 23rd of February), making precision and predictability far more elusive 'til March 17 when it turns direct.  April 6 will be when Mercury re-crosses the degree it pivoted on which is usually the clearest and most auspicious timing for making the decisions, agreements, contracts that we've been considering but not quite ready for finalization yet. Mercury in Pisces can be fuzzy enough for our thinking process, but is always a good transit for paying more attention to intuitive insights, creative writing, musical expression.

    New Moon at 22 degrees Aquarius perfects on the 9th in the late evening (PST). Living large Jupiter makes stressful squares to Neptune, Mars, Mercury and Chiron in Pisces stretching imagination, but also tempting us to latch on to fantasy and unrealistic promises, making us more vulnerable to confusing distractions. This can also be a bit draining on the nervous systems; probably most of us need a better night's sleep right now, especially since dream time is emphasized, guaranteeing more magical images and insights to work with in the waking consciousness realm. Jupiter's sextile to Uranus and trine to Venus, however, support capturing the most electric and innovative ideas to work with, while forging beneficial alliances and new experiences in community, along with the Aquarius Sun and Moon. This marks a new phase for humanity as a whole and for each of us individually depending on our present condition and where 22 Aquarius falls in our personal natal charts. Vesta conjoins Jupiter, trines Venus and quincunxes Pluto bringing focus to the sacred feminine. This describes, along with the ongoing outer planet activity, being in the midst of a major adjustment from the paradigm of control and dominance of one group over others, to a paradigm of mutual respect, support and collaborative efforts among groups, solving the dilemmas generated by centuries of living in wrong relationship to mother Gaia. Ceres trine Sun and Moon adds to the influence of Divine Feminine while awakening us to the needs of the diversity of life forms with whom we share the planet, as well as the need to bring diversity of crops back into food production before wreaking further destruction in the world's agricultural systems. On the personal level this lunation helps us break through limiting beliefs that have kept us imprisoned in false, self-defeating thinking in the matters of the House in our own charts ruled by the fixed air sign. Sabian Symbol for 22 Aquarius, interpreted by Lynda Hill, reminds us of the need for play in an environment of security and comfort in order to be creative, productive and effective:" A rug placed on the floor for children to play on". So much of our cultural environment pressures us to judge, suppress and negate the Inner Child, while fostering multiple dangerous addictive behaviors that develop as a consequence. Now is the time to recognize and throw off the burden we've been bamboozled into carrying. Set free the Inner Magician, only available by letting go of the internalized judgments.

    On Valentine's Day, the 14th, is the One Billion Rising celebration, a global event created and promoted by Eve Ensler (Vagina Monologues) to have a planetary experience of breaking out of violence against women. One billion refers to the one billion women around the world currently experiencing abuse and brutality in their daily lives. This event is a major breakthrough since the invitation is to dance, to have "One Billion Women Dancing", raising energy and raising consciousness to break free of the male dominance that keeps women under tight control in so many places, even our own back yards. All over the world groups are forming to make sure the energy rises in a massive wave of joy. The astrology of that day has Juno, protectress of women and children, partner in marriage who demands equality and respect, making a strong, harmonious trine to South Node, sextile to North Node, indicating a potential turning point for women. Venus squares the Moon's Nodes re-affirming the opening for major change in the roles of women. Neptune, Chiron, Mars and Mercury are still lined up in Pisces promoting a sense of inter-connectedness and visionary actions. This one can further liberate us all from the delusions of cultural consensus that tells women we must be this way or that in order to avoid sexual assault, rather than teaching boys to respect females, that violence is never ok. Jupiter-Uranus in their tight sextile enlighten, inspire and support radical action that's never been tried before. Moon in Aries brings the Female Warrior archetype to the forefront, encouraging boldness and passion in this move to energetically deconstruct the system of brutality, while vibrating in a new paradigm inclusive of all beings' rights. If so inclined find your local event and dance your heart out!

    Saturn, the Master Teacher, turns retrograde on the 18th at 12 degrees Scorpio right after the Sun enters Pisces for the month ahead. The quality of Saturn's pivot evokes "a pleasant, almost partylike atmosphere, but one that is often caged in somewhat strict protocol and rules of behavior". (Hill) Obligations are highlighted as Father Time reminds us there are limitations we must work within, not the least of which is time itself. Saturn in Scorpio calls on us to go much deeper than society's established rules and taboos to find where we need to commit our precious time and energy to best effect. In this turning the planet ruling institutions and all kinds of structures is in close sextile to Pluto, with whom it shares a powerful rapport over the last 2 months, through most of March, and then coming back again in the Fall of this year. This combination supports all renovations, reformations, transformational processes in the structures of society, and all the way into our personal lives, according to where these 2 planets are transiting our horoscopes this year. If feeling pressured in these few days before and after this retrograde spin turn your focus to what you're most needing to take apart and re-construct in your own life, to be especially considered over the period from now 'til early July.

    A few days later on the 23rd Mercury, the Trickster, turns to its 1st of 3 retrograde periods this year, at 20 degrees Pisces, in a particularly chaotic, musical or mystical moment. The messiness may be in proportion to how invested we are in holding on to set schedules, preconceived notions and purely rational thinking processes. If we can surrender to the numinous  this will be a more fruitful and fluid transit through March 17, great time for dream journals, vision boards, poetry and music.

    Full Moon at 8 degrees Virgo on the 25th  opposes Sun, Chiron and Neptune closely allied in Pisces, while Mars and Mercury conjoin in later degrees of the mutable water sign. This may be a particularly chaotic Full Moon as Jupiter squares the luminaries, and by the end of the day Venus enters Pisces too. Jupiter's beneficent influence can turn delusional or help us see through the falseness of our beliefs up to now. The pull between the seen and the unseen, the practical and the numinous, is potent with this lunation, usual in the Pisces-Virgo axis but even more so now. If we're not paying close attention to inner vision, inner voice, this Full Moon will illuminate that quite nicely, and if we are, we should be aware of an even deeper well of resources to draw from in moving toward our ideals.  The Saturn Pluto sextile continues to further the work of these two culture changing planets, each in the other's sign as they deconstruct what needs to go while starting on a new foundation. Also Sun-Chiron-Mars trine Saturn infusing our usual reality with a multi-dimensional awareness and the motivation to build on what benefits all beings.  Sabian Symbol for 8 Virgo: "A girl takes her first dancing instruction." (Hill) We're certainly in a place where we need to learn and re-learn, about who and what we are, about our human created world, our biosphere and who we share it with,  about our universe.  The more we can approach this time as a novice in our first stages of instruction the better. Also this image implies the need to follow established rules, but also to surrender to the music in order to move with it. Wherever 8 Virgo-Pisces fall in your chart are areas of greater insight and the need for doing something with those insights in the practical realm.

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