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Month of January, 2013


      January begins with Saturn and Pluto extending their mutual reception (each in the other's sign for increased rapport) sextile dance of harmonious interaction, and support for major renovations in everything from society's institutions to the ethics of big business. This will be in effect to some extent through April, then will come back again in September to help us wrap up a lot of ultra important projects. Taking quite seriously in present time whatever is calling to us with the most urgency works tenfold better in this energy field than usual as we're more able to let go of old obstacles, mostly self-imposed, in order to be productive. The fears and insecurities, the should and should nots of our upbringing and acculturation, are out the window in light of what really needs time and attention, again, both in groups and in our personal journeys. Mercury enters Capricorn on the 1st day of 2013 engaging us mentally in whatever seems to work best in the practical realm. In other words we can more easily get organized while together all the crucial components to success in the intentions and goals set for this new beginning.  Small steps are quite effective now.

    On the 7th a Mars-Saturn square is a harsh and conflicting energetic as the urge to act meets with frustrating roadblocks and possible over the top pessimism. Thought processes are moving way faster than present limitations permit. It's important to slow down, carefully assess what we realistically can get done, and bypass  aggressive, controlling or manipulative behaviors. An all day void of course Scorpio Moon adds to a sense of trying to move through molasses if we're not focusing where we need to be.

    Capricorn New Moon at 22 degrees on the 11th begins the next monthly cycle as well as the year's cycle in all Capricorn ruled matters. Setting intentions at this time for these cycles within cycles is especially effective with the potent and pragmatic line up of planets in the cardinal earth sign: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Pluto, Juno and Venus. We can go to the next level in our ability to focus on, organize, and stabilize projects in the works, find the right allies to support our work, making progress that carries us through to ultimate manifestation down the line. Sun-Moon square goddess of discord Eris, the dwarf planet that lets us know where we belong and what situations we'd do best to exit. This tense aspect pushes to the fore any unresolved conflicts to be dealt with in ethical and respectful mediations ideally. Otherwise we may be experiencing the wrath of unhealed relationships and past injustices. A Chiron-Jupiter square also highlights old wounds, some that may not even be from this incarnation, and in the collective experience giving us insight into collective karma that has grown too painful to deny or dismiss any further. This new beginning point offers us opportunities to dedicate, or re-dedicate, ourselves to being present, accountable, effective and compassionate in all we undertake from here. Uranus Square Venus emphasizes the rebellion of women worldwide who will no longer bear the brutality of a patriarchal system in which war and rape are endemic. As Divine Feminine rises in full majesty (great example is a photo of the new Congress that has many female faces, as opposed to the depressing pictures of the past that were all elder white men!) our experience of power is expanded and transformed from power concentrated at the top, to the power of unified communities working together. Unity consciousness is the thrust of this transition, without which we cease to exist as a species. Capricorn New Moon reminds us that the first order of business is to care for our biosphere as if our lives depended on it! "By accepting defeat gracefully, a general reveals nobility of character. The realization that one may grow through defeat as well as, and perhaps more than, through success." (Sabian Symbol for 22 Capricorn, Rudhyar) Whatever House this lunation falls in for each individual represents an area of new levels of authority, self-discipline and accomplishment.

    Sun enters Aquarius at 1:52 pm January 19, shifting the solar energies from pragmatic Capricorn to the open-minded, futuristic and sometimes fanatical fixed air sign. Inventiveness is one of Aquarius' more skillful qualities, this being the time of year when we can stretch our minds beyond the old established order and include more humanitarian concerns in all we do. Certainly this year that is more crucial than ever.
    The ongoing resonance between grounding and committed Saturn and transmutational Pluto show up in the Leo Full Moon on the 26th at 8 degrees. This lunation is also infused with the sacred as Vesta, archetypal self-defined feminine, pivots to direct motion hours before the Sun and Moon perfect their oppositional force-field.  Moon quincunx multi-dimensional Chiron calls for an adjustment in ego structures, with great discomfort accompanying all attempts to keep ego in charge. Of course its proper place is in service to the soul, the essence of our being. As we allow hearts to open in greater compassion, for ourselves as well as others, we heal a major rift in the psyche, one that has caused much suffering. Inner child needs to come out and play at this turning point, and Moon sextile Jupiter-Vesta, trine Uranus-Pallas invites us to act with generosity and spontaneity while honoring the wisdom of feminine models of community. A Yod formed with Pluto-Chiron and Moon as the "finger of god", and futuristic Sun in Aquarius at the release point, funnels massive amounts of energies into healing the past, while a reciprocal Yod with Jupiter-Moon and Pluto as the "finger of god" reinforces that great blessing while supporting a grand shift in power. From the few to the many is where this is taking us, as long as we persevere for the good of all. Personally the planets in our charts from 5 to 11 degrees are receiving unprecedented stimulus for important life changes, operating through those areas where the planets fall in the natal chart. Rudhyar's interpretation of  the Moon's degree:" A communist activist spreading his revolutionary ideals. The emotional and ideological attempt to return to a state of non-differentiation and chaos as a prelude to a new type of order."

    On the 30th Jupiter turns around from retrograde to direct motion after months of review on bigger ideas, possible educational and other kinds of journeys, social involvements, writing projects that have been on hold for further consideration since early October. As the Greater Benefic, planet of expansion, opportunities and higher perspectives turns, at 6 degrees 20 minutes Gemini, that area of the zodiac is highly stimulated in a great upsurge of optimism and new things opening up. Pay attention to that degree in your own chart. At the same time on this day a Sun-Saturn square perfects in a particularly pessimistic aspect that can color Jupiter's grand auspiciousness. However it's mostly about keeping ourselves from flying off on tangents that will not bear fruit later on, so the caution is to be grounded and honest with ourselves, rather than allowing this to shut down the Jupiterian possibilities. For so many this can be a time where extra guidance is helpful, while looking at the various cycles' beginnings and endings to bring a better perspective on what we're going through. An astrological consultation can be especially helpful, so there's my plug for this entirely wonder filled, and decidedly still challenging, month.






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