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Month of November, 2012

   Some of the fastest moving energy of an already breakneck speed year escalates through the first 3 weeks of November. The month begins with a Venus-Uranus opposition right before Samhain, one of the 8 sacred gateways of the yearly round, assuring the Dark Goddess presence, female power influence upsetting backward-moving trends through the US elections. Women's votes will bring us further into a more humane, sustainable future, no question about that. The Venus square to Pluto on the 3rd exposes ancient rage against about the ongoing attempts to suppress women's role as full and equal citizens, in the US and across the globe. There have been too many years of denial that women hadn't already made there. truth is we have not yet< but are on our way! Mercury spins to retrograde motion on Election Day USA, the 6th, having already caused much confusion since October 18 when the Messenger planet entered its retrograde "shadow" degrees ( the degrees it will re-cross as it travels "backwards" for the next 3 weeks). Some important election results will likely be delayed with possible deceit and fraud involved in counting votes, one of Mercury's specific duties as the cosmic accountant. Election Day chart shows 2 paths to be chosen from in a significant Yod formation to US chart, but does not in any way foretell a bleak picture, and with women having such major impact in this event chart we can't possibly go for the terrorizing Right Wing War on Women agenda.

    From the 3rd to the 11th Jupiter re-visits its connection with the Deep Space entity known as the Great Attractor (most massive gravity so far discovered out there). This echoes late August, early September when the capacity for creating highest frequency results was at its max, that is if we kept our thoughts in that realm of the highest good for all. Still more to come with this so keep on working with those most uplifting scenarios.

    New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 13th falls at 22 degrees Scorpio, conjoining Moon's North Node and with Saturn also in the fixed water sign, instigator of all transformational processes. We're in the cauldron, virtually "stewing in our own juices" so to speak, with whatever stands between us and our next evolutionary step, individually and collectively, being a searingly immediate presence. The beauty of this moment is described in a mystical, ecstatic, yet grounded Kite formation involving Pluto (Great Transformer, God of the Underworld)at the head, Ceres (Great Mother) at the tail, Chiron (Rainbow Bridge/Healer)-Neptune (Divine Essence) and Saturn (Father Time/Karmic Teacher) as the "arms of this free-flowing manifestation of cosmic Sacred Geometry. Mars at the Galactic Center not only initiates a new 2 year cycle of male energy destruction/creation, but a new 5,125 year cycle (the exact timing of patriarchal structure taking over human cultures) being so close to the 12/21/12 alignment of Winter Solstice Sun with the Galactic Center. The male archetype is being taken apart to re-generate into the more positive models of Shaman, Poet, Sacred Warrior, Magician for the next long cycle, as opposed to the Controlling Dominator, so tangled up with brutality to hold the position of dominance. Men and women are awakening to the realm of positive male archetypes in engaging our own male energy as the traditional cultural heroes fall, one after another, showing their true "feet of clay". Weakness is the foundation of the dominance model, as it turns out. Sexuality is part of this intense energy field as we're faced with where we're in or off balance in that aspect of our humanness. How have artificial gender roles distorted our sexual energy in the cultural influences, and maimed many otherwise healthy sexual beings to the point of pathology! We see it everywhere, not just in criminal behavior but in the pop culture promotion of women as not much more than, or at least primarily, a tits and ass commodity, even in more the intellectually inclined female roles. History of the high heel, for instance, reveals, not at all surprisingly, "Indeed, Chinese concubines and Turkish odalisques wore high shoes, prompting scholars to speculate if heels were used not only for aesthetic reasons but also to prevent women from escaping the harem (Kunzle 2004)." Duh! Also the "gentlemanly" practice of having a woman walk in front of them, holding a woman's elbow to assist her into whatever situation the male wants her to be, originated as a way of making sure she did not run away. Many will scoff but the present turning tide reveals so much about our traditions, assumed normal habits, that heads are, and will be, spinning with the revelations, recognitions and wonderful new ways of adapting to who we really are.

    Mercury spins around again to direct motion on the 26th at 19 degrees Scorpio, a degree signifying competition in the Sabian Symbol interpretations (L. Hill) and the need to follow rules and regulations in order to not be disqualified from participating. This begins the slow forward progress through the "shadow" degrees Mercury has already traversed twice in the last month and a half. Whatever we've been ruminating on since October 18 is starting to come together, and will be most clarified by December 14 when the Traveler Between the Worlds re-crosses the retrograde degree from November 6. That degree in the Sabian system, 5 Sagittarius, reads: " A little child learning to walk with the encouragement of parents". (L. Hill) This implies a new phase of learning for all of us, personally and collectively, that has great challenges and is fundamentally important to our further progress.

    Just 2 days later the Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse perfects 6:46 am PST, at 7 degrees in a tight and tense quincunx with Mars-Pluto both engaged in re-constructions in the cardinal earth sign Capricorn. Jupiter is close to the eclipsed Moon by 5 degrees, expanding on ideas and possibly adding to a scattered, distracted state of mind for many. The Mars-Pluto aspect pushes for a clear focus meanwhile, and does not respond in a civil way when ignored or resisted. In other words pretty much instant feedback if we're allowing ourselves to stray off track too far. Moon also quincunxes Saturn-Venus in Scorpio forming a Yod aspect involving the very concentrated transformational energies with more authentic, workable values to get the best ideas working for us, rather than allowing the aggressive media spin and other destructive input to keep us from what needs immediate attention. Our relationship to authority and power is most definitely being challenged and reformed, in large part to include the feminine model of collaboration and mutual benefit for all. As if this wasn't enough Chiron and Neptune form a T-Square with Moon and Sun to bring us more easily into the multidimensional reality that's been calling to us from all quarters for a long while. " A well with bucket and rope under the shade of majestic trees. Man's primordial faith in the hidden sustaining power of life." (Rudyhar, Sabian Symbols) The awakening to our true nature and place in this magnificent biosphere we spring from and inhabit is our most essential task for now.






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