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Month of October, 2012

    Five planetary shifts in the first 6 days of October, following the mega-shifting energies of Uranus-Pluto infused Full Moon in Aries September 29, certainly begin this month with more subtleties, distractions and need for a clear focus than the last few months. Four planets change signs while gaseous giant Jupiter changes directions, creating even more of an unstable, but opportunity-rich, atmosphere. On the 2nd Venus enters reserved and refined Virgo for 3 1/2 weeks of relationship, creative and financial work that can help improve all these areas, while also initiating better daily self care routines supporting good health. This is an easier time than usual to address habits we'd like to change, addictive behaviors, by being more present at those moments when we usually succumb to the emotional "hook" or trigger that gets us on the wrong track. Pema Chodron has lots of good advice for that journey in her book Taking the Leap.  Jupiter pivots next on the 4th to retrograde motion through late January 2013, re-visiting Gemini in the 17-6 degrees range over this period where we're all reviewing ideas, beliefs, perceptions, how we communicate, and in whatever area of life this sign falls in for each person's natal patterns. Social change is the collective focus for Jupiter retrograde in the mutable air sign, as we further integrate and comprehend the diversity of background, attitude and religious/spiritual/cultural perspective in the human experience.

    The 5th of October both Mercury and Saturn enter deeply penetrating and probing Scorpio from the lighter, airy sign Libra where we've been learning the lessons of cooperation, social justice and relationship equality over the past 2 1/2 years. Now we start off a 2 year passage where honesty and authenticity are crucial qualities in our work, and collectively in our cultural institutions. All the secretive power plays behind the workings of the current establishment structure will be revealed, while we have unprecedented opportunity to begin building the foundations of a new structure based on human values. As Mercury starts off this journey with Saturn our minds are particularly receptive to the message that so much is amiss in government/big business. The whistleblowers' day has come, where it will be more of an almost daily event, not quite as dangerous a position to take as in the recent past. This energy can feel especially heavy at first as we make the transition into Scorpio's darkness,  but becoming comfortable with the underworld is part of our mission for the next couple of years. Saturn approaches a trine to Neptune next week, exact on the 11th, but affecting us from the 5th through the week flowing the aspect. These 2 planets in harmony call us to devote time and energy, imagination and disciplined work, to our highest dreams and ideals. The aspect will repaet next summer in the fulfilling phase of the process. Meanwhile Mercury will retrograde back into Scorpio, after hitting the first degrees of Sagittarius from late October into mid-November, making sure we end this last year of a 26,000 year cycle attuned to the core reality of human experience. When we learn to stay present, fully incarnated into our 3rd dimensional bodies, as the divine feminine invites us, we become able to navigate life with ease and joy. "Sanity is permanent, neurosis is temporary."( Chogyam Trungpa)

    Mars enters mutable fire sign Sagittarius on the 6th, extending the shifting, fast-paced qualities of this month's initial week. While Mercury and Saturn may be feeling more like moving through molasses for some, Mars' change of signs stokes up the fire of adventurous spirit, restlessness to leave old patterns, situations, personal and professional connections behind us through November 16. The very next day a Mars-Saturn quincunx can generate enormous tension and discomfort with the need to shift ourselves into another gear. Pay close attention to where you feel stuck, allowing for that door of opportunity to open wide for forward movement. However, beware the urge to jump ahead without honoring, and tending to, the more unpleasant obstacle in the road.

    New Moon at 23 degrees Libra on the 15th perfects in exact opposition to Eris, a body whose archetype is the Goddess of Discord. This lunation lays out very clearly the enormity of the need for integration of female values and female power into the global culture, as it's ruled by Venus empowered by the transformative rage of Eris. This rage is not vengeful, it's the energy needed to stand up for life and all those victimized by the brutality of the present system. The Occupy Movement is a significant outer reflection of this energy at work as ordinary people are awakening to the reality that they've been screwed. Of course we've all been complicit in our own ways in giving away power over time. The system of dominance/submission cannot continue without our complicity.  In the rest of the world the revolutionary energy is at work in many ways freeing people en masse from the Judeo/Christian/Islamic delusion that some people are naturally superior, perhaps closer to "God" and so should rule over the masses. Supression of the Divine Feminine is a crucial part of the dominance system. "Women work 2/3 of the world's work hours for 10 % of the world's pay", I read recently on a Facebook post, yet I'm sure it's worse than that. In the early '90's I read a booklet of UN statistics that presented a far worse picture than that statistic, and it certainly has not improved since then, 20 years later, but in fact has gotten worse. Mars trine Uranus at this turning point heats up the passions, lights fires under the revolutionaries, inspiring many more to become actively involved in making change for the better. This is highly charged male energy that can of course be used for brutal aggression as well as for courageous idealistic action. Juno, goddess of relationships, joins Mars in this powerful aspect indicating actions aimed at liberation, so we can expect movement toward a saner balance in male-female connections, both within ourselves and in our outer relationships. Each of us has this energy surge in whatever aspects of life transiting Mars and Uranus impact in our personal astrological patterns, 6-8 degrees Sagittarius to 6-8 degrees Aries. Sabian Symbol for the Moon and Sun's degree: " Chanticleer's voice heralds sunrise. A creative and joyous response to life processes." (Rudhyar)

    Sun enters Scorpio on the 22nd immersing us ever further into the underworld, the shadowy realm where our darkest fears and deepest longings lurk, waiting to be acknowledged. For the next 30 days we're invited to explore all the aspects of self we normally avoid, to embrace the Mystery and true female power. With Saturn in the fixed water sign also there's much more of a responsibility this year to turn inward, owning the deeper inner processes and learning from them. If we don't know ourselves intimately, our motivations, compulsions, desires, we'll have a much more difficult time in the coming years adjusting to the changes we're going through. On the other hand self-knowledge is power, and does not require our being in a state of utter perfection.

    October 29 Full Moon in Taurus at 7 degrees makes a grounding and potent, earthy trine to Pluto, opposes Sun and Saturn in Scorpio, lighting up all the hidden, dark places even more, bringing us to yet another stage of our evolution as the entire planet shifts. Karmic relationships are being worked on and resolved, new economic systems forming out of necessity, food and medicine sources being looked at and re-evaluated for what they really are, which is corporate profit machines. In fact the Sun-Saturn combination forms a Kite aspect in this chart, consisting of 2 interlocking triangles with Pluto at the head of the Kite, Ceres, the Great Mother, at the tail, and Neptune-Chiron at the other arm of the Kite. This is a multi-faceted, free-flowing aspect connecting all the various energies represented by the 5 planets and 2 dwarf planets, urging us to use multiple aspects of our beings in navigating the seemingly unending, internal and external, mishigas. The ultimate intention is most definitely to reach the next stage of our evolutionary process with awareness, open-hearted receptivity and a stronger, more life-affirming, common sense value system connected to the planet that gives us life. Mercury square Neptune can fog up thinking and lead to mystifying encounters, but if we stay tuned to the inner channels will be more of a guiding light. However do be prepared for others misunderstanding our intention or inaccurately sharing information, and this close to the nightmare of a U.S. election, be especially wary of false stories and incorrect calculations being circulated. Astrologer Philip Sedgwick tells us Saturn is joining up with a Deep Space entity called Shapely 8 in this timing, strengthening all commitments made while under their collaborative influence. Wherever 4-8 Taurus falls in your chart is an area where the light shines directly on your personal priorities while showing the way to more fulfillment through a slower, more deliberate pace. Sabian Symbol for the Moon's degree: "The woman of Samaria comes to draw water from the (ancestral) well. The meeting of the traditional past and of the creative spirit pointing to the future." This refers to a Biblical story about "being accepted regardless of caste", encouraging bridging past and future by letting go of old social structures and norms. (L. Hill, Rudhyar) Taurus lunations always remind us of our animalness and of the unavoidable experience of being part of the body of the planetary being, so incessantly under assault from our own species. This one especially so.

               "Owning up to being an animal, a creature of earth. Tuning our animal senses to the sensible terrain:          blending our skin with the rain-dripped surface of rivers, mingling our ears with the thunder and the thrumming of frogs, and our eyes with the molten gray sky. Feeling the polyrhythmic pulse of this place - this huge windswept body of water and stone. This vexed being in whose flesh we're entangled. Becoming earth. Becoming animal. Becoming in this manner, fully human." (D. Abrams Becoming Animal)






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