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Month of September, 2012


    September begins a day after what so many are calling a "Blue Moon", the Full Moon in Pisces where Chiron joined in to facilitate extra deep insight, healing and general powers of perception, including our capacity for feeling the interconnection with all other beings and forms of life. The Blue Moon concept is really a superficial, fairly meaningless term in itself, offering no especially blue, or other unusual elements to the lunations so labeled. Kind of a romantic idea, but boils down to humans artificially dividing up time to fit a mechanistic world view in a particularly non-machinistic universe/multi-verse. (Fyi there are actually 2 kinds of Blue Moons, either the 2nd FM in a calendar month or the 3rd of 4 FM's between the solstices and equinoxes occurring every few years, neither of which has any particular cosmic significance. And there probably many other opinions out there, too.) September's first days are steeped in the Pisces-Virgo lunation's magical, emotional, and for many, sorrowful emanations, where processing old grief brings profound healing, that is if we avoid being stuck in the past. Sun and Mercury work through Virgo, the sign of skillfulness, precision, restraint and accountability for taking care of day to day needs. Virgo also rules the area of health (mental, emotional and physical) and all things related. Being realistic about the work we need to accomplish, and the adjustments we need to make to our routines to support that, also necessarily includes a daily schedule enabling maximum well-being.
    End of August Moon's North Node shifted from Sagittarius to Scorpio, and will be there into February 2014, an important indicator of our collective path into the future, as well as another factor affecting our personal astrological patterns by transit. In Scorpio the emphasis is on deep excavations, penetrating explorations into the shadow realms we may have been avoiding over long periods, containing the demons of our own denial. So together and separately we encounter the dark aspects of our psyches, the wounded places calling for healing resolutions. The frightening "evisceration of democracy" (I. Naiman), the push toward more and more fascist ideology in the "conservative" movement in America, is a superb reflection of the national psyche's shadow. It's simmered below the surface all along, fed by our assertions of our goodness and superiority to other nations, rather than healed by a willingness to own it, change it and move on to be the country we purport to be. We are indeed creating the future with every action we take, every thought we focus on right now, so what better time to release the myths and heal the collective in a fairly giant leap forward? No matter what the next 2 1/2 years will be a period of greater and greater immediacy in all the clearing,taking apart, healing, restoring and values transformation work to be done.

    The same is true individually. Wherever we continue to hold old resentments, limiting ideas, suspicions, self-doubt, shame and the need to place blame on others, we are now getting the full on treatment as far as the consequences. The healing potential with the North Node in the fixed water sign is powerful, and certainly now is rich with possibilities as Mars the Motivator is also intensifying the healing journey throughout this month, and for the first week in October. Mars will join the North Node in the first 2 days of next month, inciting more deeply felt, and collectively acted on, passions. Bad timing indeed for those bent on spreading lies, distorting truth or trying to hide anything in particular from public scrutiny; so disempowering, in other words, for politicians, big business and other varieties of "snake oil" salesmen. We're learning, or re-learning, that there is no split between the spiritual and the manifest world, it all emanates from the same, non-physical source. That means we're all playing an important and unique part in the cosmic drama. The cultural values that push us to keep busy, be "high energy" and productive at all costs, are no longer relevant. A new economy is in the works, popping up here and there in small, odd and interesting ways, people creating their own systems that will grow and eventually take over the old one, and based on human values rather than insane, out of control greed. The archetype of the Phoenix rising from the ashes is a prominent one for the the next year and a half, and we'll see that theme played out over and over, in our own lives and in the mass experience.

    New Moon in Virgo on the 15th brings Sun and Moon together at 24 degrees, joined by Virgo's ruler, Mercury, the planet most aligned with logical thinking, putting the pieces of a puzzle together, integrating diverse elements, and also represents the Magician archetype, the Traveler between worlds, that is when Mercury is operating in service to the higher mind. Creating more order, efficiency and awareness of enhancing well-being in our daily routines are good intentions for this beginning point, of course also in line with whatever area of life the Sun and Moon impacts for each of us. Juno joins the North Node, leading us into the future, while Ceres and Vesta square the luminaries, infusing powerful female energy into this turning point. The feminine perspective rises and will be heard with the loudest roar so far, especially with Venus also in expressive Leo. Apologies are no longer acceptable for taking a stance supporting women's reproductive autonomy; imposing control over other people is not any kind of moral or ethical stance, and it's bullshit to present it as such, or to believe it. It's simply that old control pattern from the dying paradigm, with those attached to it flailing about to retain as much control as possible as it breathes its last, unnatural breath. Control patterns are fading from human consciousness over these coming years. Autonomy within a collective responsibility is what we're shifting to. Everyone needs to make their own choices to suit their values, and mind their own business when it comes to someone else's choice. Men have absolutely no place to dictate, or even, until they can get pregnant, to join the discussion, over women's reproductive rights. When they do it's extravagant arrogance and ignorance, as many more women, and presumably men, are beginning to realize.
    In the next few days more and more is unfolding of great import for the years ahead. As Pluto pivots on the 17th to direct motion it's moving into the 2nd of 7 Uranus-Pluto squares we've been working with, from June this year into 2015. On the next day, September 18, the 2 outer planets square off again, this time probably a bit more dramatically than the first hit. Revolution/evolution is what's going on, causing all kinds of explosive, innovative, rebellious, destructive and regenerative events globally. Since our news media do not report on world news in any but the most narrow and selective ways, most of us have no idea of the extent of grassroots movements and revolutionary actions going on where people are creating a whole new way of being together in community. Being clear and scrupulous in our ethics, and dedicating ourselves to that level of integrity in our lives is another potent intention for this time, scary and uncertain as it seems. Sabian Symbol for 24 Virgo reads: "Mary and her little lamb. The need to keep a vibrant and pure simplicity at the core of one's being as one meets the many tests of existence." (Rudhyar)

    Saturn meanwhile is journeying through the last degrees of Libra, getting ready to enter Scorpio in early October. The planet of responsibility, long term projects and commitments, limitations, societal institutions and karmic conditions among many other things, spends 2 1/2 years in each sign, pressing us to focus on the lessons of that sign. In Libra we've been learning about the need for cooperation, collaboration, justice, more fairness and equality in partnerships of all kinds, as well as the consequences of unexamined thinking patterns. As we reach the end of this part of our education it's good to look back on this period (from late Oct. '09) and reflect on what we have learned, both as a society and as individuals. We're poised now to enter the next phase with Saturn demanding accountability in the realms of shared resources, unconscious motivations, intimate connections, hidden agendas, manipulative behavior, and the way we deal with death culturally and commercially. Hard times ahead for those who aim to keep important secrets impacting others, to move ahead in positions of power based on deceptions, as the old instant karma increasingly comes into play. So much easier and happier a choice to be truthful, in integrity, centered on essential values.

    Sun enters balancing air sign Libra on the 22nd, Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, just days after the culture/consciousness changing Uranus-Pluto square, starting the Fall season with reverberations from that event. Moving with the changes, keeping the connection to our center amidst chaos and fearful scenarios continues to be the best we can accomplish, and is just what's needed to help ourselves and to help others find their center and their right path for now.

    Full Moon on the 29th in the evening is a volatile, firey event with Luna at 8 degrees Aries joined by Uranus, squared by Pluto, for a full force illumination of what's going on behind the scenes, what needs to go and what's being birthed to replace the rotting and dysfunctional. Mars, ruler of this lunation, joins North Node energizing the drive to completely uncover hidden power dynamics, while Venus in proud Leo squares Mars and Moon's Nodes inflaming passions while promoting female power. "There is a loud trembling unspoken story of women about to break to the surface of the world. It must break through if we are to survive as a species." ( Eve Ensler) Gender roles are more challenged than ever as we evolve into the next level of being human. Mercury and Saturn in Libra offer great skills and commitment for resolving conflict through fair negotiations, with Chiron-Neptune still closely allied in Pisces for more profound understanding of, and compassion for, what others are going through. Again, clarity of purpose and knowing where we belong and where we don't belong, are most important in order to navigate this super energized season. L. Hill's Sabian interpretation for 8 degrees Aries: " A woman's hat with streamers blown by the east wind. - messages or forces coming in seemingly from out of the blue. Attuning oneself through Eastern philosophies. Protective guidance." We've come to the point where trusting the inner sense of what's real and what's significant is a responsibility. Sharing that with others is a powerful way of creating community while validating the new structure in the works. Wherever 8 Aries falls in our personal charts indicates either high drama or being willingly ejected directly into the next level of experience for that area of life. Bon voyage!





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