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Month of August, 2012

     August starts off with a high flying, futuristic Full Moon in Aquarius at 11 degrees, opposing Sun in Leo, exactly trine Jupiter in Gemini along with Ceres-Vesta also in the mutable air sign, and a wider trine to Mars in Libra. This magnificent Grand Air Trine, formed with the lunar orb at it's fullness, stirs the winds of change ever higher and stronger, while lifting consciousness into realms we haven't visited before. Dreams and other altered states of consciousness are powerful vehicles right now for the changes we're going through to enter into the higher dimensions. Not that we leave the 3rd dimension behind, or the 2nd , or the 1st, but we're simply adding more territory to our multi-dimensional capacities. This week and beyond so many are breaking through the much-contaminated 4th dimension consensus reality in order to let the 5th dimension of universal love through into the 4th to clear and "purify" it. That means massive awakenings to the power of love as well as the awareness that it IS our nature!

    Conversations and other interactions between individuals and groups, as well as all intellectual explorations, are much more open and driven by curiosity as we seek to learn more from each other, especially from those with very different backgrounds and experiences, as the South Node, Vesta, Jupiter and Ceres all occupy flexible, diversity loving Gemini. Humor can be the highest of art forms now, with the best of the Sacred Clowns (those who make us laugh from a compassionate perspective rather than with mean "humor") reflecting back to us our own tragic and self-destructive behaviors as a culture. Laughter is indeed a potent healing tool as we pass through this most trying phase of our journey, en masse and in our private experience. Neptune in its own mystical sign exactly squares the Moon's North and South Nodes, opening more portals for galactic travelers to pass through, either in dreams, imagination, or perhaps for some, hitching a ride on a physically manifested galactic space ship (homage to dear Douglas Adams, who's no doubt out there right now cruising the galaxy and having a blast!). This aspect will create a certain amount of messy and/or ambiguous situations since Neptune's agenda includes reminding us of our ultimate interconnectedness, not just with each other, but with All That Is. We've become so infinitely separated, alienated from our true nature, for so long that the coming home part is bound to have its share of perplexing, chaotic and disorienting stuff to go through. But Neptune and the Nodes can be a wonderful opportunity, from now 'til the 5th or 6th, to surrender more fully to the magical reality from which we've sprung, that reality that does absolutely nothing else but spawn more and more magical beings and situations every day and every hour, while at the same time recycling others back to the "core".

    Of course Pluto and Uranus are still in a very close square dynamic creating that roller coaster ride that's making some of us a bit queasy while others are exhilarated at the motion, or perhaps and most likely, some of both for all of us. In any case the consensus reality gets more insane as the days go by, signaling an immediacy to the changes we each can make in our personal lives that, believe it or not, ripple out to create larger change in the masses. For Full Moon at 11 degrees Aquarius Rudyhar's Sabian Symbol interpretation reads: "During a silent hour, a man receives a new inspiration which may change his life. The need to rely upon inner inspiration and guidance at the start of new developments." Synchronicity is part of the Full Moon energetics for the 1st and 2nd especially. In fact the synchronistic events may be coming so fast and furious we may not notice each manifestation. But if we step back and watch the flow of the energy currents we'll learn a lot about how to get things done with more ease, comfort and joy, not to mention speed. The living universe is not only responsive but it's working for us!

    Mercury, eternal Trickster and Traveler between the Worlds, has been "reversed" in motion since July 14 and is now pivoting to direct motion late on August 7, making it most auspicious and efficient to start finalizing negotiations, agreements, contracts and important decision making in general on the 8th. Of course for maximum access to all the information and input needed to carry on it's best to extend the forward movement 'til the 22nd when Mercury has released all the shadow degrees of its retrograde pass by re-crossing them all. Self expression is bound to be clearer, benefitting from the confidence of the fixed fire sign, Leo, while Mercury also gives us more spontaneity and creative possibilities through the end of this month.  How can we be more generous and playful in our interactions, supporting and appreciating each others' unique gifts? Also on the 7th Venus enters Cancer sending us on a more sentimental, softer path through the realms of relationships, the quest for more nurturing, less risky pleasures and more secure financial moves. Cancer's influence can make us more grasping than usual in these matters, or we can engage with the part of the cardinal water sign most interested in connectedness, mutual support and nourishing young or vulnerable life, projects or partnerships. Venus has just re-crossed her shadow degrees in the last days of July, giving us the clarity and emotional equanimity to improve, resolve or take other action in all those areas represented by the goddess of love and female power. The divine feminine rises ever more distinctly as Venus passes through the sign of the Divine Mother, immersing us in the month ahead in the concerns of women globally, for our own health and reproductive rights as well as for the welfare of our children. The current all out assault in the "free world" on women's rights is doomed to failure, if not for any other reason than that would mean the ultimate end of the human experiment on this planet. Gaia, the Solar System and the Galaxy have no more room for the brutal disregard for life in the current power structure.

    Venus trines Neptune, then opposes Pluto and squares Uranus on the 9th and 15th respectively, enacting her agenda of reinforcing interconnections and making sure the old negative stuff is out of the way in order to  improve our personal and collective Venusian skillfulness. In this period we'll experience the challenges to our familial and cultural history, the beliefs and assumptions that have kept women and the feminine perspective in a place of demeaned and secondary position in society as well as in our psyches. The extent to which people deny this reality is most likely the extent to which they are in denial about their own conditioning and that of the culture at large. The payoff for being scrupulously thorough about recognizing and eliminating the old programming will be a much easier and more fulfilling experience, whether male or female. The benefits will extend into our capacity to manifest the material resources necessary for improved functioning and well being. If we do the work now the murky, despairing collective hypnosis we've all been subjected to loses its power, as we become more liberated beings capable of creating the world we want.

    New Moon at 26 degrees Leo on the 17th arrives early morning PDT, 8:56 am, sextile independent Mars and responsible Saturn in collaborative Libra, and opposite visionary Neptune. Venus is still within orb of her opposition to Pluto and square to Uranus in a pretty tight T-Square, showing us just how entrenched the demeaning of the feminine has become, also showing us how we can break free of the lies, deceptions and manipulations of the last five thousand years. Individually we all have our shadow experience with the feminine, either fearing its power or distorting this energy in our lives in other ways. This is our time to heal! It's a tricky balance we've come to in patriarchy, trying to balance the much prized and exaggerated masculine qualities in order to function in the hyper-achievement oriented collective dream, while somehow maintaining the receptivity, concern for emotional connection and family/community at the same time. Leo New Moon calls for awakening the heart, taking bold action inclusive of the welfare of others, for women and for men. Creative juices are flowing if we're not contracted in a state of fearful expectations paralyzing the ability to dance with the energies. Sun-Moon sextile Mars-Saturn combines individual creativity and collaborative efforts, with great potential for long term success, so don't hesitate to enlist others in projects of major importance. Also don't hesitate to offer your creative input wherever it may seem relevant; this lunation is a beginning point for new ways of working together, and for those working alone, sharing that productivity in wider circles of influence. In relationships, and all kinds of partnerships, equality and mutual respect are increasingly prominent themes. " After the heavy storm, a rainbow. " (Rudyhar's Sabian Symbol for 26 Leo) The rainbow is a clear sign that the storm, representing a difficult passage, has ended, with a promise of better things to come if we've endured, doing what was needed to come through it. We've all had our "storms" this year so far, each with our personal challenges to let go of the old story and come into our full potential as powerful, creative beings. This is a turning point in that journey.

    August 31 brings a Blue Moon, 2nd Full Moon of this month, with Luna at 9 degrees Pisces joined by maverick Chiron and dreamer Neptune, while Sun opposes at 9 Virgo. In fact an over abundance of planets make close aspects in this lunar event; Neptune-Chiron-Moon sextile Pluto and trine Mars, while Jupiter squares the Moon along with the Sun in Virgo. Additionally Moon and multi-dimensional Chiron semi-sextile Uranus and Pallas, touching on the energy dynamics of change tempered with wisdom, over the next few years. This tapestry of planetary energies mandates that now is the time, no more space left for waffling, listening to false prophets, believing the "experts" just because we're afraid not to. Let's face it, deep down at the gut level we know the people being given a voice and being heard are in large part promoting a lie. The progress being made toward a better world is in the hands of the people, in grass roots organizations and small community actions around the world (to start with see Paul Hawkens' book Blessed Unrest, along with searching the net for organizations arranging micro loans to 3rd World women in poverty, communities creating their own monetary systems, farmers' markets blossoming all over this country, and the latest developments in the Occupy movement). We can in no way leave important matters up to the leaders and experts because they're heading way down the path of destruction in their denial of the corruptness of the structure they operating within, and their unwillingness to work at changing it. It's pretty much true that unless an individual or group is operating outside the establishment by way of the Uranian model, or working to create radical change within the establishment, they are propagating the rotten system. We know all this, yet right now we must truly KNOW this and act accordingly. Outer planet activity orchestrates the movement toward deconstruction and provides the blue prints for re-construction as we align with the earthly/cosmic current. What's being illuminated for you at this time  that you've been avoiding or neglecting over a long period of time? Wherever 5-10 degrees Virgo-Pisces fall in your chart are areas being emphasized, relating to bringing more balance between a focus on everyday responsibilities and routines and the boundariless, numinous aspect of our lives where we need to surrender into the Luminosity. Sabian Degree for Moon at 9 Pisces:" A jockey spurs his horse, intent on outdistancing his rivals." Be careful of "galloping at full speed prematurely" (L.Hill) as the energy patterns are so intense and immediate we may be tempted to do so. Do be clear about your direction and commitments in order to make smooth, fully supported progress.

    On the 23rd Mars enters Scorpio, one of the signs it rules in the traditional zodiac, before Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were sighted. This is a strong placement for the Sacred Warrior planet, which for the next 6 weeks takes us on a journey of profoundly important explorations, investigations and excavations. This period is marked by restlessness and a strong need for inquiry leading to the discovery of deeply hidden truths. Mars in Scorpio can be somewhat merciless, requiring our dedication to equanimity and compassion in all our revelations and discoveries, but is also fearless in facing and implementing the necessary actions to heal festering wounds. For those with Scorpio planets and points this passage will be energizing and validating in the matters ruled by those planets, again with a caution for getting too close to the flame.




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