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Month of July, 2012

    The perturbing, distressing, enchanting and topsy turvy events erupting from the 1st Pluto-Uranus square perfecting late June are what we begin the month of July with, while dancing over, under, around and through a most liberating atmosphere of change. For good or ill the change is becoming more apparent, and if it still feels bad at the beginning of this month we need to reflect more on what we've been compelled to release that needed to go. In other words it's all for the better, just sometimes doesn't feel that way for a while because of the way these 2 planets can just rip something, someone, or a situation right out of our lives. Be sure at this juncture to expand awareness to allow in what new opportunity is open to you.

    The Full Moon on the 3rd at 13 degrees Capricorn is joined by Pluto, squared by Uranus-Pallas, distinctly highlighting whatever has recently come up for us by way of a "crisis". That doesn't have to be a negative experience, once again the universal energies are simply surging ahead to clear out the muck, the outworn or unneeded, everywhere from the physical realm into the mental, emotional and spiritual. As we decide to "give it up" we'll find the universe has wonders in store for us so unlikely and unexpected we could not have dreamed them up in our little thinking minds. Rumi quote for this time: "What you are seeking is seeking you". So seek and remember, and let the everyday concerns, worries and (high and low level) anxieties fall away if you dare. Mars, in the 1st degree of Libra, is at the Super Galactic Center for this lunation emphasizes the forces of destruction and creation at work, requiring mindfulness of how we're engaging with these energies, in order to deconstruct the dysfunctional while building a firm foundation for what serves us best. The age of the "rugged individualist" is over, we can no longer operate from this myth without further destroying the fabric of human society and of life itself. We are in no way the end-all species of our planet, universe, or of the infinite multi-verses out beyond our comprehension, so planet Gaia has no loss in letting us self destruct. She simply spawns a whole new array of beings to be blessed by the beauty and abundance of her gifts. Full Moon offers up yet another chance for awakening to our own folly. How can we refine our commitment to bringing more balance, order and ethical behavior into our individual lives in order to support the health of the whole? The Cancer Sun, Capricorn Moon axis is always about the pull between private life and our public role, between home/"family" and work. As we move toward a better balance, choosing to ignore the fear mongers as much as possible, we're in a more receptive place to get what must be done next. That really must come from within ourselves with increasing frequency as we enter into this new, radically unfamiliar living energy field. It's actually always been there, we've just been needing to sharpen our wits and perceptions to be fully present for the Magick Show. Sabian Symbol for 13 Capricorn: "A fire worshipper meditates on the ultimate realities of existence. The subjective quest for ultimates beyond the interplay of life and death processes." (Rudhyar)

    With Mars in Libra we've left behind at last the fairly demanding, and ultra long, period where Mars in Virgo had us obsessed with the pieces of the puzzle rather than the whole picture, from early Fall of 2011 'til now. Ideally we've learned a lot about how to take care of business without crippling ourselves and our relationships with hyper critical judgements, also more about how to improve our health free of the ridiculous, sometimes dangerous, dictates of the so-called experts (who change their minds every day about what's healthy and what's not). A nature-based approach to eating and taking care of the physical body, not to mention the mental/emotional bodies, is what works best and each of us must experiment to see what our specific systems need to be in, and maintain, balance. The next 7 weeks with Mars in the cardinal air sign are about the actions we can take to improve partnerships of all stripes and colors as well as how we function in group situations. There's more concern for cooperative efforts in this phase, how to offer our unique contributions to the group in ways that support the common goal. Since Venus has been most prominent over the last months, sending us on serious reviews about our values, relationships and pleasureful activities, this Mars passage takes us further on that quest. How are we showing appreciation and encouragement to our partners, friends and co-workers? If we're in the wrong environment, the wrong mix of people, now is the time to seek the way out, as Saturn opposing Eris puts feet to the fire in any situation where we feel we don't fit in. It's very serious business currently, so do not be tempted to procrastinate. Mars in Libra leads us in the right direction to find our place and our group, new partnership(s) or whatever is needed. Of course this passage also tends to bring out passive aggressive behavior in the off balance or unenlightened among us. Beware this frustrating energy drain, choosing to bypass it in order to conserve much needed energy for more important things.

    On the 13th Uranus, the Cosmic Wild Card, turns retrograde just one day before Mercury also pivots in the "backwards" direction, making these days before and after an exercise in getting used to " what just happened??" Trickster planet has been getting full on devilish over the past few, with Uranus' pivot unleashing even more extremes of disruption and technological mischief than we've seen in a while. Besides that kind of mayhem there are at the same time the amazing and awe-inspiring events and encounters reminding us of the miraculous quality of our existence, that we're beings of pure energy in an energy rich universe who've forgotten who and what we are. Be prepared for the unexpected.

    Mars moves into a potent combination of aspects on the 17th and 18th as we encounter the Dark Moon time where releasing the old and outworn is necessary. A trine to Jupiter on the 17th expands optimism but can too easily become overly mental and in the stratosphere, tempered by the Cardinal T-Square with Pluto and Uranus. Mars square the 2 powerful outer planets creates an atmosphere of anger, frustration, power struggles,  out of control tempers and other kinds of eruptions, physical and emotional. Be careful in traffic as road rage can hit an all time peak, and lay low wherever possible since the inner workings are what to pay attention to in this chaotic and high tension energy field.

    New Moon comes in at 27 degrees Cancer on the 18th, 9:24 pm, with the volatility of the Mars-Uranus opposition having peaked more than an hour before. Such explosive energy in a New Moon that highlights emotions is dangerous in situations where feelings have been unprocessed, unexpressed, unacknowledged.  Under Cancer's influence we can be be overly concerned with security and familiarity, but the other energies at work are pushing for radical reform and significant change on all levels. Bottom line is our safety and security entirely depends on massive changes in how we go about our day to day lives, in entering unfamiliar territory, and Neptune square the Moon's Nodes can help us surrender to this reality. Courage is a requirement for whatever we need to dedicate ourselves to in this highly dynamic beginning of the new monthly and yearly cycle, and there's plenty of support for this from the cosmic patterns. Rudhyar's interpretation for 27 degrees Cancer describes the atmospheric disturbances leading to needed change : "A Violent storm in a canyon filled with expensive homes. A confrontation with a social upheaval demanding the reconsideration of static values." Allow plenty of space for your deepest feelings and allowing them to teach what you need to learn right now without becoming overwhelmed by or stuck in the emotions. Pay close attention to what's calling you at this moment for your New Moon prayer/intentions.
    Mercury's retrograde pass in expressive Leo from the 14th to the 7th of August is an opportunity for us to re-visit our creative muse, inner child and most extravagant ideas to see what we need to act on and what we need to retire from the list of important projects. On August 21 the Winged Messenger re-crosses its retrograde degree, a time when it's more auspicious to go ahead with decisions, agreements, and contracts. It's crucial for each of us to step up during this fixed fire sign journey to express our truth, be willing to speak in our most authentic voice in order to add our creative gifts to the extraordinary and exquisite new reality we're creating together. Venus graciously reinforces this process as she re-crosses the degree of her retrograde turn (from May 15) on the very last day of July. She has become tremendously empowered, informed and willing to be vocal about her female power agenda, speaking through all of us willing to align with the changes announcing a new paradigm. What voice are you speaking in now? This Summer is the time we're getting ready to move so far forward it will take our breath away in looking back years from now.




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