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Month of June, 2012

     We start right off in June with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, on the 4th at 15 degrees Sagittarius conjoining a phenomenon in Deep Space called the Great Attractor (P. Sedgwick). This intensifies the already potent eclipse energetics.  Sun and Venus opposing Moon, Chiron opposing Mars, all form a Mutable Grand Cross exponentially increasing the shifty nature of the recent up and down, back and forth energy fields. Throw in the massively important Venus transit that will "eclipse " the Sun, so to speak, the next day, and we have an unforgettable lunar eclipse event where nothing can be taken for granted. We're ideally doing the work of sorting through, clarifying and prioritizing what ideas, relationships and creative ventures to dedicate our time, energy and resources into over the next few months. Don't be in a hurry, the instability is for a reason, and it's clearly not time to make our final choices yet, even if we feel we're there already. More input to come. End of the month is far closer to decision and action time, though the very last day of July is when Venus, in direct motion and highly empowered by her recent retrograde passage, re-crosses the degree she turned retrograde on re-crosses the degree on. This event always marks an important stage of finality to the matters we've been working on when a planet does the apparent backward spin. The review period having ended, in this case, on June 27 when Venus turns direct, we'll have had a whole month to sort, meditate, intuit and discuss, not to mention dream on, the possibilities that resonate most with our most crucial larger purpose. An optimal time for moving forward more tangibly. For the eclipsed Moon's degree Sabian Symbol reads:" The ground hog looking for its shadow on Groundhog Day…The value of anticipating new turns of events and ascertaining future prospects." (Rudyhar) Allowing ourselves plenty of room for seeing what is right in front of us, not rushing forward before taking in the present moment, is a good focus for this lunation. We'll learn a lot about what's needed if we do so.

    Social causes, women's roles, reproductive rights, gay marriage and other alternative relationship matters, workers' rights and the renewed struggle to maintain the gains of the Labor movement (made not so long ago in the last century) are all part of the collective agenda, even more emphasized and in critical turning points. The economy, and the duplicitous behavior of those in charge who are taking it apart, is of course an all important aspect of the Venusian review time. Don't be too discouraged at outcomes in the June elections as the timing is a set up for things being overturned and shifting once again later. The ongoing Facebook debacle is a prime example of how not to do important business when Venus is retrograde (but the public offering was also made in a Dark Moon, time for endings), and this applies to the elections too. On the personal level we're in the thick of relationship, social and financial dances where some pretty fancy footwork is required. Again, don't rush into things, take the 2 month period to think, feel, gather information, share concerns and best ideas, then decide. Self-worth is a big part of the Venus transit; do we value ourselves and our chosen work? If yes, that's great, it's supremely important! If no, or if nagging issues remain from past work on oneself, then go into it like your life depended on it now.

    On the 11th Jupiter enters flexible, curious Gemini, adding its expansive beneficence to all entertained ideas, yet also amplifying the multi-faceted, perhaps out of control, distractions that can interfere with real work getting done. Careful of ungrounded enthusiasm for opportunities that are not exactly in line with one's larger purpose. If we remain open, yet focused on stated goals, we'll go far and fast! Great mantra the 2 month period is: "I don't know, but I'm open." We're dancing between what is and what's stewing in our personal and collective cauldron.

    June 13 Jupiter joins the degree of the solar eclipse from May 20th. Keep those thoughts, conversations, visions, written words aligned with the highest frequency available, as this is another significant chance to energize them and expand them out into the Living Field, with rewards assured in the not so distant future.

    New Moon arrives at 29 degrees Gemini on the 19th, the 2nd mutable air sign New Moon since the solar eclipse in May. We're working so much in the mental realm these days, but Venus, in her multi-dimensional, terpsichorean  spin, is drawing us into the earthly realm; into the body, the senses, a more visceral experience of being in a human incarnation on planet Earth. Body, mind and soul merged to re-create balance in our individual lives and in our collective process of evolution. Jupiter, South Node and Venus join up closely to help us finish up crucial business from the past. We need to be comfortable with the flip-flopping stuff going on, in ourselves and those around us, as Gemini requires that we see and explore all aspects of situations as well as hanging out a bit within contradictions for now. Sun and Moon trine stabilizing Saturn and de-stabilizing Neptune to help us find a balancing point between what's possible and our most outlandish dreams. Fact is anything is possible now! The 1st of the 7 Uranus-Pluto squares is close to perfecting, exact on the 24th. It can be dizzying the amount and extent of change we're experiencing, or at least seeing right on the horizon, and of course all of it is necessary. Fighting the big changes only results in exhaustion at best and catastrophe at worst. It's good to cultivate a sense of the constant flux and movement of the universe we inhabit, and to move more in the physical body as much as possible, even in small ways. Sun-Moon closely oppose Galactic Center, another indicator of huge transitions and opportunities for birthing new forms on all levels, in all areas of life. 29 degrees Gemini Sabian Symbol reads:" The first mockingbird of spring. The creative exuberance of the human soul in response to life experiences." (Rudyhar)

    Next day on the 20th Sun enters 00 degrees Cancer marking the high energy turning point we call Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. One of those times when we do ourselves a great service by taking at least part of this day to step out of usual schedules and acknowledge and venerate the larger reality we're a part of. Mercury-Saturn square each other placing boundaries around fluid communications, making it difficult to articulate with ease, but a Venus-Uranus sextile helps us feel the higher frequencies of energies coming through us. Being still for a time is a good way to see/feel/hear what we're being offered. Tribal and community connections are emphasized for the season ahead, as we start to gather into groups of shared goals and values more and more.

    June 24 and 25 are days when the extremes of energies are particularly focalized. Massive confusion and events around water issues or movement is probable with Jupiter squaring Neptune in this timing, yet we can use this exquisite gift from the cosmos to surrender to the higher calling, whatever that is for each of us. And collectively we can use this energetic to come together in recognition of our shared experience and shared problems to resolve. As we acknowledge the reality of the human family and our roles as co-creators, the miracles will unfold; from alchemical processes, with humans collaborating with Nature, to the power of unified consciousness to see through the previous patterns of alienation, separation and destruction. Saturn also turns direct on the 25th, bringing months of undercover work, so to speak, out into the open again, where projects we may have felt had failed or disappeared can regenerate into viable enterprises. We're most likely beginning to see some substantial, however resisted, changes in the social order. Mercury enters Leo to further stimulate creative ideas for the coming weeks.

    Venus does a forward spin on the 27th, pivoting at 8 degrees Gemini. The ancients said in her re-emergence from the "underworld" she was sometimes "dripping with blood", referring to the transformational power of the archetypal feminine planet, and to the price we pay when we do not venerate the power and wisdom of Divine Feminine. All female archetypes were demeaned, disempowered and belittled in the patriarchal shift thousands of 5 thousand years ago. Now is a crucial time in the re-emergence. Earth Mother is talking to us now in no uncertain terms and will not be ignored any longer. Love and compassion and being fully present are the common denominators that  promise a thriving future, nothing more, nothing less.




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