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Month of May, 2012


      Venus in Gemini has been in her shadow degrees since April 11, those degrees she will re-visit before her upcoming retrograde pass is over toward the end of June. We can be easily expanding our networks and beneficial contacts during this phase and through July when she re-crosses the retrograde degree on the 31st. Curiosity, flexibility and a sense of humor are some of the qualities Venus will be expressing through for this period, while we're invited to re-think our assumptions about love, personal and cultural values, how we attract what and who we desire. Financial resources are under scrutiny and we'll be raising awareness of the high cost of commerce in an out of control marketplace that trades in more and more useless junk every day. Venus traverses one of the signs ruled by Trickster Mercury, and will undoubtedly bring about a multitude of situations with lessons about fickleness in love, distractions pulling us away from important creative projects, how to shift into more effective communication styles in our partnerships and social realm in general. In the collective this transit bodes ill for those who have launched a more severe than ever War on Women, because they will absolutely be the losers. Gemini's link with commerce and Venus' link with money combine nicely to ensure new developments in economic matters and theory. The best minds are putting in extra time on intelligent, and fair, ways to improve our economic structure that benefits all, in the more feminine model. The planet of love and artfulness moves in 8 year cycles that draw a five-pointed star (ancient symbol of the actualized human) in space, a particularly magical terpsichorean happening in the heavens by the 2nd closest planet to the Sun. On the 6th of June Venus will put in a rare appearance as she crosses the Sun, a little black dot over the solar mass, in an eclipse-like action that reverberates with events from the 3rd week of April, and is re-stimulated on July 20th.

    As May begins Sun, Jupiter, Ceres, Vesta and Sedna (planetoid named for Inuit Creation Goddess) are all in the serene fixed earth sign Taurus. Again the emphasis falls on the feminine polarity with the planets, asteroids and planetoid lined up in a feminine sign, and 3 of the bodies representing feminine principles. Earth's resources are always a factor under Taurean influence, but this year it's an especially crucial focus. Ceres and Vesta point to the need for protecting and empowering women and children, healthy food production, ecological responsibility not only for the benefit of our species but for all life forms. Physical body is another big area of concern as we learn more about how to take care of these amazing systems through the right nutrition for our particular body type, the most enjoyable and supportive activities to generate well being and through becoming aware of the importance of incarnating fully into the physical in order to function effectively. So many people spend much of their lives hovering in some out of body, or nearly out of body, state that they can't get things done in the material plane. So often people don't realize how much they "vacate" in the quest for escaping realities they prefer not to face. But this disables our effectiveness and negates the very reasons for which we incarnated in the first place. Might as well "Be Here Now" as Ram Dass would put it, and discover how magnificent this reality can be when we're fully present. For those already happily embodied this is a wonderful time of savoring the great pleasures, and learning the lessons, offered by listening to the body and providing what it needs while having the resources, tools and techniques to manifest our purpose. 2012 is a highly significant year for joining the collective in bigger ways and in alignment with higher values and humanitarian principles. What can we do, for instance, that ensures more children who normally go hungry are fed? If violence against women and children, including psychological/emotional, is right in our faces in our own lives, or in our neighborhood, or in the line in the grocery store, what action can we take to help break that cycle? If nothing else we can always send an energetic blessing of love and protection for the most vulnerable in our midst. Sedna's influence assures a raging, grieving force of rebellion emanating from those places in the world, including our own back yard, where women, and consequently Gaia herself, are exploited and brutalized. Respect for life starts with respect for women, the female body, motherhood, children's needs, and once we're there the rest will follow. But there can be no justice and balance in a world where the feminine, and the female body, are so pervasively commodified, denied, demeaned and desecrated.

    Full Moon on the 5th, 8:36 pm PDT, at 16 Scorpio is a SuperMoon (one of 5 this year) with greatly enhanced gravitational pull, affecting our planet and our individual bodies in a more intensified energy field. Ceres, Jupiter and Sedna oppose the Moon aligned with the Sun in Taurus all adding to our growing awareness of an economic/political/social system that is increasingly global and destructive, while we're also shown the shift in consciousness that is most crucial for us to rebuild a system fair and just for all. The Scorpio-Taurus axis is about all forms of resources, both in our personal and shared realms, and helps us identify where we've gone astray in what we value most and what we can do to come back into balance. A Mars-Uranus quincunx is high tension, something of great import about to explode, implode, erupt or be ejected into outer space, so to speak. Be mindful of increased tensions and the dangers of unconscious movements, which can have particularly severe consequences right now. This aspect is best used to integrate new techniques into our work or open more to unlikely, but inventive, solutions to problems. Mercury opposing Saturn can be hard on communications as we tend to be curt or even abrasive or judgmental. This can be good for a clear focus on a problem needing some new strategies, which Venus supports wholeheartedly in her trine to Saturn, sextile to Mercury. Chiron-Pluto still inter mutually beneficial sextile over a long period of time this year are working together to enhance any process of detoxing, de-cluttering, dissolving, deconstructing on the way to healing old sorrow, resentments, regrets. Sabian Symbol for the Moon's degree reads:" A woman, filled with her own spirit, is the father of her own child." Again the power of the feminine arises out of the ashes of 5,000 years of patriarchal dominance, a system we'd so internalized by now it became as second nature. Now it's disintegrating and we find ourselves caught between the old and brutal system of top down power structures of greed and control and a new system of re-connection to Earth Mother and sharing her great abundance. How we get there, and how fast we get there, depends entirely on how much each of us commits to doing things differently, to opting out of the old system wherever and whenever we can, while operating in more and more ways from the sharing, communitarian model. As the symbol for this lunation says, we have it within ourselves to birth the new free and clear of any traditional modes of operating.

    On the 15th Venus stations to retrograde motion to begin our month and a half review of the matters most relevant to her: love, money, self worth, pleasures, values, all earthly elements. 16 degrees Gemini is the point activated by this empowering event, a degree described in the Sabian Symbols (this interpretation by Lynda Hill) as:" A woman activist on a platform giving an emotional speech dramatizing her cause." Hill continues that rather than remaining passive -"she must press her case or the status quo will remain." This speaks to the literal presence of women in the political/economic/social forefront along with the imperative for the feminine model of healthy societies to be implemented all over the world. It's clear that women have been the major forces behind the revolutionary actions unfolding globally in the recent past, along with feminine models of cooperating and consensus decision making in the most effective social/political movements of our time. The backlash against women has intensified just as astrologically predicted back in the late 1970's by this astrologer and others. This actually has become a war against life itself since the highest level decisions are increasingly pro war and ecological catastrophe and against workers and the poor, which includes so many women and their children, and which is certainly un-win-able. In any case be particularly attentive to your most cherished creative ideas before, throughout and for a month after the Venus retrograde pass since these gems will be more energized and strategized than in a long time. Wherever 14-17 Gemini, or thereabouts, resides in your chart is a significant area in this whole Venusian journey of abundance vs. lack, love vs. isolation, connected social group vs. alienation, creativity vs. compliance with the norm, articulated values vs. unconscious slavery to the unbalanced system. Koyaanisqatis is the Hopi word for life out of balance (also the name of that important 1982 movie). We're living that now, but this year brings vast opportunities to make progress toward a new balance.

    New Moon Solar Eclipse at the first degree of Gemini, 4:48 pm PDT, vibrates with tremendous consciousness changing potential on the 20th. Sun and Moon line up near the Moon's South Node for an extra clear release of the past, and square Neptune to let in all the vast realms of consciousness we usually bypass in our day to day lives as early 21st century westerners. Integration of the larger reality, represented by the dream body, meditative state, intuition and psychic vision/hearing/sensing is especially available to us now. A return of the Mars-Pluto trine, made a Grand Earth Trine with Vesta joining in, ensures that we can find practical ways to use this expanded awareness, particularly in the most efficient and highly effective uses of resources. Mars also opposes Chiron challenging us to merge the rational and the intuitive free of self-sabotaging judgements or impatiently rushing to act before we've properly meditated on a situation. Juno opposes the lunation highlighting partnerships and the showing us new ways we can interact that fosters healthier, happier connections, while Jupiter and the Sun-Moon join the degree of the Pleiades, a star system considered by many cultures to be their point of origin. This eclipse has the power to awaken collective and individual memory, to re-connect us with our true past history as a species and to our potential for the future. We have a ridiculously distorted and limited view of who and what we are through the prevailing scientific "knowledge" and theory, and so much to discover as this year unfolds that leaves us aghast with wonder. " A glass-bottomed boat reveals undersea wonders. The revelation of unconscious energies and submerged psychic structures." (Rudyhar's Sabian Symbol for 1 degree Gemini)

    So much more to come as we move ever closer to the 1st Uranus-Pluto square in late June that is another stage of the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in the '60s when the culture exploded with an awakening of communitarian ideals and revitalized Peace Movement, that stopped a war. This is the challenge phase where whatever is still in the way of functioning as a more just and fair society will come at us in monstrous proportions until we give it up. We all have an important part to play, contrary to what those in power would like us to believe. An empowered, creative citizenry is not only hard to handle but impossible to control! This is our true heritage, and this transit is our time to go to the next stage of taking back personal power and using it for the common good. Wherever the 7-10 degrees cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) are in your chart are areas of enormous upheaval and breathtaking change.




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