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Month of April, 2012

       Three important planetary changes in direction occur within the first 2 weeks of April this year; Mercury pivots direct on the 3rd at 24 degrees Pisces , Pluto on the 10th turns retrograde at 9 Capricorn and Mars on the 13th at turns direct 4 Virgo. These cosmic events signal a clear path for moving forward on the most essential projects and processes, both collectively and individually. Pluto's annual retro pass, this year backing up from 9 to 7 degrees, gives us time to deeply process, and further let go of, old patterns that sabotage us on our evolutionary path. This applies to the masses and to each of us personally, and depending on where Pluto currently transits through each person's natal chart. Mars has been getting us ready to take the most effective and responsible action possible toward our stated goals, while Mercury has been supporting clarifying and articulating them. Mercury and Mars, though in significantly dissonant signs (Mars in Mercury's sign, Mercury in Aries for most of it) through the last few weeks, have also been in the relationship called "mutual reception", meaning each has been in the sign ruled by the other planet, giving them a more than usual rapport and greater ease of working together than would have otherwise been possible. So, while this has been a particularly challenging last few months and weeks, with plenty of contrasting and chaotic influences to set us off balance, perhaps feeling like we're on a roller coaster ride of sorts, it has also been a time rich with potential for getting clear, grounded and more firmly committed than ever to our higher goals. For those who have been able to hold their center, stay in the moment and not succumb to the collective angst, much has been accomplished, while being in a powerful position to accomplish much more in the coming months and years.  For those who have not been able to keep walking the tightrope without falling there is still much support for getting back to center and moving on. The question in April will be which direction is the best for each of us now, and how can we maximize the potentials of the moment represented by the current positions of the planets in our personal horoscopes?

    Venus enters Gemini (also ruled by Mercury) in the first few days of the month adding even more mutable energetics, and will stay in the sign of communications, perception, commerce and mobility into August as the planet of relationships, flirtations, pleasurable pursuits, personal values, self esteem and financial matters goes retrograde in May. This sends us on a journey of review and reflection over all these matters. Gemini also represents the archetype of the Fool, Sacred Clown, Trickster. This passage extends the review process in this pivotal year that calls for much more adaptability, clear self-articulation and better communications among us, ideally with an expansion of a healing sense of humor about ourselves and our all too human foibles. Relationships will be in the spotlight by way of highlighting the need for truth-telling. We cannot expect to get what we want if we've not said aloud what that is, and in words and tone the other person can hear. Clear expressions of gratitude and appreciation are the very most skillful uses of this planetary passage. Venus in Gemini can additionally be fickle, capricious, but also willing to be flexible. In the financial realm we seem to be headed for a Spring/Summer of quick-changing situations, requiring close attention to the marketplace for sudden shifts, while calling for a lighthearted attitude about the fickle nature of the economic ups and downs. By late June we'll be thinking, communicating, considering self-worth and dancing with our muses with more clarity and assurance if we've done our internal work as Venus moves direct.

    Full Moon at 18 Libra arrives on April 6, 12:19 pm PDT in a wide conjunction with responsible and self-disciplined Saturn. At least those are some of Saturn's most important lessons for us, and as it now winds up its 2 1/2 year passage through Libra it's been working on us collectively and individually to re-structure the unjust and unsustainable in society's institutions and in our own lives. Its impact on this lunation reminds us of the vast inequalities that must be made right in order for our species to evolve into the next stage of being human, but bottom line is in order for our species to survive at all. Flexibility to shift with the tides is required for all of us with the changes in direction of Mercury, Pluto and Mars within a few days of this lunation, as well as the Mutable Grand Cross formed by Juno-North Node, Chiron-Neptune, Mars and Venus-South Node bringing to light the great need for a more feminine, connected perspective. This cross can unleash tremendous magic if we tune in to the music of Nature and the Cosmos, disconnecting from those devices we're so constantly plugged in to long enough to hear. Are we moving/thinking/expressing to the rhythms of Earth Mother or to the nerve-jangling cacophony of the electro-magnetic energies emanating from everywhere, and taking over more and more of our mental/psychic space? Singing, vocalizing, chanting are good ways to work with re-alignment to the larger creative reality. Meanwhile we've been, and will continue, working on the inner/outer balance of masculine/feminine for each one of us and to further the collective healing, with Venus and Mars both having their every 2 year retrograde passes this Winter and Spring. Sabian Symbol for 18 Libra reads:" Two men placed under arrest. A breakdown in the constructive relationship between the individual and society, and the expectable result." (Rudhyar) This image can work in two entirely different directions and brings to mind the quote from Krishnamurti, so relevant to this time: "It is not a sign of good health to be well adjusted to a sick society." Finding balance, health and loving relationships in our lives indeed has nothing to do with aligning with the values of this very ailing society and the way off the track of common sense and sanity "experts". It's far more about owning and fully embodying who we are as individuals and knowing what contributions we have to offer in our relationships and to our communities. Spiritual grounding, or being in touch with the essence of why we're here, is the primary work in order to form together life sustaining communities, aligned with our evolutionary potential and full awareness of the impact on generations to come.

    Pluto is the 2nd planet to change directions this month, pivoting on the 10th to retrograde motion into the 3rd week of September. The planet of power, transformation and the "underworld" realms of subconscious mind, shadow aspect of the human psyche and all parts of society we as westerners find unfit for dealing with directly (sex, money, power, death) takes us on an inward journey that can be frightening, enriching, transformative and healing. Wherever 8-10 degrees Capricorn fall in your chart is an area of heightened emphasis in all Pluto ruled processes, and is where the extreme re-structuring of the June Uranus-Pluto square is unfolding. Mars turns direct on the 13th after over 2 months retrograde in the restrained, grounded and skill-oriented sign Virgo. This is a decidedly energized turning, giving us the motivation, clarity and wherewithal to move forward in matters of importance, particularly ones that went "underground" since late January, but also with projects we'd made some progress in last Fall. How we're caring for our physical body needs has been a notable focus for the entire Mars in Virgo passage since last November, and now is the moment of truth as far as implementing new routines  of nutritional intake, physical activities and stress reduction practices to name a few, supporting improved well being if we haven't already done so. Paying attention to the body's cues is especially important since we all have individual systems with individual needs, with one-size-fits-all diets and routines being all but useless, or even worse.

    Taurus New Moon on the 21st, 12:20 am PDT brings the 2 lights together at 2 degrees, joined by Ceres, the archetype of feminine wisdom in nourishing ourselves, taking care of more vulnerable beings, fostering and sustaining healthier ecosystems. This beginning point in this pivotal year gives us the opportunity to initiate projects and practices that honor Gaia and all her abundant resources, to bring about healthy changes in our individual financial situations, ideally lined up with personal values. It's the responsibility of each of us to learn more about how our economic system operates or we will continue to be the victims of the increasing corporate greed and destruction that currently controls it, along with government. Under the influence of Taurus we can see this set up clearer and also see some of the solutions in taking back our financial power, as well as reversing the trend for toxic and genetically modified food products. Uranus-Mercury trine Juno-North Node upsets old paradigm gender roles while inspiring new ways of living and working together free of the past dysfunctional and unequal structure. Rudhyar's Sabian Symbol for the lunation degree:"An electrical storm. The cosmic power able to transform all the implications of natural existence." We have all the resources needed to shift the direction we're headed in, to clean up the messes we've made, or enabled by our inactivity, and transform the polluted and destroyed to thriving, productive life once again. We also have this capacity in our personal situations, but it all requires raising the frequency of our thinking and expectations to include the miraculous.







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