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Month of March, 2012

   Even with 3 planets retrograde for most of the month, March will prove to be a notably productive time with potent opportunities for manifesting important goals, idealistic vision. At the very least we'll be well on our way if we focus in, working with the especially grounding energies, rather than getting ahead of ourselves or regretting what hasn't worked out in the past. Mercury enters Aries, birthing point in the zodiac, on March 2 firing up the mental realm with bold, passionate ideas that must be reviewed and tested out a bit from the 12th 'til April 4 as the Trickster planet turns retrograde. It's conjunction with Uranus on the 5th stirs up even more restlessness to act on the new impulses, but we'll benefit far more from putting them on the back burner through the retrograde period, instead staying with the projects we've been working on for a while. Mercury will make 2 more passes over Uranus between now and April 22 reminding us that old ways of looking at problems no longer serves us, and helping us acclimate to the evolutionary/revolutionary energies of the time. Venus passing through the last degrees of Aries in the first few days of this month has been highlighting imbalances in relationships of all kinds, financial realities needing new strategies and the realities of women's position in society. The current, and ongoing, war against women's reproductive rights, conducted by the Republican Party and the Catholic Church in this country, is raging on. But this year, and this Spring, Venus unleashes a new wave of response to this repressive movement, particularly through her somewhat rare retrograde phase from May 15 - June 27 when women's rights and needs will be even more in evidence. On the personal level, especially with the Venus transit so closely following the Mars retrograde in action now, we're all having space to review what we really want, need, and are willing to spend our precious time and resources on obtaining.

    On March 8 Virgo Full Moon perfects at 1:41 am PST at 19 degrees joined by retrograde Mars and in a wide Grand Earth Trine with Jupiter and Pluto, enhancing all efforts at finding practical solutions to the most thorny problems. This can also result in hyper analytical behavior that gets us nowhere but more discouraged and disappointed in our progress so far, so beware the temptation at this lunation, and beyond, to deny ephemeral, mystical and non-material aspects of your experience. Appreciating fully where we've come up to now from where we were even last year is important for the extraordinary productivity and even magic of this configuration of planets in earth signs affecting us all this month and into late May when Mars is re-crossing these same degrees of its retrograde pass. Mercury, along with asteroid Vesta, joins Uranus for the first of the 3 passes, between now and late April, for energetics that can significantly speed up the release of old thinking, old approaches to problem solving, inviting us to look at everything with new eyes, opening our minds to possibilities that seemed impossible just a while ago. This journey for the Trickster planet, which turns retrograde on the 12th of March, can also result in moving too fast with the danger of missing important moments, details, seemingly small elements that are actually crucial to a successful outcome. So patience, perseverance and a slowed down pace are what get us where we're going, even as our minds are processing stuff at warp speed. And be alert but wary of speaking up too impulsively as this can also be a period where we're likely to blurt out stuff that should have been well considered before saying aloud. Neptune-Chiron, sextile Venus-Jupiter and Pluto, opposite Moon-Mars, are the head of a Kite formation promising wonderful accomplishments if we stay aligned with spiritual principles important to us and deeply listening to our own internal voice. All of this, again, requires bypassing the ongoing cacophonous dialogue of the collective, where chaos, angst and utter frustration are playing out. We're getting great lessons in increasing powers of concentration, not in an obsessive way, but in a consciously chosen, clear focus on what is most essential in our lives. Relationships receive the benefit of the mystic and earthbound Kite aspect as well as the merging of North Node with asteroid Juno, helping us move into new levels of acceptance and understanding in all our partnerships, especially the one we have with ourselves. Rudyhar interprets 19 degrees Virgo for the Moon in this lunation: "A swimming race. The stimulation that comes from a group effort toward a spiritual goal." This is certainly an image of one pointed concentration that is also dedicated to a goal serving the common good, and can also be about getting lost in the race to be first and best. When our energies are channeled into work that serves our personal and shared ideals there's harmony within and without. At this juncture in the flow of 2012 we need to be wily, discriminating, flexible, dedicated and above all kind to ourselves and our fellow travelers. Wherever 19 degrees Virgo and Pisces fall in your chart are the areas of illumination for this powerful Full Moon, where you need to balance the inner with the outer, the practical with the ephemeral.

    Mark the 14th on your calendar with a commitment to take steps toward your ideal, knowing the universe is in a full-on supportive push to enable the best outcome. As long as we're clear, free of ambivalence or self-doubt the Grand Earth Trine energies can do nothing but promote manifestation, especially in the areas of material prosperity, skills and techniques needed need to go further, helpers and other resources required. The more we've worked in a focused way up to this point the more rewards we'll experience. On the 20th Sun enters 00 degrees Aries marking the Spring Equinox, the birthing point in the zodiac. This year Sun is joined by Uranus and Mercury for more of the extra firey, bold, in-the-moment, evolutionary energy moving us further into a new reality. Feelings of unfamiliarity in usually familiar situations are to be expected in light of the changes in unstoppable motion. Breathe deeply and go with it, leaving old should and feelings of remorse behind. This sacred time is one of the power points in the seasonal cycles, where we benefit most from taking time out of routines to be in synch with the planetary being, Gaia, and with our own inner spirit/healer. If we're receptive at these times, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to be on this planet at this time in a human experience, we'll be given clear guidance to support the way forward.

    March 22 marks the New Moon at 3 degrees Aries, another highly energized turning point in this yearly round of 2012, where both Mercury and Uranus are still closely impacting the Sun and Moon at their monthly marriage, igniting the new cycle for the month ahead, and for the year ahead in the matters ruled by Aries; birthing new projects, alliances, perspectives, taking bold action, acting as the pioneer, Spiritual Warrior, guide into new new territory, mental/emotional/physical/spiritual. The Kite formation from the Full Moon continues to lift us into the next dimensions and levels of mastery if we're allowing ourselves to move within our own unique evolutionary process, within the collective process. That means of course paying close attention to where the "current " of the day is for us each day we awaken to a new field of possibilities. What line of action is calling you each day? Being in the moment is the only way we can follow the inner calling, and the Aries New Moon gives us another golden opportunity to do just that. The area of impact for you personally is where 3 degrees Aries falls in your chart. What new action is energizing you now, making you so restless and fired up you cannot possibly stay still? Taking a risk is required, knowing that there is no wrong direction for the time being as long as we act. We're setting patterns in place for the years to come as we approach the Uranus-Pluto massive cultural shifts beginning in earnest in June. Daring to fully embody our own purposes now will serve us well in these years of upheaval and more radical change, while retreating into "safety" will only place us in more precarious situations, not to mention mental/emotional states. Sabian Symbol for 3 Aries, according to Rudyhar, reads: " The cameo profile of a man, suggesting the shape of his country. The sustaining power of the Whole, as the individual identifies himself (herself) with Its life." Sun will join Uranus on the 24th and square Pluto on the 29th, for significant previews of things to come in the more powerful June alignment of the 2 outer planets most connected with major change.

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