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Month of February, 2012


    On February 3 wispy, mystical Neptune re-enters its own sign, Pisces, for the next 13 years. There was a brief visit in 2011 from April 4 to August 4, where were given a taste of what the years ahead could hold from the Neptunian perspective; planet of dreams, hallucinations, fantasies, delusions and inspired imagination. Images and symbols take on increased potency and relevance for this entire period, certainly emphasized right now as it re-acquaints us with the numinous in our lives. During its home sign transit many more people will be working with, and benefitting from, the techniques of visualization, dream interpretation, all kinds of water therapies, to name just a few, as we also become more attuned to the necessity of sacrificing ego needs as well as service to a higher principle in our lives. People are re-awakening to daily spiritual practice being as important to well-being and healthy functioning as taking care of the physical body. Spiritual teacher Jiddu Krishnamurti's wise words ring truer every day: "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." The Neptunian tide coming in expands consciousness into the higher dimensional realms where we can see not only the sickness, but the remedies, more clearly by examining problems from that broader perspective.

    Heightened emotional sensitivity and alignment with ideals characterizes the next few years, necessitating active work with the emotional body, keeping feelings flowing while being aware of the wisdom we gain from moving with them rather than getting stuck in them. Of course this time is also highlighting escapist tendencies, dependencies on substances and other obsessions, deceptions and delusions that must be left behind. Artistitc expression will be particularly powerful and refined, impacting mass consciousness more notably in visual and musical expressions, especially, of the divine from a vast diversity of human experience. Wherever Neptune influences our personal patterns, at the first degrees of Pisces this year, is an area of surrender, dissolution, inspiration and greater access to the unlimited consciousness, the living field of no boundaries, no separations. If you can locate the House position in your chart and read about that House you'll be validated and somewhat ahead of the game, more able to navigate the misty, elusive and highly psychic energies at work. Neptune is called the "higher octave of love" planet, while Venus is the "lower octave", meaning that Venus is about personal love we generally have our egos invested in, at least to some degree, while Neptune teaches us about love that has no conditions and is truly a way of being rather than an emotion focused on, and directed at, another. Unity consciousness is the unstoppable trend between now and 2025.

    So get out your cameras, water colors, poetry books, dream journals, musical instruments (which can be almost anything, including of course, our own voice) and make art, work creatively with images in any medium you choose, use symbols resonating with you at a deep level of knowing, immerse yourself in your favorite, most uplifting films, as well as literature, and get plenty of sleep to make sure you get enough of the dreaming state of consciousness which we need now more than ever.

    Meanwhile, along with the advent of a more Neptunian/Piscean atmospheric condition, Saturn, representing the complete opposite of those unlimited qualities, has been slowing down considerably to turn retrograde in a close, supportive trine to Neptune. Saturn's realm is limitations, structure, solid foundations, making a clear plan and following it, and the kind of long term commitment the other planet has no concept of. This pairing is quite auspicious since the organizational skills and general know how of the one planet is in harmony and alignment with the vision and higher ideals of the other, making it all the more possible to bring dreams into "solid" reality. Saturn turns to apparent backward motion from Earth's perspective on the Full Moon which arrives on the 7th at 18 degrees Leo. This added, beneficial influence is accompanied by pressure to commit our precious time and energy more and more in the direction of our goals, as it raises awareness about such matters as deadlines and disciplined work within the playful, expressive energy field of Leo and the nebulous field of Neptune. Clear boundaries must be made that separate what's relevant and sustainable from what's fleeting and inconsequential. Saturn also makes a tight quincunx with Venus focusing on financial matters, collectively and personally, in need of important adjustments, relationships feeling the consequences of neglect and vagueness, and any unresolved sense of unworthiness. Mercury joins the Aquarius Sun opposing Moon helping us articulate the elements most out of balance in order to come up with creative solutions, a good time for brainstorming, sharing ideas that may seem too outlandish and writing down the best of them which could otherwise be lost in the mists. Retrograde Mars quincunx the Sun-Mercury needs time to check out the details, and include others in our intentions, before we act. Uranus trine Juno, goddess of relationships, ensures radical changes in partnerships, with matters coming to a head that have been simmering for a long while. More independence and focus on each person's uniqueness are the prominent themes along with liberation from the past. Venus also changes signs tonight, entering passionate Aries for more dramatic possibilities in the areas of romance, finance, fun and creative projects. Sabian Symbol for 19 degrees Leo Moon: "A houseboat party crowded with revelers. The water reflects its lights." (L.Hill) The image can refer to either an experience of pleasure and congenial company or a claustrophobic situation where, if one is not with one's social group, the experience could be confining. This highlights the importance of finding and gathering with our soul group.

    Saturn will be retrograde in the latter degrees of Libra until June 25 when it turns direct at 23 degrees, completing its Libra transit by early October of this year. During its last retrograde phase in the cardinal air sign Saturn (the Teacher archetype and Father Time) compels us to clear up any lingering unfulfilled commitments, making serious progress on unfinished work around all kinds of partnerships and cooperative ventures. Under its influence we experience the consequences of past actions, for good or ill, making this an excellent period to learn from what we're receiving and experiencing. This becomes clear feedback on what we've set in motion by past actions and how to adjust ourselves in present time for improved results later on.

    On February 21 Sun and Moon perfect their monthly marriage in the Pisces New Moon at 3 degrees, along with Pisces' ruling planet, Neptune, also joined by Pallas, Chiron, and in later degrees of the mutable water sign, Mercury and Vesta. That's a massive turnout in the sign where we learn that all is interconnected, the universe is a limitless field of shapeshifting energy, and that love and compassion are the most significant, meaningful human experiences, awakening us to our miraculous nature. This beginning point in the yearly round invites us to enter the next cycle immersed in the magic of our existence, centered in the heart with compassion for all beings, including ourselves. Saturn trine Sun, Moon, Neptune, Pallas, Chiron enables us to stay grounded even in the midst of this elusive energy field. Vision is powerful, dreams are especially significant while the Muses call those of us who are listening to create from this place of enchantment and mystical insight. Juno squares the line up indicating that empathy and compassion are the best ways to deal with relationships as long as we're clear about compassion for self first, otherwise this challenge can be quite confusing. Where are the early degrees of Pisces in your chart? This is a most potent opportunity to slow down enough to tune into the numinous, to be silent enough to honor and follow intuition. If we don't slow down we're bound to experience a great deal of chaos, confusion, emotional tangles and uncertainty. A sextile from Sun-Moon to Jupiter in earthy Taurus reminds us to stay connected with Earth Mother, expanding our awareness and reverence for the natural world. Lynda Hill's interpretation of 3 degrees Pisces reads: " A petrified forest, an eternal record of a life lived long ago." What we're thinking, imagining, doing in present time will leave a mark for all time after we've passed into another realm of consciousness. What do you want to leave behind as the record of your current lifetime? Meditation, prayer and paying attention to dreams are the most powerful, and reliable, practices for this time.





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