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Month of January, 2012


   Saturn (Libra) and Neptune (Aquarius) are in a close, uplifting trine in air signs as the new year begins as harmonious co-conspirators. The planet of higher vision, imagination, inspiration and the planet of manifesting those ideals and visions in the material world combine forces, bridging differences and offering new scenarios of how the future might be. This aspect is an auspicious sign that we are moving toward a much more humanitarian model of community (global, regional and local), cooperation and societal structures based on compassion, healthy productivity and concern for what we're leaving for the upcoming generations. For each of us these planetary energies are working on us individually, influencing different areas of life where we're being urged, through pressure as well as inspiration, to change with the times. Of course there reaches a point where we have no choice, so it's wise to pay close attention to the dissolving, de-constructing and disappearing processes in progress, in the collective and in our personal experience. Saturn requires focus, presence and commitment to contributing our unique gifts in ways that benefit the group, while Neptune makes sure we're not getting stuck in the rigid confines of the old, dualistic, polarized ways of going about it. Meanwhile the revolutionary impetus set in motion by Pluto and Uranus in cardinal signs continues and is building in power as the 2 outer planets move toward their first exact, radical square aspect in June. Tibetan Buddhist monks, who among other things practice remote viewing, say we'll have extraterrestrial intervention this year to avert some of the more devastating probabilities we're presently headed for as a result of our human created mishigas. This is not a far-fetched scenario any more given the energetics of the outer planet activities, so if not this scenario, be prepared to witness/experience events with equally mind-expanding potential, and that connect us more intimately with the rest of the Solar System and Galaxy.

    Jupiter has recently turned direct in Taurus, adding to its usual higher perspective especially practical ways to accomplish the work we have before us. The new energy field, represented by the outer planet activities over the last few years, has shifted so that our relationship to money, and real material resources, is very different. In this new structure we find, over time and with experimentation, that the living field responds to sensible values based on real work, real goods, authentic needs, rather than the ephemeral and collapsing model of money being made with money. Jupiter in Taurus provides us with substantial support, over the next 9 months of direct motion, for progress in remedying environmental and economic problems, individually and collectively, while an ongoing trine with Pluto through beginning of April offers greater penetration into the very source of our troubles. Pluto and Uranus continue their revolutionary dance building toward the next radical, reality-changing square in June, the first exact aspect that will come back again over the next couple of years. Tibetan Buddhist monks who engage in remote viewing, among other things, say in 2012 we'll experience extarterrestrial intervention to avert some of the more devastating outcomes of our greed and ignorance gone wild behavior. ( This is no longer a farfetched scenario, given the energetic patterns of the outer planets, so if not this scenario, then at least be prepared for events that just as mind-expanding and disorienting. The best preparation for each of us is to attend to our own immediate needs and follow the heart's desire, as we're far more able to take in the new experiences from a place of self-fulfillment and equanimity.

    Full Moon at 19 degrees Cancer, opposite Capricorn Sun, perfects at 11:30 pm PST on January 8, illuminating all unfinished family business, awareness of our true tribe as well as the pull between personal needs and work obligations. There are plenty of insights, revelations and practical, down-to-earth solutions available at this turning point in the massively transitional year we've entered. What's the next step for you since the the New Moon on December 24? We can't do better than to begin this year by replenishing ourselves in whatever ways seem most helpful and pleasurable, fully supported by Cancer Moon's demand for nourishment on all levels; physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. Mercury-Pluto and Jupiter in earth signs form a triangular pattern with Neptune-Chiron in air and water respectively, potentially revealing phenomenal shifts in perception accompanied by improved material circumstances if we align ourselves with the subtle realms. This requires times of silence and inner stillness, which are more and more part of the practices we all can engage in to thrive threw the chaos. Mercury also squares Uranus for lightening bolts of insight while at the same time encouraging people to let fly whatever thought is currently occupying their cranium, a potentially volatile situation. Jupiter still closely opposes Saturn making sure we're properly restrained and responsible about any of our higher priority projects and plans. Of course this relates in the collective to the shifting, unsteady global financial structures undergoing death throes that promise no return to the way things were. Again, values and priorities are in massive transition as we humans enter the next crucial stage in committing to what is essential. Eris, one of the newly discovered planets, is in a yod aspect with Mars and Juno exposing where the discord is in partnerships and what strategies we can use to come back to balance, or if there never was balance and both parties are not working on it, then providing the courage to end it. Sabian Symbol for 19 Cancer Moon:" A fragile miss, representative of proud old blood, is wed in a ceremony by a priest to an eager youth of the new order. -The 'Old' and conservative is 'married' to the 'New' and 'Eager'." (Lynda Hill) Where we come from is as important as where we're heading, but must be integrated, especially now, into our lives as part of the healing process, honored and embraced.

    Aquarius New Moon on the 22nd, 11:41 PM PST, falls at 3 degrees for the beginning point in the monthly lunar cycle and the annual cycle in all matters ruled by the fixed air sign. Sun and Moon in this phase of the ever renewing, cyclic coniunctio, the sacred marriage of polar opposites, dance with the Uranian evolutionary energies. The luminaries are square expansive but earthbound Jupiter, reminding us of our stewardship of our part of the planet as well as helping us set better priorities serving our highest needs. Sun and Moon also form creative, evolutionary sextiles to Uranus, planet of revolution/evolution, which is joined by Ceres, representing the emerging feminine archetype in the new paradigm demanding justice and sustenance for all beings and environmental responsibility. Mars has slowed down considerably to turn retrograde tomorrow, so its influence is emphasized many times over at this lunation as it trines Mercury, an aspect increasing motivation to get things done with efficiency while enhancing, or learning new, skills and techniques. Mars is in its almost 8 month journey through refined, and at times fussy, Virgo, giving us lots of time to review, and improve, work habits, health routines, physical workouts; to let go of obsessions and perfectionism, hyper-critical attitudes, toward self and others, and find the authentic motivation for how we spend our time and energy. "A deserter from the navy stands suddenly aware of a dawning truth: freedom is never the result of compromise." (Hill) This image reflects the rebellious quality of the times, and of this new beginning point in the yearly round, where so many are awakening to their own conscience, their personal truth, and acting on it with clarity and courage. In the year ahead, and the years to come, we're called to increasingly stand firm with our most heartfelt convictions. This is the only path, the path of the heart, that will lead us through the chaos while co-creating the New World.




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