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Month of December, 2011


    Three planets change directions in December, moving to direct motion; Uranus (sudden changes, awakening, technology, divine guidance, earth movements), Mercury (communications, mechanical and electronic equipment functions, traffic patterns, short journeys) and Jupiter (overviews, law, long distance travel, especially by airplane, philosophy, metaphysics, higher education). With these planets slowing down to pivot direct their areas of influence come to the forefront, and we're able to move ahead freer of the delays, need for re-organizing, re-thinking and various glitches that can come up with retrograde planets. Our reality is expanding exponentially with the massive shifts in consciousness accompanying these 3 consciousness-related celestial bodies.

    Uranus is the first to turn on the 9th, day before the 2nd eclipse of the season. The planet of surprises, shocks, breakthroughs, brilliance that liberates us from the past and whatever prevents us from moving toward the future, is vibrating at particularly high frequency and with urgency, at the first degree of the passionate, courageous, impetuous sign Aries. The pioneering spirit is with us at this time, urging us to release the old "shoulds" and try something innovative, experimental and resonating with new paradigm. The rules of the game have changed, so allow in the most outlandishly creative ideas and solutions. Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 10th, 6:36 am PST, at 19 degrees Gemini brings into the light another stage of what was significant at the Thanksgiving solar eclipse. Mercury, Gemini's ruler, is still retrograde, creating mayhem in the business-as-usual realm, which we early 21st century North Americans don't seem to get is going against the cosmic/earthly energetic flow. This is why Mercury's retrograde periods have such a reputation for being a pain in the ass, because we insist on ploughing ahead at times when the universe says slow down, review, re-work, re-negotiate, etc. If we're aligned with the internal process of fine-tuning what we've been working at, then all is good. This lunation has an extra amount of the Trickster in it, though, since the Winged Messenger really wants us to laugh at ourselves and our most self-sabotaging foibles at this moment in the cosmic cycle, an excellent way to let go of more of the delusions we've been harboring about ourselves and our reality. Lightening up is something we could all use more of! North Node conjoins the Sun in Sagittarius for a wide open look into the future and the possibilities for uplifting the human experience into a higher level of functioning.
    Both Mars and Jupiter trine Pluto, a potent triumvirate in earth signs, assuring the real work of implementing transformative solutions gets done, and gets done right. That means efficiency, precision, high productivity, all done from a broad perspective, and with Venus also trine Mars, with gusto! Whatever we're focused on right now has great potential for progress if we stay with it while being especially attentive to clarity in communications and a positive outlook. Mars square the Sun, Moon and Moon's Nodes challenges us to honor the smallest, most humble details, while keeping an eye on the larger picture. This aspect can also instigate harsh analyses which only serve to block us from moving forward with ease. Mars will re-visit the degree it transits at this moment in early March and late May, making sure we've been thorough, respectful and skillful in all our actions for this first part of the year following planet Earth reaching the zero point. The Moon is the planet of the People, and in Gemini opposing Sun in Sagittarius, represents the People being ever more vocal and eloquent in spreading the message of peace, justice and fair economic policies. Wherever the Moon's degree falls in your chart is an area of brilliant illumination, echoing the conditions and events of an eclipse at the same degree in December of 1992. Reflections on that time can bring more profound insight into what's going for you now. How has your thinking evolved since then to match core beliefs? Are your core beliefs aligning with the more limitless new paradigm field of consciousness, or are you still slogging around in duality? Of course it's a learning curve, as they say, not something that happens all at once. For the Moon's degree the Sabian image is about "reading and learning, collective knowledge coming from ancient sources, enormous potential to be tapped." ( L.Hill) It takes work on our part to explore with open minds and be clear in our purpose, but all we need is available to enter the new field of reality fully equipped.

    A few days later Mercury pivots direct on the 13th at 5:43 pm PST very close to the degree of the Thanksgiving New Moon Solar Eclipse, which will give us more information, or more accurate information, about what was happening then, or how we were thinking about things. This is greatly facilitated by the Full Moon's especially luminous effect still shedding light in all directions. Mercury will clear the degree it went retrograde on at the end of the month, which is the optimal time to finalize important decisions, sign documents, seal all kinds of deals. And of in the market for major purchase items this will be a much clearer time to buy a car, new computer system, or whatever.

    At 9:30 pm PST on the 21st Sun enters 00 degrees Capricorn for one of the most time honored celebrations on this planet over many thousands of years of human existence, the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer Solstice in the Southern. Solstice Sun joins Pluto for the 4th year in a row, infusing the season once again with enormous transformative power, along with the fearful scenarios and austere predictions of those who fail to grasp the meaning of this time. The hardest part will undoubtedly be fending off the aura of gloom that has entranced so many, the best part will be experiencing the continued awakening to a new reality. Sun also squares radical Uranus challenging the old assumptions about who and what we are, and what we're doing here, like never before. We're in Dark Moon time for this turning point, a perfect opportunity to wrap ourselves in the velvet darkness to release old burdens and dream in the next cycle.

    New Moon at 3 degrees Capricorn arrives on the 24th at 10:06 am PST, also empowered and terrorized by the proximity of God of the Underworld, Pluto. The terror comes with being out of touch with ourselves and the miraculous world around us, the power comes in knowing who we are and what we value enough to devote our precious time and energy to. Beneficent Jupiter not only trines the Sun and Moon for the beginning of this cycle, but also is stationing to turn direct tomorrow, Christmas Day, after almost 4 months in apparent backward motion. This amplifies Jupiter's influence many times over, ensuring great rewards for firmly planting ourselves, and our life's work, in the fertile soil of our most cherished values. Jupiter in Taurus expands possibilities for generating and using resources with the highest intentions for the common good. The House in your chart where early Taurus falls is an area of potential growth and rewards in the material realm if you focus consistently, and positively, on what your present needs are. Rudhyar's Sabian Symbol for 3 Capricorn:"A human soul, in its eagerness for new experiences, seeks embodiment. A powerful yearning for whatever will increase the scope and depth of one's contacts with other living beings."




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