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Month of October, 2011


    As October begins there are 4 planets and an asteroid still transiting Libra, the cardinal air sign associated with any type of partnership, collaborations, negotiations, justice, equality and aesthetics; Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Juno. Of course Venus and Juno are cosmic bodies also tied to relationships, increasing the concentration of energies focused in this area of our lives for the early part of Fall 2011. From the Libra New Moon on September 27, when the lineup included the Sun/Moon and comet Elenin in opposition to erratic Uranus, we have been shaking up and turning around our one on one connections, ideally aiming at making the optimal changes necessary to creating healthy, balanced alliances in our lives. And the shake ups have extended into the collective by way of continuing, and growing, global rebellions, including our very own Occupy Wall Street movement in the US that brings together masses of people from all walks of life to counter the economic injustices of an increasingly corrupt system. This seems to be the manifestation of the eruptive, earth-shaking energy we were seeing play out from the New Moon into the coming months. Rather than earthquake or volcano activity of global impact the Uranian explosion has taken place, so far, within human society, exactly where it's been needed, that has been building for several years. The Scales of Justice are Libra's symbol, while the planetary lineup in this sign indicates a time for starting to seriously bring into balance the effects of the excessively out of balance system where 1% of the people hold an obscene amount of wealth, and are hoarding more and more to the detriment of the masses. It doesn't matter what your politics are, when there's such a huge imbalance, the living field/natural law/the universe, is always at work to bring about balance, whether in human affairs or the natural world, or in this case, both. Saturn's sojourn in Libra is especially focalized on bringing about accountability and social equality wherever the powerful have been preying on the weak, or disempowered. The lesson we're hopefully getting, for once and for all, currently through Saturn's stern teaching, is that social justice must prevail in order for the human species to continue on planet Earth. Outer planet activities have been exposing to us for several years now that environmental concerns and social concerns are inextricably connected. We would not have disasters in one area without also having to deal with disasters in the other. The time has come to evolve past the separatist, petty and ignorant ways of the past, to acknowledge our common origins and common goals for creating equitable societies for all. These are not simply utopian ideals, they are our birthright; peace, justice, equality in healthy, thriving environmental systems.

    On the 9th Venus is the first planet to enter Scorpio, with Mercury following on the 13th, and the Sun on the 23rd. Scorpio represents a significant shift in mood from Libra's quest for fairness and harmony. The fixed water sign sends us into the deeper layers of love, self-worth, values, and pleasures with Venus; communications, especially non-verbal, with Mercury; and creative expression, ego attachments, unacknowledged motives with the Sun. All of these inner planets will oppose beneficent giant Jupiter from the 14th to the 28th, expanding on the themes just listed, giving us ample opportunities by way of greater perspective and the needed resources to work with, if we've been steady in our personal focus over the past 3 months since Jupiter first crossed the degrees it's transiting now. Also within this time period the comet Elenin will make its closest approach to Earth in a tight alignment that seems to indicate the next level of globally significant events, especially those moving us further into a new paradigm. Obviously all this shifting going on places more stress on the human system, as well as on animals, and indeed all life forms in one way or another. It's particularly important in this change of the seasons to make sure we get good rest, breathe deeply in the fresh air, drink plenty of clean water and eat nourishing, strengthening, seasonal foods as much much as possible to support physical body, while being aware of the cosmic energies we're receiving with increasing intensity.

    Full Moon at 19 degrees Aries falls on the 11th, 7:06 pm PDT with Mars, ruler of this lunation, trine the Moon and Saturn joining the Sun in opposition. While Mars exponentially increases the fire of this illuminating moment, Saturn's presence reins in some of the more impetuous tendencies, reminding us to be mindful of how our actions are impacting others, both in personal  and larger community situations. To come more into balance Saturn nudges us to do more with less effort, to learn efficiency of our personal energy output as well as better conservation of other resources. Saturn rules government and big business, among many other things, and is most certainly causing some backlash at this time to those who have been hoarding power and resources for their personal gain. Of course we all must own up to our complicity in how horrifically things have become off balance. As the Occupy Wall St action says, "we are the 99%", which ultimately boils down to, we have the power and have been giving it away for years. Outer and inner planet activity says, take it back with as much grace, level-headedness and compassion as possible. On the personal level where are you needing to claim, or re-claim, your power, assert your will, again with the most skillful and kind actions? A quote from a lifetime martial arts teacher (sorry I've lost his name) "Compassion is the ultimate source of power in all advanced martial arts." Aries Full Moon is all about how we engage our personal power in order to enter new territory in our lives. Rudhyar's Sabian Symbol for the Moon's degree reads:" The 'Magic Carpet' of oriental imagery. The use of creative imagination." The image speaks to a necessity for using humor, art, and the yearnings of the heart in our journey into an unknown future.

    Scorpio New Moon at 4 degrees brings the Sun and Moon together on the 26th closely joined by Juno, and with Mercury/Venus in union at later degrees of the fixed water sign. This is the annual beginning point for all Scorpio ruled matters, particularly affecting those with Scorpio Sun and/or other planets and points. Jupiter opposes, Pluto sextiles Sun/Moon in powerful and harmonious aspects supporting progress on many levels, from the material to the spiritual if we're aligned with core values. This lunation comes just 2 days before the calculated end of the Mayan Calendar by Swedish Biologist Carl Johan Calleman who studied the calendar for many years. Our relationship with time is shifting in a way we can't possibly imagine, but are about to find out. It's certain we will be operating more awake, aware and multi-dimensionally than the previous 5,125 years at least. What is imperative is the move into unity consciousness for the human species since it is the only way we can continue to inhabit planet Earth. The end of the Mayan Calendar is of course at the same time the birthing of a whole new era for planet Earth. Scorpio's influence sends us into the dark places in our psyches; the unacknowledged motives, unprocessed emotions, unresolved relationships, all that goes into self-sabotaging habits that have been blocking the way to personal liberation and collective cooperation.
    Asteroid Juno joins Sun and Moon helping to heal the wounds of past relationships and transform the unhealthy dynamics in existing ones, while outer planet dynamo Uranus makes an electrical, but awkward, quincunx to Juno, Sun, Moon, that acts like a lightening rod for sudden change. Jupiter-Pluto are perfecting (exact on the 28th) their 2nd of 3 highly productive trines in earth signs, which will be complete in March 2012, supporting success in the ongoing transformation of cultural values, financial systems, and personal material realm issues. We can move mountains with this aspect, awakening as a collective to the futility of fundamentalist religious beliefs that have kept us separated in ignorance and brutal competition for millennia. Of course the only ones benefiting from the false beliefs about whose god is more correct or powerful are the very wealthy few who continue to control more and more aspects of our existence. This New Moon is alive with opportunities to release the old paradigm, going beyond fear of the unknown. If you've been feeling like you were out of synch with the cultural trends and not doing what you're "supposed" to be doing within the current consensus reality, then you're most likely right on track to enter the new reality with greater ease. A consciousness open to what is unfolding in the moment is the safest, most effective place to center ourselves. " A youth carries a lighted candle in a devotional ritual. The educative power of ceremonies which impress  the great images of a culture upon its gathered participants." (Rudhyar's Sabian Symbol for 4 Scorpio) Any shared rituals/experiences of celebration and unification of purpose we participate in at this time has enormous potential for effecting positive change. Letting go, surrendering into the vast Mystery, may be the most powerful practice for this time. Without bracing for dramatic events or global disasters we can anticipate this opportunity with wonder and awe, with the possibility that it can unfold at the more subtle levels. However change manifests in the upcoming months and years, it's most important to remain open, clear and willing.




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