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Month of August, 2011

    As August begins Mercury, planet of communication, networks and the ability to integrate diverse elements, has been slowing down to turn retrograde, and will pivot on the 2nd, 8:50 pm, at the 2nd degree of Virgo, and will backtrack through the last degrees of Leo 'til August 26. Those with planets and points at the early degrees of mutable signs (Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces) wil feel the effects of this retrograde period more dramatically than the rest of us, either to great benefit or greater chaos, all depends on whether we're attending to the inner life or not. The Winged Messenger, Trickster has been moving slower in fact since July 25, signaling us to be more cautious with information and become more internally focused. For the next 24 days we're in a review period of all that has occurred since at least the July 15 Full Moon. Of course it's best to leave all important moves, if possible, until after the 26th when the way is clearer for unobstructed action free of the miscommunications and delays of the retrograde phase. We also benefit enormously from what we've learned and what adjustments we've gone through as Mercury was "under-ground", that is if we've cooperated in the direction of the energetic flow. Mercury is the Magician in the Tarot, representing that part of us with the ability to re-integrate heaven and earth, body and mind, masculine and feminine, light and dark, as he/she is the Traveler between the Worlds. It's retrograde periods are golden opportunities when we allow ourselves to release some of the linear, hyper-achieving, narrowly focused habits of the conditioned western mind. Utilizing all our resources, rational and intuitive, and being aligned with heart-mind is the work of the inner magician. We'll no doubt be questioning integrity in this passage, from our own to those around us, and including the integrity of various important systems and those in leadership roles. Sabian Symbol for Mercury's pivoting degree is about a "liberating ordeal".

    August 2 is also Lammas, cross-quarter day halfway between solstice and equinox. As one of the 8 seasonal and energetically sacred fire festivals of the year, this one marks the harvest season's beginning, and in the larger sense operates on the theme of reaping what we've sown. On a personal as well as global level we must accept what we've created, at the same time going into a state of profound reflection on what we can do to improve conditions from here. Obviously this is a much more skillful , and cosmically supported, approach to the the current crises than succumbing to a sense of powerlessness. Void Moon all day does not bode well for beginning new projects. Meanwhile, don't be shocked by the level of insanity that comes along with the deconstructing of our economic/political system; it was going to happen no matter what! Part of healing ourselves and our world is the practice of pausing long enough to  honor these turnings infused with higher energetics in the living field.

    Fresh from the Leo New Moon on July 30, we are certainly aware of the need for courage and confidence in the midst of the (necessary) utter chaos in the world around us, that is in the economic/political/business realms that impact us whether we want them to or not. As Mercury re-ignites the late degrees of Leo for the rest of the month we can more easily, and joyously, articulate and validate our heartfelt yearnings. What is your most unique gift to the collective? This is an excellent time to re-write our life's story from a higher and less judging or comparative perspective. 

     Mars enters Cancer on the 3rd for a month and a half as the Warrior planet shifts from using intellect to motivate action to a more emotional and security-minded approach. We're moving a bit slower while far more likely to consider the impact of our actions on those around us. In the unskillful aspect of Mars in Cancer passive aggressive behaviors tend to emerge as we can easily mistake stuffing negative feelings for maintaining good relationhsips. Of course that doesn't work because feelings unprocessed, acknowledged, unexpressed just don't magically disappear; in fact they increase in power and subvert our most well-intentioned motives. Mutually beneficial connections and security are the big motivators during this period where we can discover who in our immediate realm we have that kind of interaction with. Those are the people we want to collaborate with in creating our highest intentions. As a nation the US has Venus, Jupiter, Sun and Mercury all in Cancer making this a particularly important Mars transit for this country. Unfortunately this could very well result in desperately grasping for the comfort and security we are surely losing as a collective entity. But on the positive side it can also have the effect of motivating many to take action based on unconditional love and compassion. On the 9th and 10th Mars will make highly stressful aspects to Uranus and Pluto, requiring n extra amount of objectivity, compassion and letting go of what no longer belongs to us.

    Neptune slides back into humanitarian Aquarius on the 4th 'til Feb. 2012 when it will re-enter its own sign Pisces for the long haul. This is a once in our lifetime aspect that guarantees massive shifts in how humanity experiences itself. We're definitely awakening to being spirits having an experience in a body rather than over-identifying with the physical body as the main definer of self. Spirituality is becoming more accessible as many, and more to come, leave behind their need for an intermediary between themselves and their Source. 
    The Catholic Church's long term insensitivity to the abuse of children is being exposed to the extent it looks as though the sexual abuse of children has been an unspoken, even necessary, part of the power structure. Not a too farfetched concept in any case. This just emphasizes the overall corruption and brutality of organized religion in general, not that the Church is the only perpetrator (although the holocaust against wise women/herbalists in the 1400's to 1600's in Europe perpetrated by the Church continues to be ignored completely). But Neptune in Pisces does not leave room for any more vulnerability to this level of control and abuse. The ongoing abuses of children by LDS factions is also showing us where we've gone way off track with religion, with current revelations showing that practices of child abuse (child rape, forcing children to bear children when their bodies aren't even developed enough for healthy procreation) are sanctioned by local law enforcement and the larger communities because they're part of the same religion. Some practices by LDS mothers have included using suffocating techniques from infancy to control children so they won't express emotions, stopping them from crying by holding their nose and mouth so they can't breathe when they start to cry. If people are shocked by these revelations of ongoing practices these next few years may be difficult to say the least since the era of denial is clearly over. The shock should be how we can allow these practices to continue. NYT  July 31 reports a town in Afghanistan where the people, even the girl's father, want to execute a young girl and her lover because they tried to get married, and months ago there was such a stoning to death of 2 young people. If we recognize that what's been done behind closed doors makes sense in light of the dominant philosophical/religious power structures of the last 5,000 years then we're right where we need to be, with eyes wide open and ready to co-create vibrant, life-affirming change for a vastly different future.

    Full Moon on the 13th at 21 degrees Aquarius is joined in a wide arc by Neptune and opposed by Sun, Venus and Mercury in Leo for a powerful illumination of all the Emperors with no clothes on a global scale, and on the personal level helps us come to balance between our individual and collective goals. Uranus, Mars and Pluto form an radical, extreme T-Square that has huge momentum for change. Uranus and Pluto remain in a tight square aspect that becomes exact next year and has 7 hits between 2012 and 2015. With passionate, but sensitized, Mars activating the reality changing outer planets at this lunation we can expect high drama and most likely significant progress in the global movements for liberation. The US Jupiter is especially impacted, indicating important shifts in the ongoing power struggles instigated by the extreme agenda of the political Right. So much more will be revealed of the secret deals and hidden motives. Meanwhile Chiron in Pisces continues to mitigate the hrooific potential of Pluto in Capricorn in an ongoing, soothing sextile. Wherever 18-26 Leo falls in your chart is the area of glorious insight, revelation, opportunity for creative expression. Sun-Moon, North and South Nodes form a Mystic Rectangle aspect greatly increasing the probabilities for help from unexpected, or unknown, places. Sabian Symbol from Rudyhar for the Moon's degree: " A disappointed and disillusioned woman courageously faces a seemingly empty life. The capacity to meet emotionally upsetting experiences in human relationships with stregth of character and persoanl integrity." The 17th will be an important day of action as Mars crosses the degree of the July 1 solar eclipse and Moon joins Uranus, squares Pluto-Mars and opposes Saturn. Be sure you're grounded and awake!

    Sun enters Virgo on the 23rd for the yearly passage in the mutable earth sign known for its analytical expertise, ease with acquiring and refining skills, and general efficiency with the smaller details so crucial to day to day life. Mercury turns direct on the 26th at 19 degrees Leo whose Sabian image is about "freedom from social rigidity" (Rudyhar), signalling the go ahead for projects and agreements. New Moon at 6 degrees Virgo on the 28th forms a Grand Earth Trine with Sun, Moon, Pluto and Jupiter, a massively productive alignement of planetary energies. We can move mountains if we've been focusing on our highest creative goals. For those with birthdays around this time it will be a year ahead of major accomplishments, so don't limit yourself. Mars' square to Saturn helps us move through obstacles with patience, gentleness and compassion rather than more aggressive means, that is if we don't get caught up in feelings of insecurity and neediness. Sabian Symbol for 6 Virgo reads: " A merry-go-round. The first experience of the dynamic intensity of life processes and of the possibilty of using them to reach a characteristic ego-satisfaction."


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