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Month of July, 2011

    July starts right off in a spinning, terpsichorean cosmic dance of New Moon Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees Cancer, engaging Sun and Moon in a Grand Cardinal Cross with no less than Pluto, Uranus and Saturn, the "big guns" of the solar system. We're dancing all right, en masse and individually, on the very edge of such massive changes we can barely make out where we are, and certainly have no clue of what's next. However this uncertain state of affairs can be exciting, even exhilarating, to those who've come to terms with the rapidly shifting energy field, and consequently the faster passage of time. For those not quite there yet this may be excruciating, frightening and feeling like the ground has opened up beneath their feet. Of course many of us are experiencing all of these states, moment to moment as we try to make sense of our world and our place in it. It's no coincidence, for instance, that Greece, the birthplace of Western civilization, is having the latest, and seemingly most dramatic, meltdown in the ongoing economic disaster of the past 3 years, an important part of the re-structuring of human society globally. As the old paradigm is crumbling we need to work at not relying on it for answers anymore, as tempting as that may be since it's what we know.

    Under Cancer's influence our need to re-connect with the past and be nourished by the familiar is paramount, while the grand cross theme challenges us to balance these comfort needs with a willingness to let go of dysfunctional behaviors, relationships and attachments to work and institutions that no longer have meaning for us. This can include the clarity to sever, or modify, ties with those who don't see us in a respectful light. Jupiter harmonizing with Pluto in a trine, and with Sun-Moon and Chiron in sextiles, proliferates more humanitarian, compassionate values, considering the needs of all beings for sustenance. Mercury enters confident Leo today for 4 weeks, and will spend extended time in the fixed fire sign when it retrogrades back into Leo in August into September. Creative ideas and lively communications characterize this passage, though we must beware of the infamous Leo propensity for excess and melodrama. Eclipse degree for Sun and Moon from Sabian Symbols from Rudhyar: " A large diamond in the first stages of the cutting process. The arduous training for perfection in order to fully manifest an ideal." This image speaks to the potential of human consciousness, the mind "through which the light of understanding will shine brightly" as we dedicate ourselves ourselves to the discipline of mindfulness. Especially as this is the last of 3 eclipses in a 4 week span, take time out to clarify what your needs are at this moment in time while being willing to receive. The next 6-12 months will bring rewards for the work we commit ourselves to now, and the eclipse is particularly potent for those with planets and points between 3- 12 degrees of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn).

    Chiron and Pluto have begun an ongoing close sextile recently that will be in effect off and on through 2012. This pairing combines radical re-structuring, psychologically, emotionally, materially, along with compassionate awareness and a realization that the spiritual, or energetic, aspect of reality has far more substance in fact than the physical. We adapt most easily to the sweeping changes of the next few years, with Pluto-Chiron as potent initiation energies, by paying as much attention to meditative, reflective time as we do to taking care of worldly needs. These 2 areas are inextricably and forever entwined. Spiritual practices take on more immediate importance as ways to navigate the transitional times ahead.

    Uranus pivots to retrograde motion on the 9th for a few months, as we experience a stronger electrical current over the last few and next few days. Things may seem especially erratic, uncertain, but at the same time we can liberate ourselves more easily from old, stuck habits and situations that no longer serve. Venus has squared the planet of awakening on the 7th, upsetting the status quo in relationships and also affecting finances. Be cautious with expenditures around this time. That said, it can also be fun and creative, a great time for trying something new.

    Full Moon at almost midnight on the 14th PDT falls at 23 degrees Capricorn opposing Sun and Venus in Cancer. This opposition brings out the conflict between our public, or work, life and our private realm as we attempt to create a healthy balance between these areas of life. More and more we've been pushed to emphasize work and financial gain in order to just have a reasonable level of comfort for ourselves and our families. It's the old paradigm story that we should work this way, and for far too many at increasingly disconnected, meaningless jobs for pay that does not provide even the basics. The new energetic filed supports shifting more into meaningful work that occupies less of our time, sharing tasks so that everyone has enough time for recreation, family activities and rest. The ideal is one third work, one third play and one third rest for a perfectly balanced, healthy human existence. Most of us are very far from that ideal, but it's a good goal to keep moving toward. Jupiter sextile Chiron, trine Pluto continues to impact consciousness-expansion, personally and collectively, pointing to a future of more grounded, earth-centered priorities where we have an awareness of taking care of each other. This combination will help many bust through some of the current thinking that resources are limited and must be controlled by the super rich. If we go with our instincts, intuition, dreams, spiritual guidance we'll be amazed at what is possible. Our reality is expanding into dimensions we have only glimpses of so far. Venus forms a Grand Cardinal Cross at this lunation with Pluto, Saturn and Uranus, bringing partnership issues to the fore in no uncertain terms. More independence and the freedom to explore one's unique path is the imperative as relationships go through necessary changes in form and type of commitments. Sabian Symbol for Moon's degree: " A soldier receiving two awards for bravery in combat. The reward offered by society for the fulfillment of individual responsibility." (Rudhyar)

    Ceres spends extra time at the first degree of Aries this month, a point in the zodiac where initiating new realities is the prominent theme. Ceres' energies are similar to the Moon's, with nurturing, nourishing and caring for the young and vulnerable important areas of concern. We may find ourselves at a whole new place in how we need to approach food production and distribution. Certainly many serious problems are needing attention within the global food industry. The condition of the world's children, awareness of the increasing numbers existing in dire poverty will be part of this month long beginning of a new era in Ceres ruled matters. Also we're called to take new steps in our personal habits and practices for maximum well-being, our own and the rest of the beings we share this planetary home with.

    Sun, Moon and Venus line up in Leo for the July 30 New Moon at 8 degrees of the fixed fire sign, for the next seed moment in a spectacularly evolutionary year. Leo is the sign of creative self expression, confidence and generosity. It can also, when unskillfully engaged, bring out egotism, high drama and a craving for excess.  With Venus joining the luminaries at this beginning we continue to work on partnerships, issues of self-worth, our heart's desire and value systems in general. Meanwhile Jupiter squares the lights and trines Pluto from Venus' sign, Taurus, re-emphasizing the theme of values, priorities, and helping us generate earth-based economies to replace our current systems based on ephemeral money and human greed. Uranus trines Sun-Moon amping up the possibilities for creative changes, ensuring shocking, exciting and innovative events. Mercury opposes Neptune reminding us of the wisdom we find within. The more we look for answers to our most difficult dilemmas outside ourselves, the more confused we become. This entire year is a crucial time for deep reflection on our innermost feelings and perceptions, and paying attention to dream messages in order to find our way. Mars opposes the Galactic Center in the sign of communication, signaling the need for articulating our most creative ideas and creating networks focused on birthing new forms. Wherever 8 Leo falls in your chart is an area of creative possibilities you may have thought were out of reach. Rudhyar's Sabian Symbol for 8 Leo reads: "A communist activist spreading his revolutionary ideals. The emotional and ideological attempt to return to a state of non-differentiation and chaos as a prelude to a new type of order." Make your New Moon intentions around dedicating yourself to being and sharing who you are at heart. It's necessary for each of us to shine forth with our individual gifts and unique perspective, now more than ever.






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