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Month of June, 2011


    June starts right off with a Gemini Solar Eclipse at 12 degrees, with Sun and Moon aligned in a sustaining, supportive trine with Saturn, planet of long term plans, structures, firm foundations and legacies from ancestral lines. Saturn helps keep us focused and in line with our more meaningful intentions that could be otherwise skimmed over, or even lost, with the mutable air sign in charge of this lunation. Also this is the 1st of 3 eclipses (2 solar, 1 lunar) between now and July 1, unleashing a highly dynamic series of events and breakthrough energies within just one month. With this beginning to the summer of 2011 we can expect many more radical shifts shaking up our world, pushing us to define and re-define the most effective and positive actions we can engage in right now. No more putting off cherished dreams and goals for the future,  since now is the time to begin in small, quiet, or bigger, splashier ways, whichever suits our current process and life situation. Wherever this lunation falls in your chart by House placement and proximity to angles, and whatever planets are aspected, are areas of emphasis. How are we shifting old ways of perceiving and analyzing our experiences and the world in general? Old networks and associations are dissolving before our eyes, while new ones are showing up based more on what's most essential to our higher purpose. Otherwise things are quite likely more chaotic than seems bearable, so if this is the case for you be sure to look to the new opportunities, or new alignments, presenting themselves over the last few weeks. A quote from the Buddha reveals some of the deeper meaning of this eclipse:"The thought manifests as the word. The word manifests as the deed. The deed develops into habit. And the habit hardens into character. So watch the thought and its ways with care. And let it spring from love, born out of concern for all beings." You may want to get out journals, unfinished stories, novels, articles or blogs, and write your heart out. And don't forget to articulate appreciation for all those diverse beings of every stripe and color who inhabit your world. "Liberation from the ghosts of the past" is a description of Rudhyar's Sabian Symbol for 12 Gemini. "Every new beginning is surrounded ghosts (or personal and social karma)." We must be aware that our conditioning and our animal nature preference for the familiar can be obstacles to navigating the changes with relative ease and equanimity. Additionally we need to acknowledge and accept that social karma is at play along with the reality of individual karma.

   Neptune Turns retrograde on the 3rd in a subtle spin highlighting dreams, imagination, intuition, fine art and the words, sounds and experiences that penetrate our alienated, separatist illusion of ourselves and our world. This pivot affects us days, even weeks, before and after as Neptune has slowed down considerably over the last month, and in the 1st degree of its own sign, Pisces. This also has the effect of sensitizing us more to feelings, our own and others', and to the toxic substances we come into contact with that we have usually ignored. The next few months will probably bring to more public awareness the fact that our regulating agencies, which so many take for granted, cannot be relied upon to keep us safe from toxic foods, environmental disaster and infectious disease. This is part of the broader awakening requiring us to take more responsibility for our well-being and the well-being of generations to come.

    Jupiter completes its impetuous, pioneering journey through Aries, entering Taurus on the 4th for a year of expansive and pleasurable, and/or stubbornly out of date, explorations in the realms of: how we acquire material abundance, management of resources, value systems that actually support general well-being, and solutions to environmental problems among other things. The senses are a prominent aspect of our experience in this passage, which can for many be a time of gaining weight, either for good or ill. We certainly can't, and don't want to, avoid the pleasures of being in an earthbound body, but will do best to keep moderation in mind for the coming 12 months. Jupiter in Taurus aligns us increasingly with the values and wisdom of indigenous as well as ancient cultures where communities center their lives, rituals and collective efforts around the seasonal turnings, and where a strong sense of place informs all they do. It's well worth getting a look at which House, or Houses, in your chart Taurus occupies to anticipate the growth and opportunities available to you personally through Spring 2012.

    The next major planetary shift occurs on June 12 when Saturn pivots to direct motion after almost 5 months of being retrograde in Libra. This turning marks a new phase in significant societal and individual re-structuring, reorganizing and making more solid alliances, agreements, commitments affecting the future. Whatever themes have been most emphasized for us since last winter, that went kind of "underground", or possibly that we had given up on, are re-emerging for further action. The next few months we'll be going further in creating new relationships with authority, recognizing our own inner "expert" and forming more equality-based alliances.

    Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse on June 15 at 25 degrees coincides with the black hole that is Galactic Center in the Milky Way, a point of birth and death on the cosmic level. This is an extra long total lunar eclipse, in fact a whole 100 minutes, only 3 minutes short of the longest total lunar eclipse of this century on July 27, 2018; and it's in between 2 solar eclipses. The extended length is bound to result in more dramatic events as an outcome of more intense emotional responses, along with the placement at Galactic Center, which resonates with the 26,000 year cycle that's ending/beginning this year. Milky Way Galaxy, not just planet Earth, is birthing a new cycle along its evolutionary path. Sagittarius is always concerned with a higher perspective, finding and aligning with the most meaningful ideas, philosophies world views, that is unless we're engaging with its lower expression which is most interested in partying, over-indulging and grasping for unrealistic and ungrounded fantasies. Wherever this lunation impacts your natal chart will be an area, or areas, of revelation and emotional intensity. Mercury joins Sun-South Node opposing the Moon-North Node with upsetting but crucial information, revealing much more about the important ways we've been fooling ourselves as well as been fooled by leaders and those we call the "experts". What ever plays out here the thing to remember is we're getting powerful lessons in what to leave behind and what to pick up on, with no regrets, no looking back, heart and soul, body and mind all lined up in perfect synchronicity.
    In June 1992 there was an eclipse at this degree, when Bush Sr. was campaigning unsuccessfully for re-election, based in part on unpopular foreign policy with Iraq. This August South Node in Gemini will hit the US Mars as it did in Nov. '92 when Bush was officially defeated. This should mark an end to the US stance in foreign wars that have no defined or justifiable beginning, nor end in sight. What were you up to in June '92 that now has reached a whole new level of unfolding? Sabian Symbol for 25 Sagittarius reads:" A chubby little rich boy rides on a hobbyhorse." (L. Hill) This image could be referring to an important initiation, social and/or sexual, a training exercise before one gets to the real thing, or to idle play leading to nothing of value. We all have grand opportunities in present time to  sort through all the inessential masses of information we receive and zero in on what resonates for us as authentic and of lasting value.

    Summer Solstice arrives on June 21 when the Sun enters 00 degrees Cancer making a close trine with Neptune, a broader square with Uranus and opposition to Pluto. This chart has significance for the whole summer of 2011. Beginning the season with all the outer planet influence, as well as the impact of 3 eclipses in a row, promises a dynamic, extreme and highly unusual summer. We're learning to be in the moment in order to know what to respond to next, otherwise the tension and anxiety will be too much. Since rapidly changing reality is not slowing down for us to catch up we need to be totally aligned with spontaneity and experimentation, while at the same time keeping our higher purpose in clear, steady focus. Mercury's tight square with Saturn cautions us to be careful and responsible with communications, while a trine to Moon in Pisces increases the need for, and attunement to, patience, compassion and sensitivity. Prayer, mantra and sacred words and music are especially called for, and have major impact. Our security seems to be ephemeral at best, yet this is because we're shifting our grounding, our sense of what really makes us "secure". Jupiter in Taurus' easy sextiles to Neptune-Chiron and Solstice Sun, and potent trine to Pluto, reassure us that fulfilling work and relationships, and an awareness of our place in a miraculous universe, are, after all, the greatest wealth we can experience in the earth plane.



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