Cosmic Calendar

Month of April, 2011

    April's super dynamic beginning is marked with more raw energies at work instigating more extreme situations and events, as 6 planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus) and planetoid Eris all line up in cardinal fire sign Aries.  This is an exciting, bold time as new forms, ideas alliances are birthed, but is also quite fraught with intense danger if we're not paying attention or not willing to get down to what's most important in our lives. Everyone can feel this intensity, we just have different ways of experiencing and interpreting it, but it's clear we're at a particularly crucial turing point that has great power to define how the future will unfold for humans on planet Earth. The huge tragedy in Japan, that continues to escalate as the nuclear meltdowns following the destructive tsunami, occurred just as the Ninth Wave of the Mayan Calendar began. It has been not only an instigator of radical change in our world, but also a potent example for the global community of how graciously and effectively people in such deep trauma can respond when joined together in purpose, a perfect example of the unity consciousness this phase of our evolution is about. Instead of cowering in fear of more to come we can use the Arien courage and determination to  work with renewed energy toward a better future for the generations to come. Being clearer on our individual role in that great work is what this time is all about, as it can no longer work for people to be following someone else's ideal of what they need to be dedicating their lives to; the need for intermediaries between individuals and the Divine has passed as we must all find that connection within ourselves.

    New Moon on the 3rd at 14 degrees Aries is joined by Jupiter, while Saturn opposes the Aries lunation closely in a much needed caution not to move too quickly, too soon, or with excessively impassioned emotions. Remember Equinox is a birthing point and this Moon is an activator of the intentions we put forth at that time, but with Mercury retrograde and Saturn's opposition we must go slower than we feel like, be thorough in our gathering of information, allies and tools to implement our goals; cultivate more patience, wisdom and discipline for the tasks ahead. Pluto's square to the Sun-Moon and Saturn pattern creates a potent T-square aspect that supports big change, but requires all those qualities just enumerated. Instead of becoming ungrounded, off balance and caught up in the chaos of the moment it's good to find our center, commit to what's most meaningful to us and be open to the bigger picture. Mars-Uranus make a highly rebellious, belligerent and explosive conjunction today that can blast open the doors of perception while at the same time unleashing energies and events that challenge us even further to keep our equanimity. Be especially cautious in all areas today, and beyond, in traffic, with sharp instruments and around fires or hot surfaces. Also do not succumb to the urge to overdo workouts and other physical activities, as accidents will likely be a result.
Sabian Symbol from L. Hill for the Moon's degree: " A serpent coiling near a man and a woman." This image conjures a picture symbolic of knowledge, that can be "dangerous" in society's view, sexuality, individuation and the transmutation that occurs within as kundalini energy rises. The need for caution and discipline in this creative and dangerous time is particularly clear.

    On the 4th retrograde Mercury conjoins Eris, planetoid whose mythology says she's the goddess of discord, a perfect setup for feeling left out, unfairly treated or having miscommunications that can cause big trouble if we're not being responsible about what information we pass along. Neptune enters its home sign, mystical Pisces, today also, having last been there shortly after its discovery in 1846. This is a short visit for Neptune since it will retrograde and in August back into Aquarius for a time, then re-enter Pisces next year where it will be through 2025. This marks the next stage in a vast spiritual awakening in humankind, but is also highlighting the addictive, delusional and murky aspects of Neptune when expressed through beings refusing to evolve. Good news is we can choose to open ourselves to the mystery, magic and mystical insights this transit offers us. Imagination is a crucial tool in the healing of our personal and collective woundedness. Neptune in Pisces invites us, one and all, to dive in to that nourishing territory within, while also tuning in to the Music of the Spheres, more available to us now than at any time in the last 5,000 years.

    April 9 is the exact midpoint of the retrograde pass of Mercury, the Trickster who's being especially wild and utterly devoted to shaking us up in it's current Aries journey. This is a day, according to Astrologer Philip Sedgwick, when we can make contracts and other agreements with relative safety if we must during the retrograde transit. On the 11th Mars and Pluto make an arm wrestling square which will have many people ready for battle over things they are probably not even conscious of; another time with fears and suspicions emerging that must be processed, but ideally not by reacting to external situations from unconscious emotional states. Caution is highly recommended, but if we pay close attention to what's going on, within and without we will have extraordinary insight and support for what we need to act on.

    Full Moon on the 17th falls at 28 degrees Libra, the same degree that Venus turned direct on last November 18. Since Venus rules the lunation her energies are that much more evident in this illuminating turning point, with Mars, Mercury and Jupiter all still lined up in overheated Aries. There's still a stop/start energy at work with Saturn's opposition, helping us get really prepared for the wild and crazy activity that's forward moving toward the end of the month after Mercury turns direct on the 23rd. Masculine and feminine balance are strong themes for this Venus-Mars ruled lunation where we get another chance to understand and integrate wiser and more just models of the ideal human in ourselves and in society. The feminine emerges as a more powerful archetype for leadership as the masculine becomes more responsive to the wisdom of Natural Law. Refer back to last November to see what was happening for you in Venus ruled matters of relationship and values, as now is a time for further developments. " A man becoming aware of spiritual forces surrounding and assisting him. The realization, at any level of existence, that one is never alone, and that the 'community' - visible or invisible - is sustaining one's efforts." Neptune in Pisces is helping us get outside ourselves and our more mundane concerns of late, to align more with the transpersonal aspects of our existence, using more of our resources to contribute what we can to the collective condition. It also reminds us of those seen and unseen helpers, always available to us in our journey no matter how trying our situation may become. Being centered in the heart is the most effective way to maintain our state of equanimity and co-create with the powerful energies at work and with each other. The conjoining of Jupiter and Eris this month gives us the wherewithal to personally and collectively turn the world around from one course to another!



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