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Month of March, 2011


    March is a month of extraordinary change this year, beginning on the 3rd with  the North Node shifting out of more nuts and bolts Capricorn and entering adventurous Sagittarius for the next year and a half. This greatly affects the collective mind/mood while lifting our spirits and our thinking into new realms of possibilities, emboldening the masses to embrace higher ideals.Then on the 11th Uranus re-enters passionate, forward-moving Aries where it briefly visited last year from late May through the 1st half of August in an intensely fired up conjunction with Jupiter. Whatever was most significant then is coming back around for further radicalizing in present time. Jupiter is also in early Aries, since late January, and Mercury as well as the Sun will enter Aries all by the 3rd week of the month. That's a lot of highly motivated, high-minded, divinely inspired energy being stirred up so close to Equinox, the actual beginning point of the astrological year. Mercury will turn retrograde on the 30th at 25 degrees of the cardinal fire sign, extending its Aries journey through the middle of May. The Mercury passage will give us time to re-consider all the impulsive instincts and bold ideas we've been working with so far this year, then by the latter part of April into mid-May  we should be ready to mount our mighty steed and charge forth.

    While Uranus in Aries sends lightening bolts of  brilliance, courage and rebelliousness, it also creates a great deal of instability while continuing to take apart the old, stale structures that have been preventing positive change. Weather and earth movements, eruptions are likely to increase again during this time, and the solar activities have more probability of creating major disruptions to our satellites and energy grid in general.

    New Moon at 14 degrees Pisces begins the next lunar cycle on the 4th, along with Chiron, Mars, Mercury and Uranus all lined up in the mutable water sign, too. Sun and Moon enact their monthly conjunctio, sacred marriage of opposite polarities, male and female, inner and outer, in the sign of endings, retreat, spiritual practices, imagination and dreams. We are closest to the Mystery in Pisces, where all is unified into the One; no boundaries, no dogma, this is where we face our self-created delusions about ourselves and our world. Chiron in the 1st degree and Uranus in the last degree assure massive awakening to the sacred aspects of life on Earth. As we learn from cultures steeped in the magical, ancient cultures like Egypt, the Mayans, Minoans, and contemporary indigenous cultures from the Hopi to Central and South American tribes carrying forth the ancient wisdom, we re-connect with vast parts of ourselves lost in the dominant cultures over the last 5,000 years of human history. This New Moon is a time to meditate, pray and sing our stories from the depths of our souls. Write, dance, make music, dream in this numinous energy field wide open to supporting our visions and heartfelt intentions. The Pleiadians say we will collectively hear the Music of the Spheres in 2011, according to Barbara Hand Clow, author of The Mayan Code and Alchemy of Nine Dimensions. Today, and in the coming 2 weeks, is an excellent time to consciously attune ourselves, finding space where we can experience as much silence as possible. Follow your intuition whatever else you must do, the inner voice has much to share while 6 planets traverse Pisces. According to Rudyhar Sabian Symbol for this lunation's degree speaks of "the  use of intelligence and mental subtlety as a protection against storms and trials."

    Full Moon in Virgo at 29 degrees perfects on the 19th, Moon opposing Sun and Uranus while forming a mutable grand cross with the Moon's North and South Nodes that emphasizes the Galactic Center, birthing point of our galaxy. This lunation will have especially high impact on those with planets and important points at the last degrees of mutable signs (Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces). The Virgo-Pisces axis calls on us to acknowledge and integrate the spiritual into our day to day existence, both individually and collectively. Mars in Pisces and Juno in Virgo exactly oppose each other reiterating the theme of living the miraculous in our everyday lives and unifying male-female polarities, in this aspect with the male showing respect for inner and outer manifestations of the female. We've reached another significant turning point, with Equinox not even a day and a half after the Full Moon. As Sun reaches 00 degrees Aries on the 20th it fires up Uranus, just 1/2 a degree away, making this start to the Spring season incredibly dynamic, volatile and divinely inspired. On the 21st the 2 planets join exact for a continuation of this exciting energy pattern. Remember there's danger in not paying close attention to where we are, what condition our relationships are in, and where we're headed. " A seeker after occult knowledge is reading an ancient scroll which illumines his mind" is Rudyhar's interpretation of 29 degrees Virgo. This image can refer to both written records of knowledge and wisdom we need to integrate now and also the need to tune into the archetypes "written" into our psyches from our ancestral and cultural lineages.

    Mercury turns retrograde at 25 degrees Aries on the 30th, moving direct on April 22 at 13 degrees. This period is an important one for revisiting our thinking up to now in order to make necessary shifts before acting on whatever we're most fired up about. Sabian Symbol for the pivot degree at the end of March warns us "that what may at first have appeared simple will probably end up being more complicated than was first imagined." (L. Hill) While Mercury transits the cardinal fire sign for an extended period this Spring we also must be vigilant with how we're communicating. In Aries we can tend to be tactless, without regard for the feelings of others, or how their experience may be quite different from ours. Enthusiasm is wonderful when sharing our truth, but not when we're unwittingly overriding someone else's perspective.

    Be ready in March for another month of extremes and revolutionary events that take us to yet another level of liberating ourselves from the past. "A woman has risen out of the ocean, a seal is embracing her." In this Sabian Symbol for the degree Uranus will activate this month, interpreted by Lynda Hill, the woman in this image is conscious of leaving the past behind in order to fully embody the next phase of self-actualization. She emerges into a welcoming embrace from a seal, representing the importance of the primal aspect being integrated in this new existence. Getting friendly with the reptilian brain is part of the message, an aspect of ourselves we've blocked and ignored for millenia; time to re-attune to our instinctual mind to navigate the shifting tides.


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