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Month of February, 2011


    February starts off with the New Moon on the 2nd as Sun and Moon at 14 degrees Aquarius are joined by Mars and, asteroid turned dwarf planet, Ceres, bringing in the masculine and feminine energies in beautiful balance and harmony. These lined up planets, in the sign of utopian ideals and the capacity to break away from the past, energize our work for a more sane and just future for all, and coincide with the energetically wide open gateway of Imbolc, Candlemas or Groundhog Day, one of the 8 fire festivals of the yearly round, half way between solstice and equinox. The cosmic, or divine, energies are far more available at these times, opportunities for us to immerse in the magnificence of our universe, our planet and to find our place in the dance of life. Chinese New Year arrives the 3rd, year of the rabbit or cat, even further sanctifying the beginning of this extraordinary second month in the second decade of the new millenium. Venus square, Mercury sextile Uranus, the ruler of this lunation, indicates more intensified influence from the planet of sudden shifts, expanded consciousness and rebellions based on concern for the common good. The planetary patterns indicate a larger awakening to our commonality, interdependence and the necessity for intelligence infused with the wisdom of the heart.
    Ceres' presence reminds us of the need to support mothers and children, to turn our attention to the new generations coming up, to sustainability in the use of all our resources, including the imperative to protect our food sources from corporate control, contamination and manipulation. (Huffington Post just had an article about Whole Foods and others big in the organic food industry caving to Monsanto on a plan to genetically modify the alfalfa crop is an example of the great dangers we face, and from some unexpected places).  As Uranus traverses the last degrees of Pisces, and Neptune-Chiron near the end of Aquarius, which they will not re-visit for many years to come, we're undergoing such a massive change in our reality that we cannot imagine what comes next, an extremely uncomfortable place for us familiarity-loving humans. All we can do is focus our highly creative minds on the best future we can possibly envision, and let the rest go. For each of us personally the mid degrees of Aquarius in our charts signifies the area  where we can start off on a new path, breaking through old mental-emotional density that's been dragging us down. Sabian Symbol for 14 Aquarius from Lynda Hill reads:" 'A train entering a tunnel' shows the ability to take the shortest and most direct route to a destination or outcome." The alchemical qualities more available to us with the outer planets working together over the last 1 1/2-2 years has been inspiring new vision, changing us at the cellular level, helping re-align and refine our own energy systems, that is if we've been opening up to these channels. The new energy grid of planet Earth, created in part through the outer planet activities, is actually in place, we simply need to align with it more and more in our daily lives. And if you're reading this you're already doing that; this is the time to do it more consciously. The old is disintegrating as fast as Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto, Chiron and Neptune can do their clearing for the totally new living field. I know you're feeling the possibilities, so don't hesitate to put forth your most cherished intentions for the next cycle, including the month ahead as well as the year ahead for all Aquarius ruled matters.

    Sun and Mars trine Saturn on the 5th and 6th assure strong productivity, especially in the areas of implementing creative ideas, reforming institutions, renovations of all kinds, and making a more effective plan to promote one's work. All planets, except for Saturn, move direct throughout February and 'til the 30th of March when Mercury makes its next pivot to retrograde. Mercury's review periods this year will be, but for a few days, exclusively in fire signs, indicating powerful incentives for bold, passionate and innovative thinking, as well as more courageous moves by journalists and others concerned with bringing truth into the light. Saturn's retrograde pass through June 12 only strengthens the grassroots movement(s) toward a more equitable, life-affirming global culture.

    The Full Moon this month falls on the 18th right after midnight, with Sun and Moon facing off at the last degree of Aquarius-Leo respectively, the last of 5 in a row Full Moons at the end of a sign. It's also a SuperMoon, so named because it's at its closest approach to Earth, intensifying the lunar influence on our planet and on us, body and soul, and the Moon is at syzygy (sizzigee), aligned with Sun and Earth. Our lessons have been getting progressively deeper, with an increased sense of immediacy over the last few months. No less than 4 planets line up with the Aquarius Sun to oppose Leo Moon revving up the frequency; Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Sun and Chiron are clustered in a major reality-shifting light show, along with Uranus quincunx the Moon, that can wake us up or overwhelm in their intensity. Add to this a hard core Jupiter-Pluto square requiring big scale action in re-structuring the institutions of society, while on the personal level pressuring us to reform our own self-sabotaging habits. Look for where 4-7 degrees Aries and Capricorn fall in your chart to reference your personal areas of re-structuring through letting go of old beliefs. Actually those degrees of all the cardinals, Libra and Cancer too, are included in this scenario. " An unsealed letter has vital and confidential information." (L. Hill, Sabian Symbol for 30 degrees Leo) The image for this lunation's degree is startlingly relevant for this time, with the volumes of secret information being leaked recently, some of which is leading to rebellions around the world. For each of us the "unsealed letter" can refer to the new perspectives and new information changing our individual reality day by day, and peaking in important ways right now.

    On the 25th of this month Jupiter and Pluto will make an exact square, from passionate Aries to cool, calculating Capricorn respectively. This highly charged aspect is certain to bring out even more prominent challenges to the existing power structure globally, instigating dramatic actions and, consequently, reactions. Whatever extremes get played out, there's no turning back from this next wave of enlightened thinking and enlivened commitment to more just and inclusive social institutions. Again, early cardinal degrees (Cancer, Aries, Capricorn, Libra) are impacted quite intensively, from around 5-8 degrees. Planets or points in natal charts at these degrees are being expanded on and transformed, and through some very high pressure events, either external or internal. For the rest of us who may not have these degrees as significant points in our charts we'll still be feeling the challenge, just not as life and death distinctly, in the Houses where these degrees fall in Aries and Capricorn. The Sabian Symbol for Jupiter in this aspect reads: " A woman's hat with streamers blown by the east wind." (L. Hill) East is the direction of new beginnings, the image referring to thoughts and messages coming in "seemingly out of the blue", reminding us to remain open to the living field and what is being offered. For Pluto the degree brings forth: " Birds in the house singing". (L. Hill) This conjures  a picture of uplifting expression, playing music, sharing positive feelings and thoughts with those around us to support our highest possibilities in a challenging time.

    I want to add some brief comments about the Ophiucus rumble that's confusing so many. First of all don't rely on astronomers for astrological information. They continually work at invalidating astrology while not knowing much about it (it is of course the foundation of their science as so much of the early astronomy they still use was recorded by astrologers).  So the Ophiucus information is nothing new to astrologers and we've been through all this before. But the system used by so many western astrologers, known as Tropical Geocentric, is based on a 360 degree abstract circle in the heavens, divided into 12 segments of 30 degrees each. As with any divine science the magical and the rational must work together in any such system designed to help us in our self-exploration and understanding, or we have only a partial picture of ourselves and our world, since we are both biological and spiritual beings. So the zodiac we use is one among many systems available and includes abstract as well as factual information. Archetypes are a huge part of  working with any metaphysical system; astrology, tarot, numerology, I Ching, etc. And we can no more invalidate thousands of years of working with the tropical zodiac system than we can say Chinese Astrology, for instance, is invalid because it does not match what is actually, physically in the heavens. The Sun does not in fact transit through the constellations in its yearly journey around  the ecliptic. To require such precision in a system of divination does not make sense because we are not only relating to the known, physical realm but are reaching beyond what is visible and obvious into the numinous.

    Ophiucus has great relevance for all of us and the current release of this archetype into the collective, however, misguided in the interpretation of what it means to the practice of astrology, is signalling the time for us to integrate this archetypal energy into our lives. This happens when bodies are discovered, as when Chiron was sighted in 1977, a body connected with alternatives of all sorts, and alternative healing burst into the collective consciousness as a valid path to take. It happened when each of the outer planets were "discovered", they were always there, but not so much integrated into human consciousness until we had sighted and acknowledged them. Ophiucus in mythology in fact was a student of the healer, teacher, mathematician, Chiron, becoming a great healer himself, said to be able to"raise the the dead".  Healing through dreams was a big part of his legacy to humanity. Is it not imperative for us as evolving beings to re-integrate this archetype into our lives in order to deal with the terrible problems we've created, that are coming to a head right now? I see this sign as a central point in the zodiac perhaps, representing the next stage of human evolution. The Serpent Holder learned through his healing initiation to heal others, to teach them to discover the means of their own healing. He also appears to represent integration of the male and female in all of us, as he is a male figure holding the most powerful of female symbols, the snake, which figures prominently in his healing abilities. It was a snake that gave him the ability to heal the sick, raise the dead. I will write more about this in future columns, so stay tuned. And don't hesitate to contact me with your questions, I will try to respond to all of them.







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