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Month of January, 2011


    New Year in the Gregorian Calendar begins in the midst of the eclipse season, with the New Moon Solar Eclipse approaching on January 4, following the enlightening Solstice Lunar Eclipse on December 21. The last of 3 reality shifting Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions coincides with the New Moon (14 degrees Capricorn) this month, this one in late Pisces. The combination of Jupiter-Uranus is extraordinarily auspicious, unruly, and magical as they unleash all sorts of chaos in the process of washing away the inessential and the false, and intensified many times over by the fact the 2 planets are still square the birthing point of the Galactic Center. Consequences of past choices, both positive and negative, are part of the beginning point of this potent lunation where the universe says "put your money where your mouth is". No wiggle room for being false to ourselves as this moment emphasizes the need for total authenticity and self-responsibility in our thinking, words and actions. When we all embody our true selves, free of others' influences and  our own pretensions, we have unimagined power to create, and co-create together, a new reality based on life-affirming values. 2011 is a year of hands on work, bringing ideas into form that we've been working on, but were not quite believing could be made manifest. Whatever you're most dedicated to at this moment in time will be a significant part of your experience this year, so stay with the most cherished dreams, honoring, protecting and nurturing them. Sabian Symbol for 14 Capricorn reads: "An ancient bas-relief carved in granite remains a witness to a long-forgotten culture", referring to our need to align with the wisdom of our ancestors, learn from the past, but also warning us not to hang on to ideas and structures that have become irrelevant or self-defeating. (Lynda Hill) All the planets are direct until January 25, making this a period to initiate, move, create.

   Full Moon arrives on the 19th at 30 degrees Cancer overflowing with emotions, vision and imagination as the Moon exactly trines Jupiter and very closely, Uranus. The psychic channels are wide open as is our access to direct connection with the divine. The lunation at the last degree of a sign, this being the 4th of 5 in a row, indicates the completion of the sign's lessons, in this case highlighting the Cancer-Capricorn axis. Cancer is about roots, connection, giving birth to and nurturing young life, our home and those we feel closest to in, ideally, mutually supportive relationships. Capricorn's about authority, structure, career, our role in the world as opposed to the private realm. We need the support and nurturing of our private reality to function optimally in our public role. Where we are in balance, or more likely out of balance, between these realms is an important part of what is being illuminated at this moment in time. Juno in Virgo has been opposing Jupiter-Uranus this winter and will continue to for a while, emphasizing major insights and work on relationships, and in the larger picture the more feminized face to the new paradigm forming on planet Earth. Juno's influence brings awareness of the injustices and brutality of an overly masculine structure gone mad, and her ongoing relationship to the alchemical pair assures a year of great changes in the collective around these themes. "A Daughter of the American Revolution" is the Sabian Symbol for 30 degrees Cancer. (Hill) This image calls forth on the one hand, strong support for change, and on the other "narrow-minded conservatism" and exclusivity for which the official organization, Daughters of the American Revolution, are known. We must choose from tradition, both collective and personal, what is of value and be willing to revolutionize whatever has become unjust, unworkable and unsustainable.
Wherever late degrees of Cancer and Capricorn fall in your chart are areas requiring serious commitment to already stated goals, or a clarification of what those goals are for you. And don't forget to engage with the magic available from the living field of life force energy!

    Sun enters Aquarius on January 20 for its month long passage in the sign of individuality and community. There's really no paradox here since healthy community is made up of people free to be who they are, able to offer their unique creativity to the whole. This is Aquarius' most important lesson for us at the end of duality, as the authoritarian structure we've been living with has been based on everyone thinking and acting alike. In Aquarius we're encouraged to align with our most creative, even outrageous ideas, to experiment and express ourselves as the individual beings we are, and to do so with concern for the welfare of all. Of course idealism often leads to fanaticism, one of the fixed air sign's shadow qualities.

   On the 22nd Jupiter re-enters Aries where it first got fired up last June, also making it's first conjunction with volatile Uranus. This shift for the planet of belief systems, world view, higher mind and expansion of whatever it touches will be exciting, characterized by passion for exploring new territory, of the mind and beyond, especially emphasized in the months ahead. It also means religious fanaticism is dangerously on the rise, and just when we thought it couldn't get any more brutal. The important thing to focus on at this time will be the potential for a greater awakening that will far surpass the actions of those stuck in old paradigm thinking. We are going beyond duality in the magnificent reality shift of the next few years, and Jupiter in Aries, followed closely in the months ahead by Uranus, is one of the forces that will get us there. Of course the caution here is to remain aware of the potential for charging ahead without having considered all the consequences. Meanwhile keep your eye on that 00 degrees Aries point in your chart. What new adventure are you about to embark on that will change your life for good?

   Saturn is the first planet to turn retrograde this year on the 25th at 18 degrees Libra, bringing more stability, caution and reason to our high adventures. "Two men placed under arrest.- To remain steady and consistent, every form of order must be able to protect itself by the application of sanctions. Both a society and a personal ego constitute forms of order." This begins an almost 5 month period of review of Saturn ruled matters, including everything from the rules and structures of society to our own personal life situations. Even as the forward thrust of Jupiter in Aries propels us, major goals are being tested and re-worked during this period.






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