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Month of December, 2010

    December's for dreaming, visioning, believing in the highest, finest possibilities for ourselves and for the human species. Sun in Sagittarius  lifts consciousness into the realms of hope and optimism, while Jupiter, Sag's ruler, has recently turned direct in the other sign it traditionally rules, Pisces. This, along with Jupiter traveling alongside divine Uranus still, increases the potential for creative vision, seeing into the future with anticipation and excitement. We have more access than ever to the numinous territory that lies beyond our small human lives, the realms of magic and miraculous occurrences that perennially fascinate and elude us when viewed from our dualistic, alienated day to day reality. A tidal wave of liquid light washes over and through us in this living field of awakening. What are your dreams reflecting to you of late? Are you honoring that alternate state of consciousness, both asleep and awake dreaming? If not it's a perfect time to begin a nightly ritual, however small, of transition into the dream state, as well as allowing for daydreaming space within the busy day to day schedule.
    Also Chiron, the inner shaman, bridge between worlds, has been direct since early November, bringing forth more experiences validating the existence of multi-dimensional realities beyond what we could ever imagine. In the New York Times editorial section, Dec. 1, 2010, an editorial speaks of increasing evidence of multiple universes, however undetectable by us in our current state of consciousness, as well as evidence of recurring universes unfolding, one into another over untold spans of time. Scientists have detected concentric circles pre-existing the Big Bang, speculating they may be radio waves, traces of a universe that came before ours. The point is, even left-brain oriented, what-you-see-is-what-you-get, western science is beginning to awaken to the eternal vastness and miraculous reality of our universe within unknowable numbers of universes. How could we continue to view ourselves as anything other than miraculous beings when considering from what we have emerged?
    Uranus, last of the outer planets to change directions this Fall, turns direct on the 5th, along with the New Moon at 14 degrees Sagittarius, energizing this beginning point in all matters ruled by the mutable fire sign for the coming year. Uranus, sky god in Greek and Roman mythology, is the channel that connects us with divine inspiration and utter chaos, sometimes both at the same time. At its turning point it's amplified many times over by its proximity, within 3 degrees, of questing, expansive Jupiter, opening up even deeper, more gossamer, layers of the Mystery for us to experience firsthand. If we're not feeling inspired by something beyond ourselves now there's something terribly off in our lives that needs our full attention immediately. This begins a cycle of greater explorations in consciousness for the year ahead, especially with Mars in Sagittarius, vibrating from its encounter with the Galactic Center at the beginning of the month. Mars is now squaring Jupiter-Uranus, sextile Venus, Neptune and Chiron, and joining the North Node-Pallas Athene within a few degrees. With these extraordinary and volatile planetary relationships we have unprecedented opportunities to move further toward our dreams, to encounter and embody our authentic selves, which is the only way we will ever be fulfilled. Actions taken now reverberate for years to come. Sabian Symbol from Rudyhar for 14 Sagittarius:" The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx. The enduring power of occult knowledge and of its quasi-divine Custodians, 'Seedmen' of a previous cycle of existence." This is a prophesied time through many ancient and indigenous cultures. The messages passed down to us from the "Seedmen" of past ages have essentially the same core meaning; that we are divine beings on an evolutionary path, and that we must choose to enter the next stage of humanness with awakened consciousness.

    Full Moon at the last degree of Gemini is the 3rd among 5 (full) lunations in a row at a completion stage which the last degree of each sign indicates. We're required to pay more attention in our lessons these days since this is last chance for integrating the highest possibilities before we start off into the next stage of growth. This lunation is also a Total Lunar Eclipse just hours before the Winter Solstice point, one of the most magical and sacred moments of the year. We're enveloped in the deep, velvety darkness, the silent stillness nurturing our visions and dreams, and without which we proceed on a fairly aimless and random path. More and more we're groomed in our current cultural insanity to fear this state of nothingness. Be sure to give yourself the space at this potent lunar/solar point in time to sink into the silence. Wherever 29 degrees Gemini falls in your chart is an area where new alliances, networks and ways of perceiving are opening up. If we try to cling to old ideas or connections that have not served our higher purpose this will be an especially difficult and discouraging time, but only by way of pointing us in the right direction. Mercury and the Sun are quite near the Galactic Center, further emphasizing the vast significance of this eclipse. More and more previously hidden information is coming to light that changes the way we perceive our place in the larger scheme of things, including ongoing revelations as to how our societal structure really works, and who's actually controlling things. People who are awake and self-actualized cannot be controlled, the most important insight! 

    Venus has just re-crossed her retrograde degree before the Sun and Moon oppose each other, indicating it's time to move on from old value systems, relationship sabotaging, patterns of lack, self-denial and/or greed. Venus is immensely empowered after her recent passage through the underworld, and in the sign of the underworld, Scorpio. She rises, as the ancients sometimes described her re-appearance, "dripping with blood", a reference no doubt to her blood mysteries and to the Bitch-goddess in antiquity, the most sacred of titles, and changed to an epithet in Christian Europe. (Walker) Female power is emerging as the salvation of the world, through women and men who dare to assert the right of all beings to live free of brutality and to thrive. The new cultural and personal values we dedicate ourselves to must be based on the heart's wisdom, not merely the disconnected rationality of the mind. " A parade of bathing beauties before large beach crowds. The setting of social standards through personal excellence and competition." Rudyhar's Sabian Symbol interpretation for the Moon's degree speaks of gatherings of goddesses, mysteries of the feminine, as well as the superficiality of being judged by appearances, seeking praise without concern for our deeper purpose. 





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