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Month of November, 2010

    November is a month of massive shifts into forward movement in many aspects of our lives, in the collective and individually, with four planets turning direct, all by the 18th. First Chiron, called by some the Rainbow Bridge between the limitations of our current consensus reality and the vast reality existing beyond that, spins around on the 5th at 27 degrees Aquarius, after being in apparent backward motion since June 3 when it turned at an early degree of visionary Pisces. Since the 5th is also the New Moon this turning has extra importance and impact for the coming year as we grow in multidimensional awareness by leaps and bounds. Chiron at 27 Aquarius emphasizes the Sabian Symbol image: "An ancient pottery bowl filled with fresh violets." (Lynda Hill) The image points to the purity, simplicity and power of accessible earthy elements, bringing to mind healing, soul nourishing herbal preparations, flower essences, essential oils, not to mention the uplifting effect of merely having flowers in our environment. When we immerse ourselves in the natural world we truly awaken to the miraculous reality of life on Earth, and Chiron's current mission is to startle us awake! This can come in the smallest, most quiet moments. Neptune turns direct next on the 6th at 26 Aquarius, so this magical, mystical pair is virtually pivoting around together, stirring alchemical changes in consciousness. Be especially tuned in to your dreams and visions around this time.

    The 18th is a most auspicious day with both the lesser and greater benefics, Venus and Jupiter, turning direct within a bit more than 3 hours of each other, another synchronous movement of planets, and both in intuitive, depth of feeling water signs (Scorpio and Pisces). The floodgates are wide open for emotions we've repressed, everything from sorrow to  unexpressed joy, and for acknowledging the spiritual help we get when we surrender. The symbol for the degree of Venus' spin :" A man alone in deep gloom. Unnoticed, angels are coming to his aid." (Lynda Hill) It's a time ripe for breaking through the cultural myth of alienation, that we are all essentially separate and alone, and for realizing that as long as we operate under that myth we truly are doomed. Relationship dynamics benefit from this forward movement as well as the capacity to make wiser, more effective financial moves over the coming weeks and months. Jupiter's pivot degree from the Sabian Symbols :"The tiny island seems lost in the broad ocean, but its happy inhabitants have created a world all their own." The people having created their own happiness is an important aspect of this image, along with the obvious need for working in cooperation, good relations, since it's a "tiny island". Indeed our world gets smaller and smaller, especially as we alter more and more of the wild, open spaces, including the oceans connecting us all. As we approach the highly dynamic changes ahead in 2011 we're faced with the need to turn things around, change the direction we're headed in, and in a big way. Jupiter in the last degrees of Pisces brings forth the vision and the visionaries through early next year.

    New Moon at 14 degrees Scorpio on the 5th is joined by Vesta, representing the power of the sacred feminine and our need to re-integrate that perspective, and marks the annual beginning in all Scorpio matters. Pluto, the fixed water sign's ruler, is conjoining the Moon's North Node, exact on the 9th, highlighting major collective experience(s) of the old order falling apart over the coming months. Government and big business, and the structure that has been imposed from their merger, in particular are disintegrating from the very core. We may not see it clearly yet, but the best indicator is the chaos and completely non-sensical, irrational quality of the decisions being made in these areas of late and over the past 30 years or so. The heightened influence of Chiron-Neptune as they've slowed down considerably over the past few weeks and both turn to direct motion today and tomorrow, increases the potency of our collective and personal consciousness shifts. We've been experiencing the suffering the old world view has created; time for the new paradigm to start to take hold. With Scorpio we're concerned about how to best use resources and healing our most intimate connections. Some relationships are ending, some are getting ready for regeneration as Venus moves forward later this month.  Sabian Symbol for 14 degrees Scorpio:" Telephone linemen at work installing new connections." (Hill) From our nervous systems, non-physical energy channels in the body (nadis, meridians), to the various exterior lines of communication, we're experiencing a need to make new connections, be open to new perceptions, as well as be more discerning about how we use all these lines of communication. Mercury square Chiron-Neptune and trine Jupiter-Uranus makes sure the lines are wide open to new ways of perceiving ourselves and our world, and encouraging more compassion and wisdom in our interactions. Of course this will also bring forth those who are wired for dissonance, disharmony and fanatical clinging to old, destructive ways of operating, as they do the death dance for the old paradigm.

    Taurus Full Moon on the 21st at the last degree continues the trend over this Fall for lunations where we're required to finish up in a bigger way with the matters ruled by those signs; Oct., last degree of Aries, Nov. Taurus, Dec. Gemini. This one lines up with the Pleiades star system, a source of creation mythologies and beliefs in various cultures of human origins from that part of the visible universe. Our evolutionary path seems to be connected to the Pleiades, making this moment a particularly interesting time to read up on the traditional stories and more recent information from those who claim to work consciously with Pleiadain entities (Barbara Marshak, Barbara Hand Clow among others).  Moon and Sun closely square Chiron-Neptune, sextile Jupiter-Uranus for an extra dynamic and magical culmination of this cycle of fulfillment, while Moon quincunxes Venus who has just been direct for the last 3 days. Venus becomes the transiting "finger of god" in this Full Moon with another quincunx aspect to Uranus. Major relationship, financial and creative adjustments are in the works, calling on us to align our values with our daily habits, to realize in a new way the impact our every move has on the environment and those around us, especially with the compassionate, awake trines she makes with Chiron-Neptune and the South Node. Wherever the last degrees of Taurus and Scorpio fall in your chart are potentially areas of extraordinarily enlightened new awareness, that is if you've been doing your work. Sabian Symbol for the Moon: " A peacock parading on the terrace of an old castle." The peacock is a bird closely associated with Venus, planetary ruler of this lunation, and a powerful featured player in the last few weeks, especially with her recent pivot. Peacocks proudly display their inherited assets and are quite territorial. The image of an old castle implies a decline or degradation of the structure within which the bird "parades". As the old structures crumble and fall away we must be looking, once again, to new perspectives, new scenarios, new vehicles for our creativity and new ways to manifest our dreams. It's no doubt whatsoever the universe, living field, or however you envision it, is calling us all to live our truth and our passion.




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