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Month of October, 2010


    October is an especially important month this year with the usual Sun in Libra emphasis on partnerships of all stripes and colors (personal and professional, national and international) intensified by Libra's ruler, Venus, turning retrograde on the 8th. This event occurs the day after the New Moon in the cardinal air sign, infused with the passionate energy of her pairing with Mars, also in Scorpio (one of the signs Mars rules traditionally), over the last few weeks as October begins. As we can see there's a lot of crossover with the airy, more objective, Libra planets interacting with deeply felt, unctuous and profound Scorpio.  We've already been processing relationships, values, priorities for our time and energy, distribution of resources, motivations (conscious and unconscious) for the past few weeks as Venus-Mars have been outing whatever tangles or negative conditions that require transformative action.

    Libra New Moon on the 7th perfects at 15 degrees, 11:44 am PDT, with no less than 6 pairings of planets to re-emphasize the theme of partnerships, the extraordinary importance of collaborations in this time of personal and global crisis. Sun-Moon, Saturn-Mercury, Jupiter-Uranus, Neptune-Chiron, Pluto-North Node, and Mars-Venus all conjoin inspiring and supporting old and new alliances, the need for collective action to conserve resources and ensure the continuation of Earth's abundance for generations to come, the necessity for re-structuring public institutions, reform
policies toward social justice for all, and begin thinking in terms of a global community with common goals. These planetary patterns  are entirely un-ambivalent, speaking to the immediacy of our situation and the wealth of resources, cosmic and earthly, available to turn the corner from perched on the edge of destruction to creating a future based on real humanitarian values. On the personal level this is a potent moment in time to put forth our intentions for more authentic partnerships, more responsible, creative and effective uses of the resources available to us, and to clear away even deeper levels of old emotional patterns that have been sabotaging our fulfillment in the richness of life experience.  Rudhyar's interpretation for 15 degrees Libra in this lunation:" Circular paths. - It is because everyday activities, whether in the home or in business, inevitably tend to repeat themselves in circular fashion that it is necessary for the individual to be released from repetitive patterns." He points out in his explanation that only in this way, with regular breaks from mundane routines, are we able to align ourselves with a larger reality, "the vast planetary and cosmic rhythms of the universe", in order to "act serenely and at peace along 'circular paths.'". The extremes of emotions and repetitive thought patterns from which we habitually react to life situations must be mastered and released, personally and collectively, in order to survive as a species. This makes our personal healing a global imperative.

    Venus spins to retrograde motion on the 8th at 14 degrees Scorpio. "Telephone linemen at work installing new connections" is the Sabian Symbol for that degree, an image about "forming new lines of communication, the internet, the nervous system", all kinds of networks, electronic, personal, professional, psychic, cosmic, "acupuncture and other therapies that work on the body's meridians." (Lynda Hill) The period from now 'til November 18 when Venus turns direct will be an intensive review time for everyone regarding all the themes discussed for the New Moon, and giving us the opportunity to transform our collective and personal values radically. With her retrograde degree so aligned with making new alliances, connections, utilizing networks, achieving balance through working with the body's energetic pathways, we have  powerful resources to draw from. Reform of financial institutions is bound to be part of this passage, which does not completely resolve until January 7, 2011 when Venus exits Scorpio for the last time. November 8 through 29 she'll slip back into the last degrees of Libra for a more objective part of the retrograde pass where we can reach a measure of equanimity in our process with greater ease. Much that is accomplished now may not be evident for months to come, but there will be important change in these areas. Of course extra vigilance on our part is also required since those with the political/economic power like to, or can only, work secretively, a Scorpio theme as well.

    Aries Full Moon on the 22nd is the second Aries Full Moon this year for an intensification of the cardinal fire sign's influence. The first lunation was at the first degree of Aries, this one's at the last degree, and is the first of 5 Full Moons in a row at the last degree of a sign. First degree is about initiating us into a new cycle, last degree of any sign is about completions. This clearly indicates a time of significant endings, completion of stated intentions and goals, letting go of past structures and outworn traditions as we extricate ourselves, individually and en masse, from the limitations of our current consensual reality. Mercury, Venus and Vesta join in Scorpio with an imperative to remember the authentic feminine; the true power and resilience of that aspect of all humans; the connection to the cycles of life and death that so terrifies us when we're alienated from our true nature. Men need to embody the feminine through emotional connection with all life and women to embody and actv from personal power. Ceres, archetype of the Great Mother, most ancient deity of humanity, has been, and will continue for a while, traveling closely with Pluto and the North Node, further necessitating honoring of the feminine, indicating the death of the male dominated structure humanity has entertained for thousands of years. Mars in Scorpio, traditional ruler of Scorpio and ruler of Aries, trines Jupiter-Uranus, squares Neptune-Chiron, and quincunxes the Moon, commanding especially potent emotional responses to current situations and events, while also motivating us to take new and courageous action based on compassion and wisdom, a perfect blending of the masculine and feminine qualities. Of course for those not aligned with humanitarian values and social justice, the aggressive force so tangled up with patriarchy's values, is also particularly strong at this turning point. Sabian Symbol for this lunation's degree:" A duck pond and its young brood." (Hill) This image is a reiteration of the feminine theme of nurturing, connection and protection/guidance of the young.

    This Fall we have huge shifts in the works that can bring amazing results over the next few years. When Jupiter-Venus (Greater and Lesser Benefics)  turn direct on the same day next month, the Greater Benefic is pivoting at the same degree of Eris, goddess of discord. Galactic Astrologer Phillip Sedgwick has this to say about the turning and its consequences:

"Perhaps the most fruitful tale involving Eris comes with the noted collaboration (even the goddess of discord can be part of a team) with Jupiter to right a political injustice. To accomplish the needed perspective, the entire motion of the solar system and heavens had to be reversed for one day. As a team, Jupiter and Eris did it. In the transit pattern ahead, every person experiences a collaborative passage of Jupiter with Eris. Think of it! In a six month interval every person on Earth will feel the itching to set things right, both personally and on the global level!"

    With this pattern coming in November, extending its influence into May of next year we have the unprecedented opportunity to reverse the entire motion of heaven and earth, so to speak, which from this perspective looks like just what's needed!




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