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Month of September, 2010

    "Astronomical Myth is a 'picture language', imagery that articulates the qualities of cosmic intelligence expressing    
    through the greater heavens and through our lives."  Nick Anthony Fiorenza

    Five planets and a planetoid are retrograde as September begins; Mercury in Virgo, Jupiter in early Aries moving back into late Pisces, Uranus in late Pisces, Neptune and Chiron in late Aquarius and Pluto in early Capricorn, cautioning us to carefully re-think, re-envision, re-assess, re-organize, renovate and regenerate before moving forward with stated intentions and goals. Mercury will spin around to direct motion on the 12th at 6 degrees Virgo, signaling it's time to work on finalizing decisions, taking steps forward, but it's not up to speed 'til the 27th when it re-crosses the retrograde degree for the ultimate green light. Go slowly and mindfully 'til then. The planet of perception and communication in its own sign of discernment, analysis, keeping clear accounts, and experiencing the sacred through the mundane, has been encouraging us to clarify and articulate which pieces of the puzzle fit our own personal vision and which ones do not.

    Venus and Mars have been traveling together in Libra seeking the harmony, balance and equality the cardinal air sign values above all, and have been recently opposing goddess of discord, Eris (Aries, the god of war's, sister) as August ended. This simply highlighted those areas where we've been out of harmony in our partnerships and other one to one interactions, giving us full view of how we can remedy those ailing or broken alliances. The female and male archetype planets support both heightened awareness and ease of action to back up our new perceptions and re-energized ideals. Of course the danger lies in succumbing to the Libran aversion for the disagreement, or temporary discord, necessary to the process of negotiating back and forth to fair resolutions. Our place in the social realm is also emphasized while Venus-Mars do their idealized archetypal dance, helping us find our right place within that aspect of our world. Discord in social groups as well as relationships is feedback about where we do not belong. Continuing to try fitting in where it doesn't feel right is simply working against the soul's purpose; we might as well use this opportunity to find the soul resonance with where and with whom we do belong. Venus-Mars' intimate, beguiling terpsichore in synch lasts through the first week of October when Venus turns retrograde in Scorpio. The planet of love and attraction, values and pleasure will "back up" through the degrees she traversed during the last half of September, sending us on a deeper, more profound internal review of all those matters she rules. What are our true needs and how do our relationships and uses of resources reflect on us? Our alliances will be changed over the Fall, as we come to realizations of our more authentic needs and desires, individually and collectively. Also the power of the feminine model of relating, of inclusion, connection and consensus, will increasingly emerge as a more workable model to address our most challenging problems (however don't expect to read about it in the New York Times or hear about it on the commercial airwaves). This is a very important reason to unplug more and more from our constant communication/electronic media devices, in order to know what's really going on in the world of human beings, as the airwaves and print media are almost exclusively controlled by corporate interests.

    New Moon at 16 degrees Virgo on the 8th, 3:30 am, brings the luminaries together in one of the two signs ruled by Mercury, which is still retrograde, making this a fairly hesitant, tricky new beginning point for the coming year, as well as the month ahead. Two planets change signs today, creating an even shiftier energy field to start the new cycle with, as Venus enters Scorpio, Jupiter slips back into Pisces. Virgo's practical approach and down to earth analyses meet up with lots of uncertainty, incomplete information, deep emotions, and yearning for what fulfills us at the core of our being. Ideals and utopian visions can enter in to the day to day movements of our lives more and more as we continue to refine our sense of purpose and our unique way of serving in this lifetime. The uncertainties of this lunation help us break the habitual patterns of deadening routines that living in (the last stages of) duality requires. Incessant, ingrained self-criticism and internalized worries and fears are aspects we're clearing in order to re-align more effectively with the sacred. Patriarchy in its death throes is fighting tooth and nail to keep us distracted, stressed and incapable of thinking and feeling for ourselves. The darkest scenarios of the future can only play out if we continue to give in to the lie of the last few thousand years. Sabian Symbol for 16 Virgo from Rudyhar reads: "In the zoo, children are brought face to face with an orangutan. A direct confrontation with the 'wild' power of primordial nature within oneself." Our true nature has been suppressed and distorted, brutalized and demeaned, reflected what we currently term "civilization". The split from Nature is mending, the search for authentic self ends as we embrace our oneness with Gaia, Earth Mother, the biosphere that spawns and nurtures us.

    On the 13th, the day after Mercury turns direct, Pluto, the Great Transformer, turns also spins to direct motion, emphasizing it's raw power for days before and after. This adds immeasurably to recovered, or uncovered, information as well as the depth of our thinking and communications, while stories in the news should be especially revealing. Adding to the intensity of this time, Mars enters Scorpio, the sign it co-rules with Pluto, on the 14th. amplifying the Plutonian influence and the determination to act on our deepest desires. Mars in the fixed water sign through late October is quite intense, determined, easily frustrated and more inclined toward truly intimate connections while joined with Venus for the next 3 1/2 weeks. We'll be able to find more abundance in this period by sharing resources with others wherever possible. 

    Full Moon on the 23rd at 1 degree Aries falls on the same degree that Jupiter-Uranus joined in ecstatic/erratic bliss and/or chaos on June 8th. Referring back to then we'll find another layer of that experience or process unfolding at this lunation, both in the days approaching it and a few days after. Actually the high frequency Jupiter-Uranus energies have been vibrating intensively since the 18th when they joined exact again at 29 degrees Pisces, in their retrograde pass, reminding us that blast of cosmic energies will not emerge full force until early 2011 when they make their final conjunction. However the insights and awareness of this moment in time are an important part of the evolutionary changes in progress. A super dynamic, multiple-planet, Grand Cross is formed with Sun, Uranus, Jupiter opposite Moon, Saturn, all square Pluto, Ceres (at the Galactic Center) and the Moon's North and South Nodes. Add to this the proximity to the Fall Equinox just hours before, one of the major turning point/gateways of the yearly round, and we find ourselves at a crucial moment for taking action. With Mercury's newly acquired clarity, Venus-Mars' Scorpio passion and the danger and immediacy of the cardinal cross, we're ready to take a leap forward. This can require all our courage, especially in the face of great resistance. Sabian Symbol from Rudyhar for 1 degree Aries: " A woman just arisen from the sea. A seal is embracing her. Emergence of new forms and of the potentiality of consciousness." Wherever this degree falls in your chart is an ongoing point of re-birth, renewal, asserting ideals and channeling divine energies. Whether we're re-affirming stated goals or letting them go and heading in a whole new direction of growth, this is a time to be open, aware and willing to commit to who you really are.



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